God is Love

I believe there is NO choice in being yourself. The Bible says that the most important thing is love. When there is so much bad going on in the world around us, I hardly think that God is going to deny people who simply love differently than others. I tried, I really did. I spent my entire teenage life in a downward spiral trying to 'Let go and let God' and date nice boys that I had fun with. It never worked. I was living a lie, and I was miserable. I spent three years of my life heavily involved in a youth group, surrounded by great people who really cared about me and helped me to learn about Jesus and Christianity. The entire time, I struggled with my sexuality behind closed doors. It was wrong, and so was I. I had many issues because I felt so conflicted, including a brief 2-3 year stint with cutting because I hated myself for being the way that I was.

Finally, I learned to accept myself, and found out that MY God loves me NO MATTER WHAT. It is belief that spawns religion, not fact. I believe in a higher power that wouldn't want me to suffer through life living a lie.

If there is such a God that truly is going to deny me because I lived a good life and loved someone else with all of my heart, just because that love was different, that isn't the accepting, unconditional, tolerant God that I answer to.

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Reply to God is love
by: Sarah


I agree that God is Love. Because the Bible says so.

1 John 4:8
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:16b
God is love.

I also know that there is only ONE true God and that there is only ONE Truth. I know this because the Bible says so, because of my experiences, and because I have faith (or belief as you mentioned).

The God of the Bible is a loving God, there is no doubt about that. But God has His laws and His commands, and we are meant to obey Him.

I don't know which god you believe in, but do you really know your god personally? Or is your god just someone or something you have imagined in your mind to answer some questions you have about life?

I know my God personally, I have a personal relationship with Him and I can talk to to Him anytime I want to. My God has an unconditional love toward His children, and He accepts us just the way we are as people. But that does not mean that He will allow us to continue in our foolish ways.

Let me put it this way. If you know your child is taking drugs, smoking, having illicit sex, treating his/her life lightly, and is a murderer, would you not do something about it? Would you just tolerate all that you see and just accept it?

I believe you wouldn't. And that would be because you love your child and want the best for them. In the same way, God loves us all, He loves us more than we can imagine, in a way we cannot understand. And because we do foolish things, God wants to bring us back to the right path, to the right way, back to Him. God loves us for who we are, because He created us, but that does not mean we can, or should, continue sinning against God. And it does not mean God will tolerate sin.

We are made by God, and we are made for God. If we try to find fulfilment in other places other than God, we will not find it. Whatever happiness you feel will only be short-lived and temporary.

Salvation comes only through Jesus. I truly believe that. But God always has His arms open, to welcome back His children who were lost but now are found.

There is a video I want to share with you. Please take some time to watch it:

I may not know you. But God does. And He is your Father, longing to have you back as His beloved child.

God's Nature
by: S'ambrosia

It's true that God loves you no matter what. That is part of His nature, but it's only part. God is love, but He's also just. The justice of God works with love to bring sin into the light to eradicate it. Because He loves us, He has to punish us when we sin. He has to, because if we allow sin to remain in us, we can have no fellowship with Him.

In the Bible we see that homosexuality goes against the wisdom of God (as He created males to be joined with females), therefore it is a slap in the face to Him to choose a lifestyle contrary to what He ordained for us. Simply put, it's sin. Disobeying God = sin.

Now I know you said you don't believe being homosexual is a choice, but I think that it ultimately is. Some people don't have a choice when it comes to the type of family they grow up in, what happens to them at a young age, or any of the common influences that tend to lead to people changing their sexual preference. BUT, at some point they made a choice to live a particular lifestyle.

You made a choice in your teens to attempt to maintain a heterosexual lifestyle, and then later in life you chose a different lifestyle. You made a choice based off of your feelings. Heterosexuality felt wrong to you, so you chose the lifestyle that made you feel right.

Christianity is built on faith, not feelings... a lot of today's Christians are similar to the Israelites in Judges 21:25..people who do "what is right in their own eyes."

Just because one option feels better and seems easier doesn't make it right. I would encourage you to ask the Lord to open your eyes to see His truth, even if it hurts. If you want to maintain a relationship with God I can guarantee you now that it's going to require dying to your desires on a daily basis. Paul said he had to beat his body into submission! The desires within us will put up a fight and refuse to go easily, but if you truly want to be with God, you have to refuse to give in to them!

I know this sounds kind of harsh, but I want to be real with you, love. Fellowship with Christ requires sacrifice. I pray that this word falls on good soil in your heart and that as you communicate with God, He shares His heart with you.

Much love and many prayers

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