What if it's Natural?

by Jeri
(Sydney, Australia)

hello, i have a Christian friend who recently told us he was gay. He tells us this was not a sudden decision, right from when he hit puberty, he has felt attraction to guys, but has been afraid to tell anyone, being brought up in such a Godly home.

Yes, i also believe that this sort of attraction may occur due to circumstances and pressures. But what if this is not the case? What if, for example, my friend IS like this naturally? What if his hormones themselves are imbalanced? What if, i dare say, God made him this way? Is that his fault? Is it "sinful" that he is like this?
What about people who are born with both female and male genitals? Are they to blame for this?

Yes, it is sinful to act upon these attractions, and he acknowledges that. But he also acknowledges that he could never imagine having those feelings for a female. He cannot imagine trying to change to a hetrosexual. He understands the wisest option is to live a single life if that is what God really wants of him.

But the confusion we all have is, is it sinful for him to have these attractions, when he was born this way?

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It is Natural...
by: S'ambrosia

I admire your friend's desire to attempt singlehood while seeking God. I hope that he continues to desire God's will above all else in every aspect of his life.

Sadly, until the root of the issue is dealt with, I'm not sure that he will be all that successful in maintaining that kind of lifestyle. You said your friend knows what the Bible says about homosexuality and how it's wrong, so it might help if I explain it this way...

In my heart, I have lots of pride that clouds my judgment and causes me to act arrogant towards others sometimes. In order to get rid of that sinful desire within me, I have to cast it out. When I was a child and I would have bad dreams, my mom taught me 2 Corinthians 10:5. I used it to keep fear from taking hold of me the rest of the night. Now I use it whenever sinful desires creep up inside of me... which is on a daily basis.

I believe the same approach applies to your friend. He has to choose, daily, to cast those desires down. You may not think that pride and homosexuality can be dealt with the same way, but sin is sin to God. There is no sin greater than another in His eyes. We are the ones that place degrees on sin. In all reality, pride influences the way I see myself and the way I interact with others, just like homosexuality influences the way your friend sees himself and interacts with others. Both = sin.

Also, just because those desires seem natural to him doesn't mean that they define the person that God created him to be! Sin feels natural to us because we were born into it! It's so meshed into our DNA, of course it's impossible to just stop having sinful desires! It's not something we can do on our own.

The key to overcoming these desires is to first, repent and allow Christ to wash us with His cleansing blood, and secondly to bring our body into submission to His lordship. The apostle Paul said that he had to beat his body into submission on a daily basis! Sinful desires don't die easy, so he's going to have to commit to killing them on the daily. It seems like he's got an awesome friend in you, so stand by him... share what area you need to die in as well, so you can do it together!

Finally (sorry this got so long), read Ephesians 2. It will shed more light on this subject for you:)

it is natural
by: Anonymous

I am also a gay christian (catholic). I can tell you right now that it is not a choice in the slightest. I've only told one person that I'm gay. And anyways, every recorded species has shown acts of sexual behavior. In fact, in some species (orangutan, macaques, bison, antelopes, giraffes, chimps, gorillas, lions, seals, dolphins, and birds such as silver seagulls, penguins and ducks: all considered "superior" animals) homosexuality is not only popular but the norm. And as much as some humans want to say otherwise, humans are just as much animal as they are.

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