Self Esteem Poem
"Who Am I?"

by Shelley Hitz

This is a self esteem poem I wrote. I had an identity crisis several years ago and wrote this poem as I began to find my true identity. Maybe you can relate as well.

"Who Am I?"

Who am I?

My first answer would probably be my name.
But, my name does not describe who I am on the inside.
I could then give the title of my profession.
But that is what I do.
I could then tell you I am a wife, a sister, and a daughter.
But those are my relationships.

I ask again, who am I?

I could describe myself as an extrovert and outgoing.
That is my personality.
I am organized in planning events.
But that is a gift God has given me.
I could describe my appearance, but that is not who I am either.

So many times I have believed what others say I am.
If I receive affirmation, then I feel worthwhile.
However, when I receive criticism, then I feel like a failure.
I have chosen to ride the roller coaster of emotions,
Instead of believing the truth of what God says about me.
I have tried to work harder to prove that I am worthwhile.
Yet every time I mess up or fail, I am reminded that I will never measure up.

I will never be pretty enough or talented enough.
I will never be skinny enough or do enough good things of the church.
I will never be a good enough wife or sister or daughter.
But, I keep trying harder and harder.
I believe the lie that if I continue to try harder, I will finally be "good" enough.

One day, God gently said to me,
"Stop trying so hard to prove yourself to others.
Get your worth from me. I've already given it to you.
Remember my grace.
It's a free gift and nothing you can achieve by trying harder.

Rest in my grace.

You are working so hard to have a certain position in the eyes of others,
To be well-liked and to have popularity.
You want to be appreciated for what you do.

But I want you to know that you already have an elevated position.

Because you have a relationship with my son, Jesus Christ,
You are a part of my kingdom as my daughter, and co-heirs with Christ.
Because you are the daughter of a King,
You are given the position of being a princess.

You are my princess, a royal princess.

Remember that an earthly princess is not special because of who she is or what she does.
She has status and position because of who her dad is, a king.
She has royalty in her blood.

You have royalty in your blood as well.
You are the daughter of a King.
And no matter what you do, your status will never change.

I have chosen you and I have a plan for your life.
I will not forget you and will be with you always.
I have engraved you in the palm of my hands.

Rest in the knowledge of who you are in me.
Nothing else will ever be enough.
You are my daughter and I love you!"

About the Author

Shelley has a heart for teen girls that began from her own journey of finding her true beauty in Christ. She is currently serving God by helping other Christians learn to let their light shine. 

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I loved it! 
For 22 yrs I have had the same problem - identity crisis. Your solution is one of the best I have seen in life.

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I can relate to this poem, for so long I spent my time worrying abut what i look like, worrying that people wouldnt like me because i didnt fit in, too …

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