Barbiee is a --> DOLL

by Jessica

I think that Barbie has an influence on everyone!

Not just young girls but girls from the ages on 4+. This includes middle aged women.

I feel that some people over step the mark on criticizing Barbie. she is a doll, yeah she has an influence the more you play with her, but inspecting her body sizes i feel is a bit over the top. Is Barbie anorexic? No, so i know that girls try to be her size buy anorexic is a bit far and i know that her body is an impossible size but when you think about it, in the proportion of her being a doll either way unless she was fat she will always look Very skinny so that cant be prevented unless you make her fat.
She is an innocent doll, people make her out to be evil but i think, why are you picking on an innocent doll? Its just a doll to play with or a collectors item.

I feel in every way Barbie is a good role model. Everything she has done is for good.
She is a good role model, if every girl wanted to grow up to be like Barbie then every girl would be amazing as she does alot for the environment, careers, she is nice, friendly, happy and sensible.

So BARBIE IS A DOLL! stop picking on everything , if girls take it too far and become anorexic its their problem, they should realize that being the size Barbie is, is impossible, stick to a size 8 if they are that fussed about it !
Barbie is a good role model :)

remember that ..... you dont need to look like her to be like her.

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DOLL -->

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not just a doll
by: cassandra

yes, barbie is a doll, but i think she's more than that...she has more influence than a person thinks she does..young women want to look like her--that alone is something wrong..she is an impossible size, but that doesn't change the way women view her..she will never be made fat, b/c in today's society, "fat" is not acceptable, only "thin", which is why she's so thin..if you'll notice, what my abnormal psychology book says about anorexia and bulimia is that while eating disorders existed before barbie, it really wasn't until after barbie that girls started wanting to be "super-thin" b/c thats how barbie was--thats how society said we as young women need to be

Big Influence
by: Jessica

yeah she is a big influence on the reason girls want to be so thin and pretty, but i feel that it isnt really appropriate.
i feel that atleast teenage girls would see her as a doll, yeah a good role model but not someone to influence you to be so skinny at that age.
i know it happens and me saying i wish people would see her looks as a doll and not compare to a person but i cant stress it enough. i am currently doing my college assigmment on her influence on girls and your opinion has really helped me , thankyou

more on barbie
by: jessica

i also feel that people just blame barbie for anorexia i know that the point is fair and valid but i mean shes just a doll no matter how skinny she is when you proportionalize her to adult she will always be very skinny!

also if people have a problem with how skinny she is , why dont they invent a new fat short brown haired doll?
how many little girls will want to buy her? then you will be advertising obesity.

some things in Barbie i admit arent a good idea such as pregnant Barbie but then again that could be a problem with baby annabelle and chou chou , you can never win, every little girl wants a dolly so having a pregnant Barbie was an idea so maybe little girls didnt stuff things up their tops.

either way every toy will have an effect on children and teenagers , Barbie was created to use your imagination with , make what you want out of her :)

My little sister loved babies when she was little and she is now 15 she stil loves babies but that hasnt made her get pregnant. the same principle applies for all toys. they will all have a negative and positive response x

Barbie is a doll
by: Anonymous

BARBIE IS A DOLL - to use a doll as a role model would be unwise because it is NOt a living thing -it also suggest idolatry. You're idolizing a man made marketing product.

Are there no live role maodels - can you be looked on as a role model for someone else. Are you strong enough with your own sense of identity that as a child of God, you are awesome - created by the hands of God, prized higher than the most expensive jewel in the world - with all of that going on with you - you want me to look at a doll for inspiration?!?

by: jessica

yeah now i have researched more i understand that you cant idolise a non human item.
i mean others i suppose choose to think that they want to be like something that they cant.
i dont think now i am either for or against as both sides have very valid points but i still feel you cant blame a doll for anything personal such as anorexia that happens to you (not you persnally lol)

point blank
by: to whom it may concern

i onestly think that barbie was is supposed to reflect what the ideal woman is "supposed" to look like

and its not just the whole body image thing
its the skin color, the hair length, the "blonde hair" and "blue eyes" thing

im black and im not ashamed of it
but i remember when i was younger (like age 5) i really wanted long hair like hers and her eye color because i thought that that was supposed to make a person beautiful

i understand that there are african american dolls
but just think about the one that is advertised the most out of all the black, mexican, and asian dolls.

so its does have a major influence on young girls not only because of body the image issues but for certain girls of different ethnicities

im not trying to pull the "race card" or whatever but that is the truth
whether people decide to accept it or not

so im just givin ya somthin to think about

but i can still understand where your coming from in a way=)

God Bless

why does barbie have to be fat or thin
by: Anonymous

i think that barbie shouldn't be supper skinny but that doesn'y mean that they have to make her fat. why can't they make her average. average is a healthy wait one that doesn't indanger your body.

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