I struggle with idolizing beauty over God.

I'm ashamed of that being one of my struggles. I thought I had gotten to a place where I was getting a little better, then I was allowed to travel to another country where I left the comfort of my surroundings, the expectation of people thinking that I'm pretty, and having people who look like me so that I'm comfortable.

Here, in this different country (it's my first time traveling this far), the people here are so different. I am a minority here and in the group that I came with, so now I'm struggling a bit with my race. When I smile at someone I get no smile back, but a cold stare.

I don't look like everyone else and I couldn't even if I tried. My skin color is a completely different color and my hair a completely different texture. I look at other people's long straight and soft hair and wonder why God chose to give me this kinky and hard to comb texture.

Being sort of isolated here is bringing all of this to the surface of my heart. I'm supposed to be having fun! I'm in Europe, but I'm constantly being reminded of the ugly issues within my heart.

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You Are Beautiful and Loved
by: Heather

Sweet sister, I can't even imagine your pain. It sounds like a hard situation to be in.

I think it's important to remember that God created all of us in His image, to reflect His glory; His beauty. That looks different in each of us.

No words I write could ever change the difficulty of your situation, but a missionary friend once shared with me that when other people had an issue with who she was or her past, she remembered that that was between them and God. She was right before Him and that was what mattered.

So while you may not look the same on the outside, and not everyone will see past that, you were created in God's image. Your heart is full of His beauty. You are loved by God and He sees you as His beautiful, beloved daughter. And that's what really matters.

I know you will still struggle, but know I am praying for you. May your beauty radiate from the inside out and shine God's love to all who you encounter.

Your enough
by: Britt

I have a black friend, and I am a white girl... and she struggles with her skin color too. It breaks my heart because I like how she is. She IS beautiful. I bet you are beautiful too. I know media makes it out that tan tall blue eyed thin women are best, but Jesus loves everyone. He LOVES you. He likes you too.

I know it's easy to idolize beauty. But think about this: The fact that you idolize beauty represents the urge to be seen as beautiful, which is a core longing in a woman. You like me want to captivate people. You want them to see you as precious. Worthy.

Did you know that people are stupid for looking at you poorly for your skin or your hair? They are dumb because they are stereotyping you and missing out on someone who is attractive. I love how you admitted that it's an idol, it shows you have a heart for Jesus.

I hope you figure out how much you mean to God and even to people like me. I certainly wouldn't judge you.

I hope you see this and Jesus touches you with my heartfelt thoughts. Praying for you...


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