Use Grocery Coupon Websites to Help Fight Hunger in Your Community

Discover the Power in Sunday Paper Coupons

Did you know that you can use grocery coupon websites and Sunday paper coupons to save money groceries and help your local food bank or homeless shelter? It's easy! Let me show you how...

Save Money Groceries - Up to 50% Using Coupons

Recently I resigned from my part-time Physical Therapy job in order to minister full-time through this website and the speaking ministry my husband and I have. Therefore, I started to look for ways to save money: groceries, eating out, household expenses, etc.

And I have GOOD NEWS for you! You can save up to 50% on your monthly grocery budget by using coupons and sales. Not only that, but you can find items for free or nearly free that you can donate to your local food bank or homeless shelter.

The secret to becoming a strategic shopper is to combine the best grocery sales with coupons:

  • Sunday paper coupons
  • Electronic coupons and
  • Printable coupons from grocery coupon websites.

Actually if you time it right, you can often get items for free or nearly free!

Start Collecting Sunday Paper Coupons

The first step to saving money on your groceries and helping fight hunger in your community is to begin getting your Sunday paper coupons.

You can either buy the paper yourself or collect coupons from people at work or at church that don't use them. If you decide to buy the paper, check out for a discount!

Especially if you are collecting the coupons to help fight hunger in your community, you'll find people want to help. You can simply get permission and then put out a box to collect the Sunday paper coupons.

Don't forget to let them know you will be using these coupons to get items to donate to your local food bank or homeless shelter.

How to Organize Your Sunday Paper Coupons

Do you need to start clipping out all the coupons??

NO!!! **Big Sigh of Relief!**

I wouldn't use coupons if it was too complicated or if I have to cut them out each week. No more clipping! All you have to do is write the date on each coupon flier and file them or stack them according to date. Then, you can use a Grocery Coupon Website (I'll share my favorite later) to search for the coupons to use each week to save the most money.

Next, I'm going to share some of the most widely used grocery coupon websites and then, I'm going to share the fastest and easiest way I've found to save money with coupons and be able to donate to our local homeless shelter.

Most Widely Used Grocery Coupon Websites

Here are some of the most widely used grocery coupon websites:


Electronic grocery coupon websites are fairly new, but gaining in popularity. You can load them onto your grocery card, which makes it convenient - no clipping!

Check out these electronic coupons:


Other discounts and coupons:

  1. Groupon - Save up to 90% on Local Deals
  3. - save on eating out

My Favorite Grocery Coupon Websites

Of all the sites listed above, my favorite to save money groceries is

Her method is easy and very do able!

And I love the fact that her website started because she wanted to share how she donates items that are free or nearly free to help fight hunger in her community.

Once you have your Sunday paper coupons, you can simply search her grocery coupon database to see which items you can get free or nearly free.

Let me have Coupon Mom explain it to you:

Grocery Deals by State

Drug Store Deals

Coupon Database

More Coupon Mom Videos

Are You Ready To Get Started?

You can do this! Coupon Mom gave her son $3/week to buy groceries for their local shelter. He would find the items he could get free or nearly free by using the coupon database.

Then, he would find great drugstore deals able to get toiletries for free with the various cash back rewards programs.

Let me say this again... You can do this!

And you can make a difference in your community.

  1. Get the Sunday paper coupons
  2. Write the date and file it away
  3. Print online coupons from the websites listed above
  4. Sign up for free at to access her coupon databases.
  5. Set a budget and start shopping!

Make this part of your True Beauty Challenge and make a difference in your community!

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