Love Myths Continued

The Truth About Love

By Sara Shuling

Love Myths #2: Finding a Boyfriend Will Fill All My Needs

the truth about love

Love myths #2: Growing up I realized that deep down we all have a need to be loved. And I always had this incomplete feeling inside me, like there was a void inside of me, which was not filled. So I tried finding a boyfriend to fill what was empty. I wanted to feel beautiful and loved, and to be cared for.

I yearned for someone to tell me I was all they could think of, that I was their dream come true. And for a moment this was true, for a brief period of time, I was satisfied with a boyfriend, someone who cared for me and loved me.

But then, I always ended up feeling empty, even when there was nothing wrong with the relationship itself. I also realized that I had friends who were single but were very happy and satisfied with their life, and I wanted to know what their secret was!


The Truth About Love # 2: Only God Truly Satisfies

My wise friends told me that the void inside of me, and inside of each person, is a “God-shaped” void. God himself created us with this void, and only God himself can fill this void fully. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle missing one piece. That is how all of us are created to be, and sometimes we spend all of life trying to find that missing piece, and think we can find it in love, sex, money, pleasure, accomplishments or other things, when in fact, God Himself is the missing piece.

Long ago there was a man who also spent his time, money and effort to try to find that missing piece. He was King Solomon, and he wanted to find out what truly satisfied him in this world. Being a King, he had the time, money and power to do whatever he wanted. In the book of Ecclesiastes, he tells us his story of how he tried to bring pleasure and satisfaction to his soul by pursuing and acquiring wisdom, wine, women, entertainment, culture, music, wealth accumulation, social work, laughter among other things. And this is what he says:

Ecclesiastes 1:14

I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

So although God created love, relationships and marriages, and all of these are good, but none of these will truly satisfy us or make us feel whole. Only when we come to know God and have a personal and right relationship with Him will we understand our purpose in life and be truly satisfied. But this is not something that we will understand until we experience it ourselves first-hand.

1 John 4:16
And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

1 John 4:19
We love because he first loved us.

A lot of times we do feel that we need something or someone badly, but when we do get it, we find that it is only emptiness. Do not let the enemy trick you. We were made by God for God. God Himself is love, and with Himself, He satisfies our innermost being, all our needs and desires. When we truly understand this, we will not search for anything on earth to satisfy us, because God alone is enough.

And the amazing thing is that when we learn to seek God and His kingdom first, God will bless us with everything else we need and desire in His will. I have heard of many testimonies of when righteous men and women focus on God and how to become more like Jesus, they cannot help but attract people to them. When you seek God first, He will bring the man/woman He has chosen for you, and he/she will be drawn to you by your Christ-like character.

You see, a man and a woman coming together is not two halves becoming one. Each one must be whole in Christ first, so that when they come together, they complement and build each other up in Christ to fulfill His will in their lives.

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