There is nothing wrong with Barbie

by Bobijo
(Leavittsburg, OH)

I have played with Barbie all my life and I am perfectly at home with my body. I am short (a little over 5ft) with a large rump and not so large chest. My stomach has the classic bulge that drives every woman crazy during swimsuit season, but this is the way God made me and that is just fine. Barbie is a doll, a wire coated plastic plaything that has no emotions, no worries, and no life story. These playthings are blank slates: they only reflect what we project on them. Stop blaming a plastic toy and start looking at your family, friends, school, and the fashion industry as markers for your little girls body issues!

Comments for There is nothing wrong with Barbie

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100% Right
by: Loraine

I could not agree more with this comment. I recall having returned to a ToysRus Store this weekend and was shocked with the changes that have overrun Barbie's design ever since I played with them back in the 90's. I bought one and compared it to one of my older dolls and was horrified that such bad taste in appeal could ever substitute the true aesthetic of Barbie. Their feet are huge and bulbous, their heads are unsually large and especially the ethnic barbies are bombarded with unattractive features like wide noses, rough facial creases, and disproportional lips. Yes they do seem 'realistic' but the reality of it is horrendous. Barbie is not meant to represent real women. That's what real women are for!

Where are parents?
by: Marilize (South Africa)

I am a 31 year old, well-adjusted woman. My bodytype is closer to the typical woman than to the typical Barbie Doll, which I am fine with - and I grew up with Barbie.

I have never looked to Barbie as an example of how I should look. I've always had parents who loved me for who I am, far or thin (and told me so at every opportunity) and who told me how much my Heavenly Father loves me; He made me perfect and in his image.

When I was a child I also used to make my own Barbie clothes in stead of buying them off the shelf - my mother told me if my Barbie wants new outfits I'll have to make them myself, so from the age of 7 I learned to sew with a needle and thread, and was given my first sewing machine at the age of 11. Thanks to Barbie and my mother I learned a valuable skill and I still sew my own things, as well as alter my own clothes.

Mothers - raise your own children, don't expect Barbie to do it for you.

I agree
by: Anonymous

hey, I'm a thirteen year old girl, and i know its unusual but I love to play with my Barbies, not that i have much time to anymore with school and everything. I got my first Barbie doll when i was about four I think, and I played with her all the time, and my mum and dad got me more barbies. At one stage I had, i think, over 20 barbies. Ive never wanted to look like my Barbies, maybe because I have black hair and not a spot of pale skin. I also have a totally awesome family who are Christian and have brought me up to believe in Jesus and being special as God's daughter.
Ive always seen my dolls as fictional, and although i spend hours (or i did) brushing their hair, dressing them, making up stories about their lives, I've never wanted to have a tiny waist or anything like that. I don't get why someone would want to have twenty operations. I think people like that need God, so that they can be secure.They need to know that they are beautiful.

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