standing up for God..

by McKinsey

I recently caught myself gossiping about my other friends...those that I knew would never talk about me behind my back. I knew that it was wrong, but I blocked the thought...but the pictures of Jesus kept appearing in my head, still I blocked them out. Later that night I felt so terrible for rejecting Jesus, I thought I would have to go back to my house. But what got to me the most is the fact that I didn’t stand up for God when he needed me to. I knew that I needed to pray and ask to be forgiven and have a fresh new start, but I was afraid...i guess of rejection from Jesus. Psalm 94; 14 says: For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage; but I still didn’t have the courage to do it. I could feel the devil crawling inside me...i was being meaner to my sister and others. Finally, I told myself that God never betrays us...i prayed...i wrote God a letter. I came to this website and found it very helpful...and even though it will be hard the next time i get the urge to talk about someone and laugh about their mistakes, not remembering i have my own, i will ask myself these questions. Nobody is perfect...and that’s the way God loves us. Forever. It's only human nature to sin. I KNOW for a fact that God will give me the strength to say no...This is not what God would encourage me to do, and I will not disappoint him, for he is my father who put me on this Earth and can take me out just as fast.

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:/ =-]
by: Natty

Trust me, I've been through the same thing sista! I know I'm not supposed to gossip, and I know that I am doing wrong but I do it anyway, and then I go home and wish that I never said that about so and so. The other day, I went to a sleepover, and I said something bad about someone, then asked the person if she thought the same about that person, and she was quiet, so i asked her again becuase it made me feel bad that i had said that, then she simply said I don't know, I'm not here, and didn't come here to gossip. Then I was mad because it made me feel like a bad person, because it was bad for me to say that. That girl at the sleepover inspired me to not gossip and stay true to my christianity by doing so. I promised myself after that to not gossip, and if somebody started gossiping I would simply say what that girl said to me. So next time someone gossips just say what that girl said to me, and don't be scared to do so. Don't do anything you wouldn't do with Jesus right by your side, for he already is all the time. It's hard to not gossip, and I have gossiped since that promise I made to myself, but I still try because it's okay to make a mistake when you have tried, but it's a mistake not to try=-]. Hope this helped!
<3 Natty

Awareness is Progress !
by: Keza


We will all go through this and come out of it and go back through it. Because we are flesh will fall short at times. But what I like that you said is after you did it you felt bad and you were aware of the feeling you had and that was God letting you know that is not His character and he wants you to know next time this is not apart of his divine plan for you to gossip. I struggle with this as well and as my relationship with God grows deeper and stronger I think about it before I say it , because the Holy Spirit taps on your shoulder and let you know before ,it's not right and you get that feeling of shame because you feel bad you did or said it. That is actually good because you know God has intervened to make you more conscious of things said and/or did. I have gotten better but it is still a battle to stop but I think about it and say, me talking about this person is not benefiting me so let me just worry about my life and how I can be a service in someone's life. You just stay strong and continue to pray and it will get easier. You can't have a victory without a battle!.

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