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In a culture that idolizes perfection in outer beauty, it's time for us girls to take a stand for True Beauty. Therefore, we are asking you to join us and other girls around the world by taking the "True Beauty Challenge."

Three Steps in the
True Beauty Challenge...

Step #1: Read the Book and Apply it to Your Life

It takes time to find your true beauty, especially when the media and your friends pressure you to focus on and idolize your outer beauty. Therefore, we are asking you to commit to reading our book about true beauty, Mirror Mirror...Am I Beautiful? and use the free bible study guide to learn what true beauty is all about and apply it to your life. We recommend finding some other girls to go through the book together, that way you can hold each other accountable and support each other as you find your true beauty.

Get Our Book on True Beauty Here

Get the Free Bible Study Guide Here

**Note** If you don't have the money for the book, don't let that stop you! You can download the PDF version for free when you sign up for our newsletter. So you really have no excuse! Sign up for our newsletter here

Step #2: Take Action

It's time to take action. As part of the "True Beauty Challenge," we are asking you to consider all of the money you normally spend on your outer beauty each month. Add it all up and then, find something that would cost you about the same amount and invest in your inner beauty. For instance, an average amount would be $30 for the month... it could be a manicure, haircut, new outfit, make-up, new pair of shoes, etc.

Now, here's the challenge: For one month, go without that manicure or give up a new outfit and instead spend that money to help someone get their basic needs provided.

Check Out These Options Below:

(Make sure to let your parents know what you are doing and make sure it's okay to share any payment info online.)

#1) Help Fight Hunger in Your Community

You can make a difference in your community by donating food and supplies to your local shelter or food bank. Do you know that if you are a strategic shopper that you can get stuff for free or nearly free? Therefore, you can really make your money stretch!

I've done this by using coupons. Before you dismiss the idea (like I have before) check out this article I wrote to show you how easy it really is!

Help fight hunger in your community

#2) Provide Clean Water Overseas

You can make a difference in someone overseas by providing clean water through the Living Water International.

Did you know that just $1 can provide one girl your age clean water for one year? Wow! And by giving up something that costs you $30, you can provide 30 girls with clean water for one year. Talk about true beauty! You've probably heard that drinking more water can help your skin and your natural beauty. Well, it also sustains all of life! Without clean water, people are dying from preventable diseases everyday. And you can make a difference!

Make your donation to Living Water International here

#3) Sponsor a Missionary in Asia

My husband and I help spread the gospel in some of the most unreached areas of the world by sponsoring a missionary through GFA. You can even donate to provide food, blankets, and more as a one-time gift.

Gospel for Asia

#4) Sponsor a Child Through Compassion

Let's say you realize you could go without that extra $30/month for one year? In that case, I would encourage you to take that money you spend on your outer beauty and sponsor a girl in another country through Compassion. My husband and I have sponsored children with Compassion for years. Not only do you help provide clean water for her, but also food, education and basic health care. On top of that, you develop a relationship with her by writing letters back and forth and she learns about Jesus through the Compassion program. Wow.

Sign up to sponsor a girl from Compassion here

#5) Invent Your Own Option

Taking action doesn't have to look the same for everyone. If you can think of another way you can invest in your inner beauty by helping others, share it below.

The important thing to know is that you can be part of something much bigger than yourself. Will you take the plunge and join in the "True Beauty Challenge" for one month or one year?

If so, let us know by signing up for the "True Beauty Challenge" below.

Step #3: Display Your True Beauty

Take a stand and display your true beauty with one of our custom designed t-shirts. Or design your own t-shirt, bracelet, etc. (You can also download our free wallpaper here.)

Then, when people ask you about it, share with them what you've learned on this website and encourage them to come check it out for themselves! You never know whose life you could impact by displaying your true beauty! Get your shirt, button, mug or bag today by clicking the links below.

In a World that Idolizes Outer Beauty...
Display Your True Beauty!


True Beauty Tshirt

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So, Are You Up to the Challenge?

Join us in making a difference...

About the Authors

Heather Hart doesn't have it all together, but she's okay with that because she knows Christ has her covered when she fails. Her hope that is while she is struggling through this thing called life, she is pointing others towards Jesus along the way.

Shelley Hitz has a heart for teen girls that began from her own journey of finding her true beauty in Christ. She is currently serving God by helping other Christians learn to let their light shine. 

The two have been working together for close to a decade. This ministry stems from their combined efforts to help today's teen girls find their true beauty in Christ.

Join Us...Take the True Beauty Challenge!

Are you ready to take a stand for true beauty? Sign up for the True Beauty Challenge and get a free MP3 download of one of Shelley's talks!

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Others Who Have Taken the Plunge...

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What Really Matters 
I believe to many girls try to look so pretty to impress others and I think the inside is what matters most about you I am 13 and I am not aloud to wear …

Jesus is Lord 
I would like to take the True Beauty challenge because I want to help girls know how beautiful they truly are. Some of the most beautiful girls have the …

ose (taking a stand) 
I am taking this challenge because I want to be a part of something significant and as sensitive as beauty, also, I will like to discover my true beauty …

Debby-Giving food to the hungry 
I have decided to take this challenge because I have a genuine love in trying to make a difference and do something for those who don't have what I have …

Miss Desiree 
i am taking this challenge to know more about touching other's lives positively.

Allie's Journey To A Beautiful Body 
I am taking the true beauty challenge because I want to cleanse myself. I want to be humble and not glorify myself in earthly things. I would like to be …

LaToya Gay-I am ready for this challenge 
I decided to take this challenge for myself.. I still struggle with my physical experience and want to press thru the fear of rejection. I want to see …

Keeper of Life 
I am taking this challenge to save the world. I will donate food, water, and shelter, supporting diseases, and helping nature. I will also make my own …

Patricia H  
I choose to do this because i think its a good website to help girls and you can help others. The action i want to do is number 4 sponsor a child through …

Teyona G. 
I choose to do the True Beauty Challenge because i think it could help me and as well as my friends know what beauty is really all about. The action i …

Mecia " Don't let me fall" 
I am deciding to take this challenge because I want to help others and be a humanitarian with God's help. I also want to be more of a beautiful person …

Bailey :)  
I really want to take on the "True Beauty Challenge" because I have had a true desire in my heart my entire life for the Lord and to please Him in as many …

I decided to take the true beauty challenge because i want to make a change in my life but to help others as well i am in my early teens. so i am going …

True Beauty 
I decided to take the "True Beauty Challenge" because I really want to grow closer to God and reading all this stuff on this page really struck me.

to be the beautiful one that god wishes  
I would like to take the true beauty challenge to make a fresh start. To be beautiful on the Inside rather than just beautiful on the oustside. Not that …

Want to Help The World  
I want to help other girls who are struggling with negative self image and low self confidence just like I am. I wanted to find a way to make a change …

I don't know one person in my life who has high self-esteem. The whole point of wearing make-up is not to make ourselves feel better, it's to impress everyone …

True Beauty-Savannah 
I have decided to take this challenge as a leap of faith. I want to be committed to not being so selfish in 2012. It is time for me as a believer to spread …

Serving Christ 
I have decided to take the true beauty challenge because I try and help young girls find their inner beauty without realizing that I have not found mine …

Best Challenge 
I decided to take the true beatuy challenge because I believe its important to let all girls know that its not about whats on the outside but whats on …

Sierra, making a difference 
I'm a pastors kid, and not everyone knows this but "pk's" kinda have expectations to live up to. I always feel pressured to be perfect but I'm not even …

Kelsey IMPACT Youth Ministry Director 
I am a young adult woman who is leading a Bible Study for junior high girls. I want them to learn to love themselves as God loves them and to realize …

Hello! My name is LuShondra and I'm excited about the True Beauty Challenge! Of course, so many women struggle on a daily basis trying to find that beauty …

I have decided to take this challenge because I want my true beauty to shine through. I want God to shine through everything I do and all that i am(: …

Click here to write your own.

I've always been self conscious and this study looks like an awesome way to over come that. I am going to stop spending money on useless things and start …

Believe in Me 
I have decided to take the True Beauty Challenge because I want to not look beautiful, but feel beautiful and have knowledge of it. I have several insecurities …

Well, I´m not really doing this becuase I am working more on my looks. I have never been the person to go and buy make up or getting what is in. My parents …

Nora: Influence 
I want to take the True Beauty Challenge because daily I am around so much idolization of what teen girls should "really look like". Girls will spend so …

Amanda: Student 
I am taking the "True Beauty Challenge" just for that, to find the true beauty that God has in store for me. I want to be able to change my life and others …

Olivia - My Road to True Beauty 
As a follower of the Lord, having true beauty helps me get closer to God. Many times in the bible it says what a perfect woman is like, nothing in the …

Unfading Beauty 
I decided to take this challenge because I am 18 years old and I know that the main reason I have not lived my life to the fullest, being all that God …

i want to love Him.. and i need constant reminders of how great He is.. i need His help, and this is an excellent way for me to do this

I would love to see a generation of young girls experience true beauty. I have recently been given the task to teach a class of young girls 11-14, while …

hannah, a changed girl 
i have grown up in church and at the age of nine i was baptized but i don't think that i fully understood what that meant or how to handle it all and no …

I'm going to sponsor a child with childcare plus.

why i wanted to do this 
At first i used to be going to church and not listening to what the preacher said and i didn't want to got to church but one day i was at church and they …

I want to grow closer to God! And just want to believe I am a beautiful woman of God!

Hannah The Observant Girl. 
Life to me has always been 'Impress the boys Hannah, its the only way you will get somewhere in life!' Well my sister just had a heart transplant and …

Tabitha - Youth Director Autryville Church of God 
Because I am a role model for a group of teen girls and I want to lead by example!

I want to get closer to God


Kelly , Wife of youth Pastor at FBC Homestead,FL 
I am teaching a Bible study on Self Image. I know that I am the last person that should do so, but I was asked and my husband said that since my self image …

Bailey's talk 
I am taking the steps of following life from peer pressure and all.. and helping people that we could be wasting our money on junk but instead saving their …

"Imperfect Perfection" 
I am taking the "True Beauty Challenge" to prove to myself and others, that girls, any age are beautiful. Being fom New Jersey, with the recent media stereotype, …

Kamila's True Beauty Challenge. 
I decided to take the true beauty challenge because True beauty means everything in my life. I am taking the steps in life that will make me new. When …

Jesus loves me this I know! 
I decided to take the "True Beauty Challenge" because I love to help young girls. I was once a girl with very low self esteem until I realized that there …

Denise Ash - Camp Counselor 
I am going to take the True Beauty Challenge with 15 campers at a Baptist Camp this summer. I think they can change the world if they start living for …

Lea- True Beauty 
Well last year I went to a Vaction Bible School I went over the summer for a week. I decided to give my life over to Jesus. One year later I am starting …

Ready Teddy! 
why? cause im sick of downing myself and comparing myself to my friends. they might not know it cus i'm the crazy out-going one of the group (but with …

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This is rather comical because every christian woman I have ever seen, mostly the Duggars, NEVER cut their hair. Why is this? They have long hair always. …

stephanie flores youth leader 
I see teen girls trying to find their worth in the things of the world, instead looking inside themselves and to their creator to realize their true beauty. …

Natalie- 40 yr old teen 
I'm taking the "True Beauty Challenge" now at 40 years old because I never had a positive role model to teach me about acceptance. my daughter is 10 years …

Am I Beautiful? 
I feel uncertain about myself

Inner Beauty Missy  
I just wanted to I guess I was curious I was browsing the net and came across this it interested me!

I have decided to take the True Beauty Challenge because i am tired of feeling badly about myself. I want to realize my inner beauty, and let go of my …

Amanda - True Beauty Challenge 
I have decided to take the True Beauty Challenge because at my age, there's tons of pressure to "be super skinny, act Like your an adult, and " be beautiful …

Click here to write your own.

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