Poems About Abortion

by Melisa Steele

Here is one of my poems about abortion titled,


Darling, I wonder all the time who you would have been,
Sometimes I can hear you laughing and see your little grin.

I snap out of it for a moment, I'll never feel your touch,
The guilt of my decision hurts me so very much.

My heart bleeds and my crime bears me such shame,
Precious child I don't even know your name.

I didn't even say goodbye, I feel so selfish,
Now I long to cradle you, it's my one wish.

Such a wondrous gift that would have been so great,
But my choice ended up being your terrible fate.

Oh, what have I done?
The life once inside of me is now gone.

Why did I let myself feel the pressure?
I could have given birth to such a little treasure.

Was this supposed to be what was best?
A solution to the problem but it feels like a mess.

My soul feels torn, I feel such regret,
Not a day has gone by that I haven't wept

I'm so sad inside, there's such emptiness and pain,
I wish I could turn back the clock and do it all again.

I don't even know what the worst part is,
What a mistake, how could I have done this?

I'm truly sorry; I want you to know,
Darling, you're gone but how I love you so.

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by: Anonymous

that is a sad poem I can relate to it very much. Im a 34 old women who only had my abortion 5 weeks ago, my partner was very distant and rather than talking to me chose to talk to random people on the internet. I have now split with him and in a total mess. Want my baby back too! x

by: Julie

If there is any pain and suffering in your heart, I come to you now with prayers that God will provide you with what you need to be comforted. Remember that Jesus says that "His yoke is easy and burden is light" and even though you feel heavy-handed right now, I know He wants to bring you peace. Listen to his voice- whether he wants you to repent and feel forgiven or whatever you need, if you wrote that poem to help with deliverance or for creative means, I don't know, but either way, know
you are in my prayers!

In Christ,

by: L.M.

Wow it must be really hard to forget. As long as you never do this again and you hael convince young teens that abortion is not an option.

So sorry for abortions
by: A.J.

I love books and music. You'd think that would mean I'm into poetry, but I'm not. I've just never been that into it. But THAT was a good poem. I'm almost crying right now, actually. I don't know anyone who has ever had an abortion, and I never have myself--never even gotten "involved" with a guy--but when it comes to abortion, my heart absolutely melts. But this time, not unlike a few other times, my heart is going out to the baby AND the mother. I think abortion is totally horrific, and it's my DREAM when I'm older to have a lot of children. But for that reason, I am able to sympathize with mothers who have lost their baby(ies) because of their own decision. That was a sad, beautiful poem, and I feel deeply sorry for any woman to whom it applies.

With love, A.J.

Too young
by: Anonymous

I'm only 17, and I had an abortion. I'm also Christian, although my actions would say otherwise. Words cannot express how truly sorry I am, and while reading the poem, all I could do was cry. I wish I somehow had the power to change what has already been done. I'm sorry I'll never know my child, and I'm sorry I've let God down.

Im sorry
by: Anonymous

I just read the poem, and i'm 17 years old, and i'm pregnant. My parents know that I cant support it, because of money issues, I dont want to abort my baby. I dont believe in that, but i dont know what to do, I haven't seen my baby yet. but i will soon. It's a tough decision to make. I need help, if i do take the route i dont believe, i know god will protect my baby.

He can provide what you need!
by: Melisa (author of poem)

Thank you for sharing your concerns, it is very important to honor your parents and to be respectful and obedient to them but I have learned in my life that God is all that matters in the end.

I encourage to to pray to Him and ask Him to lay on your heart what the answer is, to free you from all guilt in your decision, and to bless you with wisdom for what you have to face. I am pro-life but this has to be a decision you make with God, your Father.

I got pregnant at the age of 17 too and I felt alone and I was scared and the father of my child ditched me as soon as he found out but I kept her and people came together to help me watch her while I went to work and while I put myself through college and today she is 14 years old and she is a bright beautiful, young lady that has turned out to be a tremendous blessing God bestowed on me, I haven't experienced one moment of regret even though the road has been rocky a times and I hit a few pot holes, she loves me so much and we have a close relationship together.

Sometimes to us mere humans the situation seems bleak but we can only see a little tiny part of what God is doing, what His plan is and it will be grander than anything we can ever phantom. Sometimes when I think I'm not doing a good job as a mother God will send people into my life to tell me how wonderful I've raised them and it's all because God was there with me all along. The God you worship provides!!!

Believe me when I say that, He has provided for me more times than I can count, everything we have is from Him, sometimes some things are a little more obvious than others but I sit here a single mom with 2 children, that has been laid off from work, who is not receiving child support yet we have a roof over our heads in a very nice home and we have food to eat every single day, healthy, nutritious meals, my kids and I are clothed in nice cloths. He provides, my car ended up needing $1800 in repairs just last week but God has sent people to me that have offered to repair it for me and my family free of charge.

Please don't under estimate what God can do - if all you are worried about is money, don't....God provides and He provides more than finances - He is your strong tower, your comfort, He LOVES you and HE WILL BE THERE for you. God didn't send His Son to die for you to watch you fall and fail. Let go and put your trust in the Lord and wait for Him to answer.

im really sorry
by: Anonymous

i am 14 and had a abortion i was forced into having sex with this guy he never cared he never wanted it but im really sorry it was the worst desicion i ever made

Words can't describe it
by: Anonymous

my heart and soul are torn.. I will never be the same. I never had regret or guilt, now its all I've become regretful and guilty.. the depression takes over like a tsunami, overpowering, cant b stopped or controlled, I jus have to endure it all.. and hope I maintain my sanity after its gone, hoping it doesn't wash away my cover.. never knew pain could be so deep.

I Understand
by: Kristy Huff

That poem was heart-breakingly beautiful. I had an abortion a little over two weeks ago. I have never felt so torn, shattered, heart broken.. My child was guaranteed to be born with birth defects and i was told carrying the child full term could cause my body permanent damage, all because the babys father was on medication for eczema. We made the choice to abort the pregnancy. Now, even with all the risks, I might have changed my decision. I pray my child can forgive me and wipe MY tears from my face when we are re-united. To my child: Mommy & Daddy love you and we are so sorry.

this poem made me think
by: Anonymous

this poem really made me think it was only a month ago i had an abortion. and i kept it from my boyfriend. shortly after that i was pregnant again and i was beaten up and lost my child. now thinking back and it makes me think what would it of been like if my mother had an abortion with me i wouldnt of liked it but i have just taken this little kids life away because of my age i may only be 14 but its not fair on the person in side and when i read this poem i just cried this poem really touched me x

By the grace of God
by: Anonymous

Where would we have been if it wasn't for the grace of God. I am a 16 year old that lost her virginity at the of 15 to a foolish guy that I thought I loved. I was going through a rough patch and rebelled against my faith. I killed my child by taking a morning after pill which is just as bad, my life was busy spiralling outa control. I felt so alone but God pulled me out of the situation and He restored everything back to me. I am here by His grace alone, I sometimes think back and think " was that me?" All I can say is that His grace is more than enough, there is hope just turn to Him in prayer.

God Bless

Wonderful poem!
by: Anonymous

That was a simply wonderful and beautiful poem, it made me want to cry. I'm just forteen, but I already decided when I was 12 to save everything for my husband. The day I marry will be the first time I kiss/hug/touch a man outside of my family. I can't wait till the day I am able give myself wholly and completly to my husband. God bless all you gals out there, I know abortion hurts, though I can never completly share in your feelings. God knows what you are going through, I'm praying for all of you.

by: Anonymous

i could really relate to your poem. I had an abortion august 6th 2009. 5 months ago. I had horrible morning sickness, more like all day sickness, and just wantedthe baby gone. I was being selfish and fearful of what my bf would think. I recently started having really bad flashbacks and the pain is unberable. I cant walk by the baby isle without feeling pain. I wish i had never gotten the abortion. I wish i had been safer and more wiser with my actions. I will always love my baby. I just hope he/she has forgiven me. I was supposed to be a mother, a mother is someone who protects their offspring regardless of anything. Even animals protect their children more than us humans. I am ashamed of what i did and am ashamed that society had legalized abortion.

this is really touchy :(
by: lizeth V.

well i hope everything gets better i love kids a lot and i know that i wouldnt do abortion, but maybe u had a reason and i truly understand but i know how u feel and i know everything is going to be okay...please help teenagers and make them understand abortion is not right how much u suffered. tell them ur story...this is what i dedicate my life telling teenage girls that abortion is bad im a teenager too and i truely understand..well i hope u can heal fast and i hope u can move on with ur life...all my prayers go to u and ur family...

my opinipn
by: cadie brown

abortion is not the answer in my eyes the poem was very said and the thing is that i dont understand is people regret it after they do it when they should sit down and realize how the effect or how the problem will affect them in the long run. im not tryin to put anyone down that has evr done such a thing but you know if you know you can support the baby abortion is not the key you could give it up to a adoption family and give that baby the chance too live and experience with a family that will love and provide for them believe me you will feel alot worse with killing you child then gving it up

by: addy

i am only 17 i have never had a abortion but it hurts me so much to think that little innoccent babys are being taken away the chance to live...i wish i could do something to help...but i cant do it alone...

by: Anonymous

i had an abortion and i will never get over it. im with my partner over a year now i was 2 months pregnant. i havent stopped crying or thinking about my baby since ......... i will never forgive myself for what i have done. my innocent baby didnt deserve this

by: Anonymous

Im 14 and never had an abortion or a child but i feel for those who have lost their child and im praying for you. I dont beleive in abortion because one of the ten comandments is "thou shall not kill" and i think that even though its not born yet that is an inocent human being no matter what the government says. This poem almost made me cry and I know of another poem....

Mommy, today is my birthday. I am 4 months old.

Mommy I have toes and I am a girl. Mommy, Please don't be sad any more.

Mommy what is that doctor saying mommy? What is an abortion mommy?

Mommy I love you. Mommy I can fall asleep to your heartbeat.

Mommy do you love me?

Mommy I am in heaven now Mommy. God told me what an abortion is Mommy.

Mommy why didn't you want me? Why don't you love me?

Mommy why can't I ever see the light of day? Mommy I still love you.

Mommy God will take care of me now and I will be loved .

Mommy today is my birthday I am 5 years old now and I still don't understand why you didn't want me mommy

Mommy! You came to see me Mommy!

Mommy what happened to you? You don't know your little girl anymore mommy? You don't love me Mommy? Why did I have to die Mommy?
Mommy I still love you

I think you should cherish the moments you have with your child and love them.
may God be with you in your time of need.

by: Anonymous

I had an abortion 9 years ago at age 15 i was 19 weeks pregnant. My babys dad didnt want to know he never belived me, i wanted to keep my baby but my mum and dad made me have an abortion they said i was only a kid myself. I now have two beautiful girls and a loving husband. I regret it so much what i did it breaks my heart everyday i will never forget my baby girl lydia and hope to see her at the gates of heaven where i can finally be with her i will never foget her and i love her with all my heart sleep tight my beautiful angel till we meet again. mummy xxx

by: Anonymous

such a touchin poem... i had an abortion at 16 week.. my partner lied and cheated on me all the time.. he is now long gone.. i would do anything to have my baby in my arms, theres not a day go by when i dont think about the child i aborted ova two year ago i still cry almost every day and the guilt will be with me for the rest of my life

i will always regret it

i can relate this poem to me..
everytime i read it my tears roll down my cheeks..it makes me sad and guilty..im so stupid i will regret this my whole life..worst of all because im only 14 years old and i already did a crime:(

by: holly miller

my mother was gonna abort me when she was 4 months pregnant because my sister just died and she didn't want to have another child to remind her of what she just lost. I honestly don't know what stopped her, but I'm now 18 years old and I'm a senior in high school about to graduate in about a month. My mom isn't even the one who told me about this, my aunt told me that i was now old enough to know that my mother was gonna abort me! I haven't had the best life, but I cherish ever day that I'm alive! I got the chance that most babies will never get! I've got to feel the wind blow through my hair, see the sun, moon and the stars. I've got the chance to feel love.

I'm 18 years old and I've been dating my 21 year old boyfriend Beau for all most 2 months now and we had unprotected sex after only a week of dating. My whole body started to change and we thought i was pregnant, but we didn't know for sure. For a couple days, my stomach was hurting so bad that i would be bawling my eyes out. i was in the middle of class and i felt i sharp pain in my lower abdomen so i ran to the bathroom and i was completely covered in blood. It was very clotty and I had a lot of watery liquid coming out of me. i sat on the bathroom toilet crying. the bell rang for the changing of classes, but i couldn't move! i wanted this child and so did Beau! And on April 13,2010... i had a miscarriage!
and i still cry about it! I'll never get over it! and i could just imagine if i got an abortion!
(which i would never do)!!!

so girls and guys, think before you do anything you'll regret later!

thank you for listening to my story!

i love you
by: by anna david

just under two years ago i met this guy thought he really loved me but what a joke we was togher a few months when i found out i was having his baby. the baby was planed.i thought things where going well i had a scan at 12 weeks found out i was carrying his twins. then one day i came home to find this note he had just left me. his family and him put pressure on me to have a abortion .i was so scared i already had two children not a day goes past that i dont think of them and how horrible i feel wished i was stronger and had my lovely twins one day i hope we meet again i hope you can forgive me .and the funny thing is my ex is having another baby with somebody else and is due very soon i feel nothing but sadness and hate for what him and his family has put me through

by: Anonymous

I had an abortion 5 weeks and 1 day ago, and your poem...is what I feel. Its a beautiful poem.

I feel you
by: Anonymous

My wife is 48 and is finally trying to come to terms with the decision she made at the age of 25. I knew she had done this when I met her, but we never discussed it - not in 16 years. I've only recently begun to understand how torturously painful it has been for her all these years. She regrets it so very much. We have two beautiful children today and I now know that there has not been a single significant milestone in their lives that hasn’t reminded her of that unborn child. I feel for her and I feel for all of you who live with the regret. May God Bless you and help you find some peace. He knows your heart and, like my wife, you are good and loving people. I hope your struggle eases.

little child
by: Anonymous

I have never had an abortion cause i couldn't live with myself.
But im 15 years old and i got pregnant over not waiting 2 seconds so he could put on a condom.
so i told myself i made this mistake and now i have to live with it.
and after i told my boyfriend, he is 16, he said THANK GOD. cause we wouldve wanted to keep it to.

by: K.V.C


missing u .
by: Anonymous

i had an abortion 2 months ago, & i havent been the same since. i didnt want to but the boy tht i believe loves me so mch didnt wnt it. i was 3 & a half months. all i could do i cry, i never felt this bad abt anything. i love you unborn child & i regret all tht i've done. i wanted u but daddy said he wasnt ready smh. i feel like a big pt. of me is missing. idk wat ima do but i will get thru this

I understand...
by: Misti

I'm 27 now, I got pregnant with my first child when the week of my 17th birthday. I had never been so scared in my life. I had no idea how I was going to be able to raise it at that age, still being in school. After a couple months, my son's father asked me to have an abortion. I wouldn't even think of it at that point. I decided to keep it. He was beautiful and the best gift I've ever received!
2 months ago I made the mistake of getting together with a guy that didn't care about me and to be honest, I didn't have feelings for him either. But it happened. I took the plan B 48 hours later just to be safe. 4 weeks after that, I took a test, positive! I'm a single mother supporting my 9 year old son alone. I was so scared to take on another. I was torn, back and forth in my mind, on what I should do. I knew what I should do, just didn't know if I could manage. Come to find out, the father had a vasectomy 3 years ago. I had an abortion just over a week ago. I have to say, I have never and will never regret something else so much in my life. I believe women should have a choice, but I know now, this was never the right choice for me. Knowing about his vasecomy and me taking the plan B, really makes me feel like God had a plan and I wanted nothing to do with it. September 3rd 2010 is a day I will never forget.
You and many who have been through the same thing with be in my thoughts and prayers!

I never saw your face, but my heart aches for you.
I never touched you, but I will always feel you.
I never held you, but you will always be a part of me.
I will never know you, but will always Love you.
You were mine and I will never, in my life, forget you!
God, please forgive me for making the biggest mistake of my life...

Thanks for listening...

I feel the same
by: Anonymous

I'm 17 and i had an abortion on July 15, 2010. At first, I was happy and thought it was the right decision for me. At the time, neither me or my had jobs and we were so scared. We wanted to go to school and get married and do it the right way. I realize that it was the worst decision I have ever made. I will never see myself the same. I love my baby more than anything, and i wish i had the chance to tell it that. I wish i gave it a chance. I regret my abortion more than anything. I really hope someday the pain will go away.

Did they tell you...
by: Amanda

All too often women and young girls go into those cold, heartless abortion mills not being told the truth.Women are told,"If you're sure about this,then you'll be fine.Don't worry, it will all be over soon." I know you ladies are in pain and I will surely pray for you! But, I have to ask..Did they EVER offer to show you your baby on the ultrasound? Did they explain to you that they not only remove the fetus,but they literally slaughter your child and pull the body out in pieces? Did they even tell you that your child would in fact FEEL EVERYTHING that was being done to him/her? They say,"the fetus is just a sac of tissue...it's not gonna feel anything or even know what's going on." But studies have shown that from the time a fetus is about 6 weeks old, it can already respond to touch. As a matter of fact, a clip on youtube showed an ultrasound of a 12 week old fetus being aborted, and you could see the baby moving all over the place trying to excape the the instrument...and when put on a freeze frame, showed the baby's mouth wide open. It is called the silent scream. Sadly, none of these women are told this! If anyone is reading this, considering abortion, just know I have listed just a few of the facts. Abortion does NOT make you UNpregnant...it just makes you the mother (or father) of a dead child. It is only after the life within you is gone that you can see things clearly. But by then it is too late. And you will NEVER have that beautiful, cute, sweet little baby back with you.Did they tell you any of this? Please, I beg you,at least carry them long enough to give them life! I completely believe a woman has rights to her body...it's when you have another body within you destroyed is where the law crosses the line. The fetus isn't a heart or a kidney that you were born with. Did they tell you that the life within you really was a baby? I understand if you are young, poor, or promised a wealthy future, or getting ready for college...I understand ALL of that. If you literally are not ready to raise a child, that's what it's all about right? Adoption is wonderful. And this is the 21st century, not the 50's. Now days, you can choose the family, you can choose to close the adoption, or you can choose to be involved. You can be the birthmother and be very much involved. You HAVE options. It looks like an accident right now, but that's cause you haven't given yourself time to get passed the shock to see the beauty of it unfold. Remember, God doesn't make mistakes. I'll be praying for you ladies.

Want to turn back the clock
by: Missing my cherubs

I had an abortion yesterday.
I am so angry and upset at myself for listening to my partner and for going through with it, I wanted my 2 little babies that were safe and sound in my belly.. but I listened to him and I am grieving like there is no tomorrow.
I hope by some chance of a miracle they screwed it up and didnt manage to remove my little angels from me, but I know deep down that they most probably did.
I am 29 years old, was married to my highschool sweetheart and tried to have a baby for 5-6 years. After breaking up and not being able to have kids I met this new man, fell pregnant naturally with twins (without trying) and stupidly listened to him in regards to us not being able to afford 1 let alone 2 babies...

I can never get over my pain.. I cannot sleep or eat..
I feel like I failed my 24year old self that tried so desperately to have a child.. then I just throw away 2 little angels...

In Response to "Missing My Cherubs"
by: Amanda

Hey, sweetie. It's Amanda...I left a comment above yours. I read your story. I am only 2 years younger than you, so we are about the same age. Listen, God is with you. Pray to him that Christ will forgive you and that you can forgive yourself. I am not judging you at all but it is the uncaring men who do upset me however. You knew the right thing to do, but ever since Sin entered the world and Satan decieved Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, he has been using others to do his works. I am a christian. Granted, I am pro-life, but I do not condemn you. I have great sympathy for you and your children. But, know that Christ has your babies safe and sound, and that they are surrounded by nothing but love. I wish so much that I could help you. I am so sorry you felt compelled to have an abortion. You know, men are supposed to be there for their children just as mothers are, but as the emotional women that we are, we can be decieved very easily. Men can too, however. In your case, Satan entered the mind, yet again, to cause pain for everyone involved. Just pray that the Lord will help you to flee from Satan's voice that ends up in your head for now on. For you, though, I definitely advise that you get in touch with your church, or any church, and ask them if they can direct you to a post abortion counselor. It should be free as long as you find a center that is a volunteer organization. They can be of some help at least. I will be praying for you. And ALWAYS remember, God loves you...even if you cannot feel it right now. He IS love! And he came down from heaven, to prove that. He loved the sinners, regardless of what others thought. He loves you, too. Always remember that!

hardest thing ever
by: Anonymous

wow this poem is it exactly . i had my abortion about a week and a half ago . i feel like it was my only option because im only 14 but i feel so selfish nd i feel like the only reason i had an abortion was so i wouldnt get in trouble . whenever i tell my bf how much i loveed the baby nd how i miss it he always says like how can u miss something that u never even saw . he doesnt get it tho . i regret this so much . my life is so miserable now :(

by: Anonymous

your poem made me cry, and im so surpised at how many people that go through this horrible experience of abortion. Im 33 and have an 11 year old daughter i have been with with my fella 12 years and the last year we have gone through difficulties with our marriage and finances. Im pregnant but my husband said our relationship isnt right to raise a baby now and that we cant afford to cloth ourselves never mind a baby. I have an appointment monday for a termination and feel that I will always hate my husband for making me go through with it rather than sitting down and talking about it. I feel deeply hurt that there are so many women out there that cant have a baby and theres me terminating a life.

To the last person to post on this poem
by: Anonymous

Please don't go through with it. You've read the many responses people have given about their experience. Don't cause your child to suffer or yourself or your family. Don't cause the division between yourself and God for knowing how wrong abortion is and going ahead with it anyway. Please go to a pastor or someone who can advise you in this time of your life, but please don't go through with it!

by: Anonymous


To "Anonymous"
by: Amanda

In a quick fix society, abortion may SEEM like the easy way out of a complicated confusing situation. Most young girls and women in situations such as yours, usually want the "fix" before the facts. You're scared, and you have got to feel humiliated by now finding out that your guy isn't as faithful as you thought. He is now not only cheating on his wife, but has been unfaithful to you, too, simply by not telling you he WAS married. Now, you've gotten attached to him, and have ended up with a young child in your womb. But it seems like the guy you thought was your own, is ready and completely willing to have your all's child painfully slaughtered and murdured in that abortion mill just to keep his affair with you a secret. I know you don't want to hurt him, or humiliate him, but just remember it is no longer about who was right and who was wrong...you now have a little angel inside you anxious to meet you. You've got to protect your baby now from the outside world who wants to harm him/her. My best friend had an abortion at 16 due to all the pressure, and it did not fix anything. It only brought guilt and nightmares. Today as a matter of fact, has been 9 years. It was Nov. 10, 2001. She would have given birth in May of the following year. You're 14 weeks? She was 13 weeks. So you are due in May, too! I've never said this before, so let me start. When May comes, your decision now will determine what happens in that month. You will either have a pregnant belly in the delivery room to soon go home to hold and nurse your baby to raise to be a happy, loving child...or May will come, your tummy will be flat, and you will be crying, wishing you could go back, and always wondering what your life was meant to be, had only you not wanted to get your married boyfriend in trouble. Remember, God will love you no matter what. And he will forgive your sins, if you ask. But think, why go through with something that you already know will cause you heartbreak to where you will need forgiveness? I'm running out of space, but do one thing while you think all this over. Go out today, and rent the movie "Sarah's Choice" with Rebecca St. James. This movie may really help you see things a little clearer. Here is the trailor for it. I'll be praying for you.

To Anonymous
by: Amanda

Sorry about the typo in my comment to you. I realzed that after I submitted the comment. I meant to say, "Had you not been worried about getting your boyfriend in trouble". I really hope you realized that was a typo, and ignored it, especially with talking to you about such a personal and emotional issue. But, again, I will be praying for you and already have, as a matter of fact. But, do remember, God ALWAYS has a plan. And as he says in Jerimiah, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you". So, just know that God knew your child and who that child would be, and already had a plan for your child's life before you ever conceived! That's pretty amazing when you think about it! I know you don't want to have an abortion. You've already said that you've fallen in love with your baby and have seen the baby moving around on the screen. The majority of women who've had abortions never even got that chance, and have suffered dramatically. You've have already seen your son or daughter, so it's gone from just being pregnant, to actually seeing your baby healthy, active, and ALIVE! Don't let the father's influence kill and erase that child's being, just to please him and keep him out of trouble. I know you love him, but I know you love that child more. And, I know that Christ loves you even more than that! Definitely watch that movie. It is very moving. It kinda has the "Christmas Carol" theme. She considers an abortion, and is given 3 different visions of her daughter as to how things will be if she doesn't have an abortion. She gets to see how her baby will be at 6 weeks, 6 years, and again when she's grown and has a daughter of her own. I think it really will help you. If you cannot find it, call the christian bookstores, or order it on Amazon. But, I really do recommend that you see it. And it is a very real, non judgemental, lifelike film. It supports life, but also the truth about the effects of abortion all the way around. And it is set in the season of Christmas. Perfect timing huh? Listen, sweetie, you get back on here and let me know when you've figured things out, but remember God loves you SO much and that baby of yours just as much! Don't let evil words of abortion talk from your boyfriend pursuade you to make the biggest mistake of your life. I am not judging you at all, but it is true that an abortion is only an invitation to let darkness in. Remember, an abortion does NOT make you UNpregnant. It ONLY makes you parents of a dead child. So many people never look at it that way, but it's the truth. Click on this link. This is just one girl's story.

by: Anonymous


This truly means a lot to me and i will look for that movie and watch it. I feel so much better that i can share my story with someone who is so non-judgemental and honest. He actually called me again this afternon saying "when are we going to the abortion clinic?". I have decided, i am keeping my baby and he is due early May; 6-8! God led me to this site for a reason. I do believe in his forgiveness and love. Please do keep in touch, this is the best site i have ever visited.

It really is not about him and his wife, i didnt get pregnant in the hopes of "keeping" him with me. I have told him that its not about that and i am ready to raise my baby on my own. I am excited and he is not dropping the abortion issue- i'm now starting to think he is trying to stress me to a miscarriage. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers,


To: Sid
by: Amanda

Oh, honey I'm SO happy to hear this! I prayed and prayed for God to work through me to be able to help you see his love for you in all this! I am SO glad I was able to help you, but I definitely give God all the credit! I was about in tears when I read your reply! I spoke with my friend yesterday and had read to her your comment about the situation, and she wanted me to let you know she understands the situation...that it wasn't till after her abortion, she could see things clearly. And she finally realized how men can always come and go...whether you are with them for a few months or several years, but your child will be with you forever! And us mothers should never pass up that opportunity, cause motherhood is the most precious gift God gave to us women! And I will keep praying for God to keep your baby safe in your womb from all the stress its father is giving you, but I know your strong. I have faith in you! And yes, your boyfriend WILL keep pushing and pushing and trying to guilt you into having that precious child's life ended, but remember, if you keep God with you, he will work through you to stick to your plan...because God already has a plan in motion. But I will surely pray that your child's father comes to love and want to be there for his child, too! Men should want to protect their children, as much as us women. That's one of the things God made men for...to be protectors!

You're definitely doing the right thing. Remember, as it says in Psalms 139 verses 13-16 "For You formed my inward parts, You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them." And when you hear those evil words of abortion come from your boyfriend, just remember Proverbs 8:35-36 "For whoever finds me finds life, and obtains favor from the Lord. But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul, all those who hate me love death."
God loves you SO much no matter what has happened in your life. You are going to be a wonderful mother! God bless you, Sid!

i hurt
by: Anonymous

im 14 i had an abortion about 4 months ago my bf stay with me through it all and left a few weeks after. When i read this i cry sometimes i wonder what if i had my child :) now i regreat it even tho im young and i cant handel my own self i would have kept him/her. BUt its to late all i can say is.

i know how it feels
by: Anonymous

that poem realy touched me, i am 16 years old and my both of my parents made me have an abortion neither one of them listend to what i had to say even the boi i was with didnt want to know me , i felt alone and scared. i cary the scan picture with me in my purse every where i go , i remeber sitting in the cold white room looking at this tablet and my mum edging me on to take it, i knew as soon as i swollowed taht tablet it would all be over, the pain was horrible the the worst pain i felt was guilt my baby had a heart beat i was overr 8 weeks gone , i would do anything to turn back time , i now know that i did the wrong thing and i will never forgive my parents for whaat they put me through.

January 21, 2006
by: Anonymous

I had an abortion on this date that I will never forget. I words could not say how much I or my boyfriend at the time wanted our baby. I am in pain or should I say agony until this very moment. My parents are very religious and I freaked out because I thought they would kill themselves if they found out. I did it to protect them but only to find out I hurt me, my boyfriend and the baby in the process. For 5 years my boyfriend and I tried so very hard to work things out but there was such rage, anger, disrespect, hurt, fear, regreat, dispear that we could not work on things any longer. I left him for good now. And now I feel apart of me is gone. I will work through the pain and admit my fault and forgive myself. Love you forever :-*

great help
by: Anonymous

i've never had an abortion nor got pregnant i never had sexual intercourse.i know im choosing the right path right now cause God i with me.for all of you who posted a comment on this poem thank you very much.i've red all comments in here and it really made me sad.you have just showed me what abortion is really is.we have a project and its to write a poem about abortion.all of you inspired me and made me feel that i'm with God.i will pray for all of you to be happy and be blessed.God will always be with all of us.

by: Anonymous

im only just 13 and recently just had an abortion i know im so young but its something i have always wanted is a baby im great with them but im far to weak and it would be selfish to bring a baby into this world , i know its a girl but most of all she was my girl my dream my everything i always wanted but this is for the best and i hope you can forgive me i love you lots ! Love mummy xx

by: Anonymous

Im 16 years old and im thinking of having an abortion. because i dont know what to do if i have a kid.
my boyfriend i soo happy to be a dad, but im not :(
i really dont know wha to doo..:(

To: 16 yr old anonymous
by: Shelley Hitz

To 16 year old anonymous:

First of all I don't think it's an accident that you came to this website today. And I want you to know that you are not alone.

Have you read all the comments on this page? There is a lot of grief and regret and remorse from women who have had abortions in the past. Please don't make a quick decision.

Do you have a pregnancy center close by? If so I recommend going and getting an ultrasound. Hear your baby's heartbeat and see your baby for the first time. It may make you realize that you truly do have a precious life within your body right now! Your son or your daughter. Your baby.

Lord, I pray for this girl right now and the decision she is making...a decision about life and death...whether to keep her baby or not. Give her wisdom...we don't understand it all right now. But we choose to trust You. You have a plan for her life and for her baby's life. I pray you would help her to see she's not alone as she struggles through this decision. You are with her and we are here to support her. In Jesus name, amen.

Please feel free contact me:

by: Anonymous

How can one mistake hurt so bad? I was 18 when I got pregnant and my parents are devoted Christians. I didn't tell them that I was pregnant and did the abortion with my boyfriend. I went back to a normal household yet my whole world had changed. There is not a day goes by that I don't regret and miss my baby, it hurts so badly.

I Have to have one
by: Anonymous

This is so hard for me, i have 2kids with 2 different dads already, i met a man finally who is amazing with my kids as i am his, I know i could spend the rest of my life with him, I love him but he also has 2 kids with his ex and together there isn't enough money to build a bigger house or to buy a bigger vehicle, i love kids, being a mom is my favorite thing in the world I wish i could win the lotto, because this decision is killing me, i wake up from sleep crying, I am eating proper and taking Vitamins for a baby i have to kill. Im notvery religious but God Grant me a miracle, Please Help! The sad part is, is i don't know if i will be able to stay with him after this, because i know it will remind me every day of what i have done.

To Anonymous who said "I have to have one"
by: Amanda

Oh, sweetie. I just prayed to the Lord for me to help you and for you to see that this little angel within you has ALREADY become a part of you. I have left comments on this page previously hoping to help at least one woman. I think I have, but the Lord has put you in my path now also. I am so sad when I hear of a death of a child, and mother...YES, mother! Because an abortion not only ends the life of a child, but also kills the mother spiritually. I have learned many reasons why women have come to this decision. I cannot tell them the words to heal them, only the Lord can help with that. What I can tell you is the same thing I have told other women. The Lord loves you so much! And He DOES love your child you are carrying whom is also, don't forget, your childrens' brother or sister. I know you don't want to responsible for the loss of one of your children, and I know that your children would want you to give birth to their sibling. The Lord works in very mysterious ways, and He DOES ALWAYS have a plan for us. Sometimes, we choose to ignore His voice because He is not the one who has to live out these decisions, and live our lives, but TRUST in the Lord that He DOES know what is better for us than we do for ourselves. Don't you know what is better for YOUR children than they would themselves? It's the same way with God. He knew our name before we were concieved, and he knows our past, and our present, and FUTURE! That is amazing when you think about it. He said he would never leave nor forsake us, and He would forgive our sins as long as we ask. Think hard about your decision. This is one single decision that will affect the rest of your life, based on worry and fear of the future. I know you are very worried and concerned for the financial and well being of your family, but remember sweetie, this NEW baby is your family, too. God has trusted you to raise this child and love him. Remember, God knew all the days of our life before we lived one of them! If after thinking hard about this, and you still believe it would be better for your family and for your child within you that he not be part of your home life, because of the financial problems and such, remember, abortion can never be just a quick "fix". You will have remorse till the end and it may very well effect your relationship toward your whole family, not just your child's father. Whatever you choose, remember, there ARE many other options besides ending the pregnancy and life of your third child. I will continue to pray for you, and sweetie, stay in touch. May God bless you and your family! God WILL give you the strength! Pray to Him for guidance!

continued from comment above to "Anonymous"
by: Amanda

I couldn't write to you everything I wanted yesterday which is from the comment above this. I was rushing to type to you the words God gave me cause I am so hoping to help you. I had to go ahead and get my youngest son up and ready for preschool. And I only have a minute now, too. But I wanted to let you know that you are loved. You said you have found a wonderful man that you could spend your life with and how wonderful and whole you feel your family has become...but you are worrying about money and financial problems interferring with you being able to keep your baby. I have thought about that, and I must let you understand that if it's about money, well, the thing is too, that abortions are NOT cheap. I have a friend who went through one when she was 16 and that was in 2001. I remember her saying that her mom had to save up at least $600 from what I know. I don't know how far along you are, but even with $600 you would have enough to get started preparing for a nursery. And I completely understand when you said you don't have a big enough vehicle for all of you to fit...but sweetie, you're not the first to encounter these issues. I know you are still crying and stressing over this decision that you think you "have to" put yourself through, but I can only tell you that if you are suffering NOW, already, while your little baby is still safely living inside you, it is going to be tremendously killing you if you do let the abortionist painfully and carelessly snatch that child from within you. I am hoping and praying that, by the grace of God, I can reach you to understand that this is not going to be a decision that you will be able to live with. That scares me, especially since you've done said you WANT your baby, I pray that God will reach you, and let you feel His love for you and little one. Remember, God will still love you no matter what! Just think long and hard before you go to that abortion mill and make a decision that will forever haunt you. Could you stay pregnant long enough to at least make sure your child lives? Remember, and I've said this before, abortion will not erase the pregnancy, it will only make you the mother of a dead child. I KNOW you love your baby, I could tell it in your comment. Hand your fear over to the Lord. May He guide you!

I Have to have one
by: Anonymous

I Have to have one
by: Anonymous

This is so hard for me, i have 2kids with 2 different dads already, i met a man finally who is amazing with my kids as i am his, I know i could spend the rest of my life with him, I love him but he also has 2 kids with his ex and together there isn't enough money to build a bigger house or to buy a bigger vehicle, i love kids, being a mom is my favorite thing in the world I wish i could win the lotto, because this decision is killing me, i wake up from sleep crying, I am eating proper and taking Vitamins for a baby i have to kill. Im notvery religious but God Grant me a miracle, Please Help! The sad part is, is i don't know if i will be able to stay with him after this, because i know it will remind me every day of what i have done.


I had one and cried ever since, i thought i was doing it to stay with my wonderful boyfriend but he broke up with me the next day. I just wanna dienow too...

To: I have to have one (I had one)
by: Amanda

Matthew 11:28-29
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

Jesus loves you and I know how much this decision hurts, but just know that your young child, whom not too long ago was inside your womb, is now being cradled by the Lord, Himself. Jesus knows your heart and how much it is breaking. Come to him! He is ready to forgive you! All you need to do is ask. You are grieving and He is ready to help you heal!

Revelation 3:20
"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with me."

by: Anonymous

this poem has really made me think and so have everyone's comments! I am pregnant and was going to have an abortion in a week! Mainly because my boyfriend said we wouldnt cope and that having a baby would ruin his life. I don't think i can go through with it now thou.

To: decisions
by: Amanda

You have been touched by God. Your child is so blessed to have a protective mother. It may not have been your initial instinct, but that was because you were worried and confused. Now, you HAVE chosen life for your little one, and that is ALL that matters now. Your child is going to love you and remind you every day of why you chose to keep him (or her)! I will pray that the father of your baby comes to see that this is truly a gift and NOT a mistake. Remember, God doesn't make mistakes! You are going to be a wonderful mother. God bless you!

by: Amanda

I just came across this passage in the Holy Bible and I just pray that this can help you in either your healing from this decision you've made, or help you in your being torn between which decision to make.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

Jeremiah 29:11-13

been months an i still hate myself..
by: rebecca

i can relate to this poem 100%. i am 15 and had an abortion in june 2010. i felt i was too young an thought i had ambitions, my family talked me around having an abortion. me and my boyfriend of 19months were adamant to keep our baby but my family thought a lot different. its been so many months and every morning i wake up that baby is on my mind and i am constantly thinking what have i done, im a monster, that was my baby my flesh and blood. im not against abortions not at all because some people really do have a reason to do this, in my case the reason was age and exams and family. i am greiving for this baby so much and would give my left arm just to have the chance to hold it in my arms, but i made that desicion to let her/him go. i say it was right to hide the smile behind the cry when i know it wasnt and i done this for other people. i just want help with what i done so i know i shouldnt constantly hate myself for this. i love the baby even though i never met it, and will always love it. i hope nobody judges me an thinks i think differently of anyone whos done this, because i dont. i hope everyone going through what i am sorts it out and gets through it as best they can. xxx

by: Anonymous

i know how you feel im 16 and the father was 15 and we were both too young and he was never around and he didnt even care.. so i made my decision and everyday i think about it.. it kills me inside but at the same time i got a second chance to start over and do things the right way i will always be greatful for that but at the same time there has not been a day thats gone by where i dont think of what it was or who it could have been.. stay strong

by: Anonymous

i just had an abortion yesterday. i havent slept, and i feel regretful and upset at myself! i hope god will forgive me... i have a beautiful 4 year old daughter. now when i look at her i know, ive probably missed out on something special! i had reasons, why i had to do it, even tho i thought i never would! i wanted a boy and now i'll never know if my baby was or not. i ask that he/she forgives me! IM SO SORRY :(

i pity who ever has to go through this
by: Anonymous

i am a 20 year old woman and i never got pregnant. i know that if i did get pregnant, i could never bring myself to hurt my baby. i have no money and im in debt. i would have my kid and be the best mom i can be.

i understand that some people have no choice, but most people do. there is adoption. it is really hard to do, but is it really easier than hurting your own flesh and blood. if i were you guys id think long and hard about abortion. there are so many good parents in this world that want kids and cant have them. they would adore your kid and give them things you cant give them. just think about it, before you do the unthinkable

The Christian Life
by: Anonymous

It has been 7 years since I had an abortion. My parents are very Christian. I went a Christian school. I went to church 3 times a week. I believe in God. I moved out of my parents home & got pregnant. My older sister had already gotten pregnant out of wedlock & I saw what she went through with the church & my father. I did not want to embarrass my parents at the church the way she did. I saw what it did to my father & how people looked at her like she was some kind of disease. They blamed my nephews disabilities on the fact that she had sex before marriage. I know God has forgiven me for what I have done. But those of you who have posted God has a plan maybe you should think that maybe God is the reason for all of us getting an abortion. The lifestyle we grew up in, the strict Christian home. Knowing that there was no way of telling your parents that another daughter was pregnant & the father is not my husband. Abortion is not the right path but if you put people lives on a plan that it will all be ok then your filling them with failure. We all fall and everything is not ok. I am married now to an amazing man & we can't have kids. I got cancer over a year ago & it has killed every egg I have! The pain I feel is that I don't have that chance to hold a child now. If God wanted me so bad to have a child then he wouldn't have allowed my parents & church family to hate the people who have had a child before they got married. That would have changed my mind if I knew I could go to my family& church friends & know they would support me. I knew God would forgive me but the others wouldn't. God is real! Abortion is wrong. But having anyone just even one person to support you through a time like that would of been priceless & I would be able to have that child to hold every night & tuck into bed & kiss good night. Its not good to dwell on the past because you can't change it. Your life is now & it takes a strong woman to make it in this world. Be strong ladies. You time to shine will find you before you know it.

i commented i have to have one!! i did worst thing i ever did!
by: Anonymous

I woke up this morning and I didn’t know who was reflecting in the mirror,
I tried so hard to remember but this face has no familiar.
I remember the mistakes I’m making, I wear them on my sleeves.
Like ripped up cloths and torn knees.

Nothings worse than the mistake I’m about to make,
I here her voice in my head, she is telling me about the girl who changed her mind.
The choice is mine, only minutes to decide.
I haven’t heard his voice today but I re-assured her that,
he’s worth the pain.
that even if I disagree, I know that he will stand by me. He’ll be all that I need.

The tears are poring down my face,
I cant stop thinking about the choice I had, before this took place,
my legs were spread. As I cried. I needed drugs, than they make me high, my lights out.
As I wake all i feel is guilt, disgust, selfishness, and a pure hope they heard my cries and changed there minds.

This bed is cold, and im alone, I haven’t heard his voice but I had to make this choice.
My best friend came to support me, I don’t think she new that she would be the only rock in me.
And if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be me.
She holds me tight as we spoon, the pillows soaked in all my tears.
The nurses wont give me anymore drugs to num me from my fears.

This was not a sacrifice for love, this was not a choice that will make problems go away.
I’ve done this before, and maybe together it couldn’t have been.
But if I new alone was the ending, I could have embraced this state,.
I told his dad when we first met when he asked me, if I raised them alone all the way and I looked at him and said “No one stuck through the pregnancy with me“, and he said “Some boys aren’t strong enough to become men. You have done a great job.”
That brought a shiver through my body and I remember, almost like he know this would happen.

And than its blank,

I lay lifelessly, a forgotten path, a dreaded day,
the loneliness and disappointment shattered me like glass,
waking moments turned into hopes of death,
or a Mr. perfect to come kiss my forehead.
I knew he would come, I waited
he would come and remind me, why!

All I could do was question, what happened?
Maybe im still?
What did I do?

My dreams became more vivid, I see her in my sleep.
Her name is Fin-lee she has dark hair, but still looks a lot like me.
I going to grow her a wild flowers, at my favorite creek,
its right before the waterfall where I make wishes come true, that’s how I met you.
But I need to make them with a timeline cause if did I would still be with you

I cant seem to pull back together, peaces of my spread out like a naked body.
I have totally lost my mind.
Every days a broken record, a reminded moment brings me back to tears.
The forgotten memories flash as I fall asleep. My body is in pain.
I need my memory back again.
I cant remember a thing.

And than its blank,

Miss you every day im so sorry
by: Lynda

I woke up this morning and I didn’t know who was reflecting in the mirror,
I tried so hard to remember but this face has no familiar.
I remember the mistakes I’m making, I wear them on my sleeves.
Like ripped up cloths and torn knees.
Nothings worse than the mistake I’m about to make,
I here her voice in my head, she is telling me about the girl who changed her mind.
The choice is mine, only minutes to decide.
I haven’t heard his voice today but I re-assured her that,
he’s worth the pain.
that even if I disagree, I know that he will stand by me. He’ll be all that I need.
The tears are poring down my face,
I cant stop thinking about the choice I had, before this took place,
my legs were spread. As I cried. I needed drugs, than they make me high, my lights out.
As I wake all i feel is guilt, disgust, selfishness, and a pure hope they heard my cries and changed there minds.
This bed is cold, and im alone, I haven’t heard his voice but I had to make this choice.
My best friend came to support me, I don’t think she new that she would be the only rock in me.
And if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be me.
She holds me tight as we spoon, the pillows soaked in all my tears.
The nurses wont give me anymore drugs to num me from my fears.
This was not a sacrifice for love, this was not a choice that will make problems go away.
I’ve done this before, and maybe together it couldn’t have been.
But if I new alone was the ending, I could have embraced this state,.
I told his dad when we first met when he asked me, if I raised them alone all the way and I looked at him and said “No one stuck through the pregnancy with me“, and he said “Some boys aren’t strong enough to become men. You have done a great job.”
That brought a shiver through my body and I remember, almost like he know this would happen
I lay lifelessly, a forgotten path, a dreaded day,
the loneliness and disappointment shattered me like glass,
waking moments turned into hopes of death,
or a Mr. perfect to come kiss my forehead.
I knew he would come, I waited
he would come and remind me, why!
All I could do was question, what happened?
Maybe im still?
What did I do?
My dreams became more vivid, I see her in my sleep.
Her name is Fin-lee she has dark hair, but still looks a lot like me.
I going to grow her a wild flowers, at my favorite creek,
its right before the waterfall where I make wishes come true, And i wish for you back.
I cant seem to pull back together, peaces of my spread out like a naked body.
I have totally lost my mind.
Every days a broken record, a reminded moment brings me back to tears.
The forgotten memories flash as I fall asleep. My body is in pain.
I need my memory back again.
I cant remember a thing.

And than its blank,

TO: LYNDA (I have to have one)
by: Amanda

Hey, Lynda. I understand you are not holding up very well...but that was obvious huh? I read the very first comment you posted on this page, about how everything was close to perfect in your life but were struggling with a decision you felt you had to make. I left you a comment to that, although I am not sure if you read it. I have been praying so hard for you since that day, before and after your abortion.
I remember you said that you are not very "religious". I'm here to tell you that knowing Christ and accepting Christ is not about being religious...although that word does get thrown around a lot. A person can be "religious" about making it to church every Sunday, whether they are a christian or not. One can be "religious" about getting to work on time. So, you see, it is FAITH that you probably meant. And faith has EVERYTHING to do with accepting Christ and having a relaionship with Him.
For in Matthew 11:28 says,
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
I know it is really hard to believe that there is forgiveness for this sin that seems unforgivable, but I'm telling you, THERE IS FORGIVENESS! Jesus died to pay the penalty for all of our sins, INCLUDING abortion! That is a wonderful thing! Now, obviously it will always be hard for us to forgive ourselves, but to know that "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that for whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life!"(John 3:16)"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him the world might be saved(John 3:17).
So, you see, Jesus is the only way to true peace and happiness. GOD is love, and we as humans are incapable of loving if God is not in us...which proves that we are made in His image! If you have ever read the new testament(I recommend starting with John), you will see that Jesus didn't care about the rich, or the people who gave to the poor, or any of that...No, he hung out with liars, thieves, prostitutes...the outcasts! He loved the ones who others wouldn't love, although that's not to say he didn't love them, too. But he did this to be the example, and he forgave ALL sins, not just the minor ones. Lynda, pray that Jesus will forgive your sins, and invite him into your heart to live in you and walk with you all the days of your life.
I know you are hurting, and it seems impossible right now, but remember Matthew 19:26...
"And Jesus looked at them and said,"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
May God bless you and keep you, Lynda. I will continue to pray for you and your family!

by: J.Nicole ♥

' God bless you guys . i've read a lot of your stories, and you're all in my prayers <|3 !

Its not te easy way there is no easy way!
by: Canson

17 fresh out of highschool, i graduated a year early, and decided i would also lose my virginity, six months after that i had slept with two different guys, i took the morning after pill after i slept with the first one i didnt know if he used protection, then i hooked up with a guy who i barely knew and had a girlfirend, next thing i know there is a small child inside me, my mom was a mother at the age of 16 i never thought i would have kids till i was married and i wasnt supposed to have sex till then either but the pressure along with wanting attention was very over powering, went to the dr and figured out that the child was with the guy who had the girlfriend, my mom found out and basicly i felt like i was a dissappointment even thou she never said it i felt that i was and after explaining everything to her at the time it just seemed like abortion was the best thing to do i was almost 2 months so i did it, i ws at the clinic, and saw the sonagram the nurse accidently left the folder open, while in the hallway i wanted to run out of there, but it felt to late an older lady came out and took me by the hand and they gave me the strongest drugs they could and i barely remember it just the radio playing and the nursse saying it was going to be ok and talking to me so calmly, getiing up and going to the recovery room laying ona cot i was in shock couldnt believe what happened, then i hear a girl scream "oh God" and all i could do was think God has nothing to do with this. later that night i had a party i had to attend and the father of the unborn child was there with his girlfriend. now im almost 27 year old my baby woulld be about 8 years old and there isnt one day i dont think about it. in 09 i faithfully got back in church, got baptized and received the holy ghost and everyday my realtionship with god is growing, and i know my sins are washed away by the blood of the lamb, but it hurts still! im married now for a lil over one year, and my husband and i are really hoping that god will bless us with a baby, but i feel like i dont deserve one, i have freinds who have had abortions and still have been blessed with babies after and they arent even in the church, i have been praying for a baby, but everYtime i think of it i think how i was given one and made the most selfish choice i ever could have made, its not about whats right or wrong its about Gods plan, and who was i to change His plan? no one, A BABY IS SUCH A BLESSING IT CAN ONLY COME FROM GOD! and even thou it might be scary, and u might be ashamed and it could be out of sin, the devil is making you feel that way! repent and pray for direction cuz if i knew then what i know now i would have walked out of that office. God doeosnt give us more than we can handle, and we are never alone he always takes care of us! Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

by: Lynda

Thank you with all my heart Amanda and all the rest who comment on this page.. Im so thankful also for this site, Its a place to grieve.. Your words are beautiful, And i may not go to church and believe everything but im becoming spiritual in my own way now. I pray a lot even though i dont exactly know how, i ask for forgiveness and healing and in exchange i try and reach out to people who are hurting in other ways and try to give them some light, happiness,love! I pray that my baby is safe and that I can get through this, I wouldn't ever end my life even though im selfish enough to stop my unborn childs, although after i was told i tried with pills, There was nothing anyone could have said to change my mind I thought it was for the best, but really it was just the best for someone else.... I still feel like im pregnant I notice i have kept the weight i gained and rub my tummy from time to time Its like this false hope that wont leave that maybe they didnt do it, Maybe they knew how bad i didnt want it, maybe i told them not to... I have no memory for weeks after, the Dr said its cause i beat myself up so hard mentally that i actually crashed and i was drugged for the surgery and never woke up till 2 hours after i never talked to the nurses or my dr after to even find out if it happened but my friend told me i did she picked me up and i woke with a pad on and stretchy underwear and the gown... But its so sad that i even think like thats a possibility.. termination is words i cannot accept. My partner X-partner i am still totally in love with and it makes things harder cause he decided he wants nothing to do with a relationship... So i took what i can get and we are sleeping together, I wish life was the way it was before i was happy, everything in my life felt like it was blooming, ripening, blossoming. My kids are great though and i believe that they have know idea how bad i feel inside.. One foot in front of the other....
thanks again ill keep coming here and update and see if i can help anyone else!! Deepest regrets.... :(

by: lynda

I said before this place is to grieve But please if you havent had a Abortion and your thinking about it, feel our pain! we dont have a choice to go back, I believed i was strong enough to get through this, but really we are all alone, we need to have our decisions based strictly on us and what we can handle men can walk away and not feel the pain, they do not make the final decision to kill the baby, we make that alone... and we cannot take it back, the scare is deep in our soul after this. there is on youtube a live ultra sound abortion i believe we should all have to watch that before making our choice cause it really lets us know what is actually going on. its been 6 weeks 1 day since and i have not even healed physically, not bleeding at all. please think hard for yourself and your own soul to if this is the right decition cause it really kills a part of you after, it something that cannot even be explained until after you do it and its to late

To: Lynda
by: Amanda

Oh, Lynda I know what video you are speaking of. It is called "The Silent Scream"! I've seen it! I actually brought it up in the first comment I ever left on this page...Abby Johnson, ex director of Planned Parenthood in Bryant, Texas became pro-life after witnessing the same thing. She saw a 13 wk old baby fighting for its life as she was asked to assist in holding the ultrasound probe during an aborion procedure(search her name on youtube). However, "The Silent Scream" I ONLY recommend watching if you are considering an aborion...Lynda, I am so sorry you saw it AFTER you had already had it done. How tormented you must be...I'm so sorry. But listen, I do not condemn you as we are all God's children...and we are humans who DO make mistakes. But there is forgiveness as I have told you before. That's the best part!
I know you are in so much pain right now, and no, it will never go away, but over time it will at least get easier. How far along were you, anyway?
In Louisville, where I live, we have a pro-life clinic called A Woman's Choice Resource Center. They have many things available and help explore pregancy options, except abortion of course. Their mission is to help the mother and the baby. However, they also have post aborion couseling. I don't know where you are from, but check around for free clinics that offer post aborion counseling in your area, as I really believe that it may help you.
Keep in touch every once in a while, and yes, I will continue to pray for you!
God IS there and Jesus is ready and willing to come into your heart and help you heal. He loves you sooooo much, even if you are not very close with Him yourself. He still loves you!
Only in Christ can we be transformed to be more like God, instead of being conformed to the ways of the world. Youtube the song, Slow Fade by Casting Crowns. It relates to every single one of us.
Try and take care of yourself.
It WILL get easier...

WATCH THIS!!! If you are considering abortion!
by: Amanda



sad poem
by: Anonymous

is a sad poem but baby doesn't have the fault of our mistakes and baby have the right to live a life like others also it doesn't matter if we got rape i know is hard been pregnant from a person that you don't know who did that to you

Link to a Post-Abortive Support Page on facebook
by: Amanda

For those of you who have been through an abortion, and need somewhere to turn to for help with healing, this is a post abortive support page that is on facebook. I am on there quite often leaving encouraging videos and notes, so for those who know who I am from speaking with you on this poem page, will see me on there knowing who I am already. I am not a part of this site, really, but I do like to help. Here is the link. If you are on facebook already, then it will be easy to find, but for those who aren't you will need to sign up. I hope you find the support you need!

Here is the web site.

by: Anonymous

i had an abortion a year ago next month, i still cry every day and i hate myself for what i done. your poem is very beautiful and i dispise people who judge somebody if they have terminated a life, it is not an easy decision to make & it is very depressing. But i would rather God look after my baby than to bring a life into the world in which i could not afford. A song which helps me grieve is 'Happy Birthday' by Flipsyde. It is beautiful. I am very sorry for ur loss, I know how you feel. xxxx

About "Happy BIrthday" and some helpful hints
by: Amanda

I LOVE that song! Yes, it is very beautiful. He tells it like it is, but also gives a voice to those who are still too ashamed to speak out. I love the whole forgiveness and moving forward theme that he gives in this song. I have brought it up before but there is a movie I think all you ladies should watch...it is called Sarah's Choice. This is a pro-life film about a woman who is considering an abortion, and she keeps getting pressure from the outside world to go through with it, and then she is also given three visions about what would happen in her future if she DOES carry out her pregnancy. In it, she has a good friend who has been through an abortion, and the whole theme of the film is so moving and recognizes the love and forgiveness that comes from God. To the woman above me, I do not condemn you or any other woman who's been through this. Women have been too hurt by this, and I understand that. I also have learned there are many reasons women have made this decision, but God IS there to forgive you and help you to heal. I recommend you seeing this movie, and checking out the Post Abortive Support Page on facebook. Also, it may be helpful to see a post abortion counselor at a pregnancy crisis center. I will pray for you, and all the other women who've come to this page. Remember, forgiving is not forgetting...it's just letting go of the pain.

my day to come
by: Anonymous

reading your poem made me come to tears im only 6 weeks pregnant n was goin to get an abortion because im not sure how i ca be a mom now but the only thing on my mind is wt if she or he can sense wt im thinking of doin to em i dream of wanting to keep my baby i just hope this poem helps me decide wt is right.

dont do it
by: tateyana belgrove

Hi im Tateyana and im 15 years old and i was going to get an abortion but i though what would god do? Since ive had my baby its been the happiest time of my life.Dont do it youll regert it in the end..im here 4 all of u so dont abort u child he/she is all youll have in the end.
love all of you guys you can make it!!!!!

TO: My day to come
by: Amanda

I know the thought of being a mom sounds scary, but I don't think anyone these days are really "ready" to be a parent...it just happens when God is ready for you to do it. God has given you a surprise. I know you weren't ready, but I really believe that if He didn't think you could be a mom, He wouldn't have chosen you to do it. Technically, you have already been a mom for 6 weeks! I have seen and heard so many testimonies from women and young girls who have gone through an abortion and were never told what can happen to them. I've heard so many women say, "They didn't tell me I was going to have nightmares, and hear babies crying in the night, or that I would suffer years of regret and depression..." No. What they do tell you is that it is a simple procedure and in 10 minutes you'll never have to think about it again... Have you watched the above video? It really puts the whole reality of abortion into perspective! Please, at least do one thing before you make any final decisions...watch this video. I am posting the link for you. Highlight and copy it and paste it to your browser...At least hear Kayla's testimony. I really believe if women had ALL of the information about ALL of her options, she could make an INFORMED choice about what to do from there...Here, please watch this! I really think it will help you. God bless you!


Continued from above:
by: Amanda

Oh, and please watch this music video too! This includes some beautiful ultrasound images I think will surprise you as to how developed your baby ALREADY IS! I will be praying for you and your baby...and remember, in January, one of two things will happen. 1.) You will have a pregnant belly and preparing to give birth, and soon after, cradling your baby in your arms as you dress him/her in all kinds of cute clothes and bibs..lol! Or, you will have a flat tummy, mourning over your child that you know you would have been giving birth to when your due date approaches...and always wondering, "What if?" It breaks my heart when I hear woman after woman say they wish they could go back and change it...Please watch this video:


Oh, I forgot...
by: Amanda

I don't want to overwhelm you, since I have already left you two comments..lol.., but I thought I could explain a little bit to you about adoption. So many women are not given enough information about that either...but it really is a good alternative to abortion. I know you want to do the right thing, and if you are like most women you may feel that an abortion is the easiest decision, or seems to be. I can tell you that although it SOUNDS easy, it will only break your spirit down, and you are too precious of a woman to have to go through that. With adoption, you don't have to wake up everyday knowing that your child is dead, or mourn over the life that was taken out from within you. You get to wake up knowing you gave your child a chance to grow and be someones best friend, to feel thankful for your decision to choose and give him life. But unlike what most consider adoption, these days, you get to choose the family, what type of family, a christian family if you choose...It isn't just black and white anymore. And IF you want, you have the option to have an open adoption...which means you can still be informed about your child and what's going on in his life, and even make arrangements to be socially involved BUT ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE THAT. So, if your baby isn't a blessing for you right now, please let him be a blessing for someone else who will love and give your child all that you may not be able to. Please think about your options...cause this is a decision that is going to affect not just a few years, but the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Here watch this video. Maybe this can put your mind at ease...


For anyone considering abortion...
by: Amanda

This film is a must see! Here is Rebecca St. James' song and video from the film "Sarah's Choice"...the name of this song is called, "Little One"...
IF ANYONE of you is considering an abortion please watch this video before making any decisions. I spoke with my best friend just yesterday who advised me to let you ladies in on how she felt after HER abortion. She wanted me to tell you that at first, it wasn't real, UNTIL, each month went by, and her belly wasn't growing, and everything she was reading on the internet about what happens in each month of pregnancy, and all the symptoms she should have been having those months up to her due date...NONE of them were happening to her...that's when it really hit home for her and she realized the life inside her was truly gone and she was NEVER going to have that back! Please don't go through with an abortion...It isn't about choice, because the "relief" that you hear it's supposed to bring, that RELIEF just doesn't exist! Please watch this...thank you!


Miss you every day im so sorry
by: lynda

In 5 days its been 6 months since i had my abortion.... still regret it every day... :( i made a garden for baby really wish it was baby growing i my tummy though not flowers.. but it is giving me something physical to look at and a place to go when i'm sad...

couldnt go threw with it
by: kw

i got pregnant when i was 20 years old..and even though it was not expected i was excited...i always wanted to be a mommy and even though i had support it was hard going to school and waking up because of the sickness...i had my daughter dec 31 2010 and went back to the doc for my 6 weeks check up and learned tht i was pregnant again.. i didnt no what to do.. i thought about the struggle i would have and me not being able to complete school..my baby would only be 10 mnths then i would be having a new one....then i thought no one asked to be here so its not right for me to take my child's life..it was a tough decision and i cried daily... but i realized i cant go through with it.. my due date is oct 19...and im ready for my new baby and i will love them both the best i can <3

Am so sorry my little and unknown Angel.
by: Anonymous

I had to do it not becos i hated u, bt becos i was too timid to bear de burden of being pregnant at the age of 17, but Heaven knows i miss u always and would always do, i hope u forgive me. I love u nd i feel so terrible for letting u go. CHERRY

Im sorry
by: Tricia

Hi i too have jus had an abortion jus recently on May 19th excatly a month before my birthday i was 13 when i got this done i have miss carried 2 times b4 because i was forced into having sex tha first time then with tha boy im dating now but i was super happy then when i was 2 months i decided to tell my dad it felt like nothing could get any better until i heard him say we cant keep it now my boyfriend and i have talked about if we wanted to keep it or not ever since i missed my first period then we decided to keep it so when we went to tell him mom he wanted to change his mind right on front of my dad and his mom n i dont ever think ive cried so much but since it was apart of his life to i let him make tha final choice but it hurt so bad i still didnt wanna do it but my dad forced me to it killed me i got to see it n it tore me apart nothing has been tha same n i cant even look at kids tha same anymore nor baby clothes it was tha worst thing in my life i am now 14 n my life still sucks but i know how you feel so im sorry u had to experience that cause i know i wouldnt have done it if tha final choice if it was completely up to me ive cried alot since then now my dream is to have three kids when i get older with tha man i trurly love in this case it would still be my boyfriend right now.! But i know god forgives me n my child understands y i had to do what i did n so will urs.!

this means alot to our family
by: annnnna'x

she stands in sadness
thinking of this mess
she wipes her eyes
and looks as daddy lies
telling mummy 'we had a great time'
maybe he thought that
after treating her like tat

she sits in silence in her room
darkness surrounding her
then she hears a loud 'boom'
mummys off out again
her tears appear like rain

as her bedroom door opens
light shines through the door
as daddy shouts at her
'yes im here for more'

she shuts her eyes and dreams a dream
pretending its come true
but when they open up once more
daddy shuts the door

maybe hes left her alone this time
maybe hes seen life
next she cries as he lies
another story to her mummy
she finds a rope and starts and ties
tying it to the door

till one day she finds hope
help is on its way
yes mummy found the truth
and mummys gonna stay
as daddys on his way

once a smile starts to shine
as her days come clear
mummy says your all mine
now daddys on the clear

daddy wrote a letter
'im sorry baby
its hard to say
but i didnt mean a thing
baby hows your day?
i deserve all this
and yes im here to stay
so grow up happy
and be off on your way'

he doesnt deserve forgivness
not for all this mess
memories are in the past
i have a new daddy
and i moved on fast.

by: Anonymous

i know how you feel on may 7th 2010 i had an abourtion i had only just turned 14 i thought i was inlove when i have myself to him but when i told him the only thing he replied with was "kill it and kill your self" my family didnt understand they didnt want anything to do with me or my baby so i did what they told me was wright n i had my presiouse little baby aborted, to this day i cant stop the pain it gets worse and worse every teare that falls. so darling your not alone i feel your pain

what should i do
by: Anonymous

Im only 15 and 7 months ago i got pregnant and the baby daddy told me to have an abortion because he didnt want a baby so i made myself have a miscarrage at that time i was 3 months pregnant. My parents still dont know and i dont plan on telling them. well now hes talking to me after he got a job and asking me to move with him and try to have another one. What should i do i mean im in love with him but afraid he will do the same thing again.to this day i regret it because ive always wanted a baby . I cry everynite please comment and tell me what i should do

My son is so alive and i'm happy!
by: Sid


Hi! I've been away for a looong time! Its Sid, last time we spoke was last year when i was just 5 months pregnant, and guess what? I decided to keep my baby and is four months old now. I'm so happy i kept him everything melts away when i see him he's my pride and joy.

Thank you Amanda. YOu were so frank yet non-judgemental and so kind. GOd bless you.

by: Amanda

Sid, I'll tell you I just cried my eyes out over what you just told me..lol THEN I prayed and thanked the Lord for placing you in my path to be able to help you...BUT I thanked Him more for using me to speak His words to you. You are beautiful and I am practically in worship with the Lord right now praising Him for helping you make the most wonderful choice in choosing life! You have a baby boy! That is SOOOOO exciting! I have thought about you and have often worried about the possibility of the baby's father pushing you back into that mindset of abortion being the "only" option..But I trusted that the Lord reached you in our comments back to each other and I DID think about you in May..you told me your due date was May 6-8 so when that date came I was imagining you with a pregnant belly in the hospital giving birth..lol I had faith this whole time that you would make the best choice! Isn't mommyhood the best thing EVER!!!

I am just smiling so hard right now, I am so thankful for God's spirit touching you in such a beautiful miraculous way! Please don't give me the credit though, it was God whom I prayed to that day when your "What should I do" comment was posted..I prayed for Him to give me the right words to help you make an informed decision..I am sure you are a wonderful mother and such a beautiful woman at that! God bless you, Sid! I am so happy all turned out the way God intended your life to be. My prayer is that you have become closer to God through this interesting experience..LOL He was with you the whole time, and still is..He will never leave nor forsake you. I also pray that your child's father will come around regardless of circumstances with his wife and be a dad to his child. If he doesn't it's okay, God will strengthen you in being a sucessful single mom.
I wanted to inform you that if you need any other help, WIC is a great program that provides certain foods for your baby (and pregnant women and children till age 5). They give baby food now, too. They've changed their list in the last couple of years..baby cereal, infant formula IF you aren't breastfeeding, but I fully support and encourage nursing..but if you aren't WIC helps with formula. And a lot of pregnancy help centers help out with diapers and clothing..small amounts at a time but they do help! This is in case you ever need any resources, those are a couple of places to check into. You may have already discovered this, but being pro-life like myself, it isn't just about saving the child but helping both of you even after the baby is born..so I hope these help.. SMILES! Take care of yourself Sid and that precious angel too, and may the Lord bless you and keep you!

TO: "what should I do"
by: Amanda

I am so sorry you lost your baby. I deeply sympathize with you. I am so sorry you didn't get the support that you deserved..You are young, and I've noticed that it seems more shocking to hear your pregnant, than to actually see that you're pregnant...I wish someone had offered to take you for an ultrasound. You child is gone now, but not lost! Jesus now cradles your child up in heaven, awaiting the day to meet you!
What is scaring me is the fact that your guy wants you to move in and...possibly become pregnant again?? Did I read that right? I am stunned that he would even consider the idea of beginning a SECOND pregnancy after he coerced you into getting rid of your first baby together... What confuses me to is that you are ONLY 15, and I do believe there are laws against a minor living without a parent or guardian unless for special circumstances. But nonetheless, sweetie, you cried out for help, and I can tell you that God really does have a better plan for you in store. I think you are at a vulnerable state, after feeling so alone in your pregnancy and then miscarriage, that your desire to be close to someone is so much stronger...especially being emotionally distant from your parents, as far as this situation goes..
The best advice I think I could give right now is to check around in your area for a pregnancy help center that offers post-abortion counseling and healing programs. Rachel's Vineyard is a great start! You may not have had a surgical abortion, but it was a forced miscarriage, which resulted in the same.. Rachel's Vineyard has helped a number of girls and women heal from their abortions, and they will help you in your path to finding and reconnecting with Christ! Jesus loves you so much, and He died so that you could live! Not just for life, but eternal life! He IS the Prince of Peace!

"Come to me, all you whom are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

I have found that Jesus is the only way to happiness in life, and without Him, I never had the peace in my soul that I do now! It's amazing, and He is ready to help you too! He is a loving God, and He forgave you of your sins over 2000 years ago, all that is left if for you to accept that forgiveness! Let Him be your guide..without Him it's so hard to see things except for in gray. But with God in your life, putting HIM first before your own desires, is the path you were meant to be on! And He knows you won't ever be flawless, but you will be justified in His name, as long as you believe in Him and accept Him as your Lord and Savior!
It terrifies me to think you may consider your boyfriends request, BUT, that's not up to me. You have to make your own decisions, but it's SO much better when you include God in your decisions. Ask Him what He thinks? Cause only the Father of heaven and earth and all mankind whom He created knows what is best for each of His children. :)

I will be praying for you!

Second Chance
by: 911Babies

Just remember God gives second chances, even though your body may be damaged by an abortion. Many children and babies are out there waiting for loving arms to hold and embrace them. For one's who face abortion need to know "Adoption is a loving option all can live with!". True healing comes from a relationship with Christ and He alone can can heal your wounds and mend your heart. God bless you all! www.911Babies.com

by: Sid

Thank you Amanda..,again. Unfortunately i'm not in America, i'm in Africa! But i'm coping well, the father is being financially supportive. He hasnt told anyone about the baby but i ts actually fine with me. My child is just happy.

May God Restore your Life
by: Anonymous


My Little Angel <3 '
by: Iyona

hi ' my name is Iyona &' im 15 I just had an abortion a few weeks ago &' I know im young but I regret it so much, I wish that I can rewind time &' take back what I did. I just want my baby to know that im very sorry, & I hope he or she forgives me; me & his/her father wanted to keep him/her.but my mom wasn't too happy . when I found out I was pregnant I was soo excited , I watched everything I did so I won't hurt my baby. . !!!! Baby I just want u to know that mommy loves u soo much even though we haven't met yet ' but we will meet some day.. its not one day dat goes by that I dont think of you ; but I alwys think like mommies little Angel is in heaven . . I can't believe I did this to my little angel. .

Choose wisely
by: Anonymous

I am 20 years old. I got pregnant at 18 years old and chose to have my baby which I did at 19 years old.I was scared and confused and didn't know what to do just like everyone on this page. Once the doctors explained to me more about what abortion was I could never go through it. Now that I know my child I can't imagine my life without him. I am sorry to everyone who had an abortion but I don't mean to be harsh, I don't know how anyone was still able to continue with the procedure knowing what it is. If you feel regret after, good you should, you just killed a baby. I am fully against abortion and hope the law changes soon. sorry for any inconvenience i'm just telling the truth and my opinion.

AKA Lynda
by: Its "I have to do it"

TO: Amanda

Im so Happy to read that you were able to save a babies life I am so thankful for you. I know i still did it but you still supported me andyou didnt have to do that. Thank You! Im doing alright my baby would have been born in august 2011 instead my sister had a child. Its hard looking at that beautiful baby knowing she would have had a cousin.. they would be the same age. I still havent forgave myself but im trying. there is this Hawaii prayer that is seeming to help me "Hooponopono" I think people should look into it, I was doing it last night and it made me cry When i started i didnt know what i was forgiving myself for but suddenlywith y eyes closed on my bed you hand felt pulled to my uterus and my fingers joined in a V shape than up to my head than back down again and the whole time i cryed and said "i forgive you" until i felt peace. I cant explain it but i do know i was being guided and suddennly i knew what to do... I had to share this! and once again thank you because there was a time when you were writing me and i was onthe brink of Death. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU amanda!

To - What Should I Do?
by: A.C.

I am sorry for your loss and that someone wasn't there to prevent the abortion and give you and your baby the support you deserve. The way you are feeling is normal. You'll need to work through your grief and find someone to guide you through that journey.

Don't go back to that guy and make the same mistakes only worse again. Contact someone at: http://www.theunchoice.com/healing.htm) to walk with you and find tips there for how to find the right kind of help for you:

Last and not least, PRAY every day. It's not a quick fix, but God is there and will show you the way. Trust Him to guide you, but get help right away, too. May God bless you in the journey ahead. You're not alone and it's not easy, but if you reach out to people who understand and want to help, hope and healing are possible!

Help & Resources for Teens
by: A.C.

Coercing someone into an unwanted abortion is wrong and illegal. There is help - before or after abortion. See http://www.theunchoice.com/teens.htm and http://www.theunchoice.com/healing.htm (links to help before or after abortion)

by: Anonymous


To: Sad Dad
by: Amanda

I understand your pain and worry, I cannot imagine what it must be like to be the father in this battle between life and death when you don't even have a say as far as the law is concerned. And I am so sorry that it is the dads like you who are so often forgotten in this crisis. You are a daddy, and you always will be even if she does go through with the abortion. You are just as much a victim as your child will be...and your girlfriend will be..I don't believe she is going to come out of this satisfied. It will surprise me if she does, but some post abortive women mentally convince themselves it was the right choice, and so they may seem that they are ok.

Listen, if you wanna save your family, the best option would be for you to see an ultrasound! About 90% of abortion minded women change their minds when they actually get to see that what they are considering aborting! They can see that it is more than tissue (which is what many people are probably telling her, pro-choice people anyway!) A baby's heart begins to beat at 22 days, by 6 weeks the form of the child is very well recognized, with arms, legs, brain, and so much more! Look in the yellow pages and look up Abortion alternatives and you will find a crisis pregnancy center, or a pregnancy help center in your city or area. Just avoid Planned Parenthood! They are the largest abortion provider in the country, and claim to help women but women have been deceived for years by them and coerced into abortion by them!

I think if you ask her to explore all options and look at all the information surrounding abortion, main information is seeing her ultrasound, she may very well have a change of heart. Pregnancy help centers are free and they will help you and her and not judge you all. They will help all of you I promise! They will even give you helpful resources to support you in your pregnancy! I would talk to your girlfriend but you must be very compassionate, because the last thing you want her to feel is that you are trying to "tell her what to do". Pray for her everyday, and pray that God will save your child. CPCs are usually open everyday and you can usually walk in. For an ultrasound, you may need an appointment, I'm not sure, but it is still something that they will quickly get you in for and it is still free! I will be praying for the three of you! God bless you Sad Dad!

to Sad Dad
by: A.C.

This is not fair to you, the baby or her. Amanda's ultrasound and other comments are a great idea. Most mothers will bond once they SEE that it's their baby. Also, the procedure is risky for mothers, too. Studies show women's death rates are nearly 4 times higher if they abort vs. having the baby. She can also suffer serious physical and emotional effects.

Show her the evidence. Download it at http://www.theunchoice.com/unsafe.htm We also have a Men's page, if it helps http://www.theunchoice.com/men.htm Keep looking til you find someone who can help. Good luck and God bless!

Correction to Sad Dad!
by: A.C.

* the procedure - that is the ABORTION - is very risky, even deadly for moms.

TO: Lynda
by: Amanda

Lynda, you are welcome! I guess no one HAS to be nice, but ya know, we were all made in God's image, and God IS love, and I live for Christ now, so why not imitate Him like it says to do in Ephesians..lol. I am still here for you to talk to. Being pro-life doesn't end when someone has an abortion..As a matter of fact, I think a support group would really help you. Have you checked out Rachel's Vineyard abortion healing? I am a member on the I Regret My Abortion page and many women on that page have expressed how much Rachel's Vineyard has helped them, along with Forgiven and Set Free. I think it would be very helpful for you! Actually, if you are on facebook, I think the REGRET group would be beneficial to you also. Here is their link if you want to join.> http://www.facebook.com/groups/16017309643/ I wish you the best in every step of your recovery! And I am still praying for you and everyone on this page! :D

by: Anonymous

In the summer of 1972 I became pregnant. My boyfriend and I wanted to get married but my dad wouldn't allow it, because I had just turned 15 at the time. That was the absolute worst time of my life. I ended up without my baby's father, so I suffered two very heart breaking losses. That has been almost 40 years ago and to this day I haven't been able to forgive myself for it. When I hear or see the a.... word it gives me a sick feeling. The easy part was getting God's forgivenes, the hard part is never being able to forgive myself. It has always been a secret, so I have never been able to talk about it to anyone but my baby's father. I just recently made contact with him about a year ago and he has always loved me. I have always loved him too. But we will never be together, because of one huge decision that was made in 1972. I recently read the book "Heaven is for Real". I now have hope I will see my sweet, precious baby when I get to heaven. I can't wait. I just know my baby is a girl, with long blonde hair and blues eyes just like her daddy. She was never born, but we both love her.

I had to have one......
by: Lynda

Hey everyone, Its been one year today, and im praying for the baby. Still Look around me in shame, knowing that he/she would have fit in nicely.. Wish i never had an abortion. Anyone whos thinking about having one please think again it stays in you heart and life forever just like a baby would. Only a child brings Joy I know this cause i have 2 wonderful sons, When something is carried around with you like this you realise how much more you would love to have been able to give birth to the baby and watched its first breath, nurish a love the child. Abortion it crewl there isnt even a barrial, there is less respect for them than there is pets ect... please think twice I wish I had!

Why would you want to kill a baby inside you?

I think if I was that person that don't want a baby and I found out that I was prego, I would have the baby and give it away, don't kill the baby.. GOSH there are people out there that can't have babys. So stop killing them..

help me
by: janny

lm pregnate and my boyfriend want me to abort it...also i discovered he has another girl in his life that he loved so much...more than me...he has been reporting me to people and he has refused to be part of my baby.he told me dont want it .is so painful to me cause i thought he loved me so much...lm 31 years and my pastors has prayed on my behalf about it and he told me God says l must not abort it..that God will help me.really Men can be evil...lm so scared of been a single mother. i hav no job cause i just graduate from university

To Janny
by: with love

Hi Janny, i just cried reading your message because i know exactly what you are going through...I have been through that pain too. But listen to me, when its done and over (the abortion) you will feel worse off for listening to someone who doesnt care about you and not even his own child. I was 24 when i first got pregnant and had an abortion at 8 weeks, to please my boyfrined, whom i loved dearly as he gave me all sorts of reasons to abort and i coould not bear to disappoint him.
Then 3 months later i was pregnant again, same boyfrined and it was the same story; he asked me to abort. this time i stuck to my guns and refused. But it was extremely hard as he pressured me everyday till i was about 5 months pregnant when he gave up. He was married and had always denied it. The love of GOd led me to this site, accidentally, and i got the most encouraging advise and support.
I also spoke to my priest, i'm Catholic and he advised me in a very non-judgemental way not to do it. This is waht he said" that man was unfaithful to his wife and to you, it is his responsibility to protect his maariage, and it is yours to protect that child- he depends solely on you." It may seem fuzzy now but reflect on the many good that could(WILL) come form that precious little life you are carrying.
I am praying for and with you. Jesus loves you.

by: Lynda

Amanda, I just want to hank you for being there for me. I needed your prayers and your support and most people find this site cause they need support and need help from someone who knows what it is like and no what woman go through.
well its need years now and I still have serious issues with everything.
I would really like to help someone else now. I don't go on here very often but if you ever see anyone going through what I went through and neds something here is my email, im huge for pay it forward....
IF ANYONE ELSE reads this just know that I will never be the same... my heart always hurts for my baby, and the fact that I made a awful choice for someone else Not for me and he isn't even around anymore to support me, he was gone the day of procedure... the one he made me do.... and I am left dealing with it.

Anyways Amanda thank you, I needed you so much and you were there for me.

To Lynda
by: Amanda

Hey Lynda! Im so sorry I didn't get back to this site. It's been a while! I actually saw your comment to me a week ago, but for some reason, I guess it didn't register through my phone. I feel bad because I had so much I had written to you. But I am glad that I was able to lift your spirits up when times were the worst. I know the memory of the abortion will never go away, but people love you and are willing to help you however long it takes! There are actually some post abortion healing groups around if you check. If you go to projectrachel.com, that is a good resource. Also there is Forgiven and Set Free, Rachel's Vineyard and a few others. I hope you will seek some support because I keep an eye on the I Regret My Abortion group on facebook, and MANY women are constantly praising God for how much these places have helped them! I usually hear about Rachel's Vineyard and Forgiven and Set Free. Those are the two that are always brought up. I think they will help bring some peace and allow the door to forgiveness to open. God forgives you as soon as you repent of your sins and ask Him into your heart. However I do understand how forgiving yourself can be a journey. I've done things I'm not proud of but I'm almost there. God helps me everyday! I haven't forgotten about you, like I said, I just haven't visited this site in quite some time. But I hope you are doing ok. God will help you each day though if you let Him. Take care sweetie! And please consider checking out the places I mentioned above. :)

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