Barbie isnt the only"Blonde Bombshell" in childrens lives!

by Elizabeth
(PA, USA )

Yes Barbie is in almost every house that has a little girl in it these days but there are also televisions, magazines and computers in these households too! Mattel has tried there best to make Barbie"Not so perfect" as was back in 1965 or so, they've tried to promote girls to not want to look like Barbie. I think the new shape that Barbie has promotes girls to want to exercise and be fit which would keep the obesity rate down also Mattel tries to push the issue of excercise recently too as a matter of fact! Barbie is and always will be the best thing a little girl can have to learn how to play pretend and how to have an imagination. My daughter makes up her own names for them and decide what each 1 is going to do for the day and usually its riding bike or scooter, gymnastics, cheerleading or chores! If that isnt teaching REAL LIFE VALUES then i dont know what is! TV and magazines are where the real damage to kids self confidence and esteem is happening, showing the little girls younger then they are being prettied up and walking down runways in"Toddlers and Tiaras" is 1 of them and seeing a child getting Botox injections on THE NEWS is just plain horrible. Its the NEWS, who DOESNT watch the news! Disney channel i think is the best TV program a child could have, they teach simple life lessons w/o the child even realizing it, teaching good, simple habits in a fun/constructive way and most of all teaching children to take action in there community and promoting self confidence!! Some parents are totally against TV or limit the watching of it but my TV is always on, on DISNEY CHANNEL and usually neither of my kids

pay any attention to it, kinda like the reverse phsychology(I guess)! If you forbid your kids soda when they do get it(which they will,somehow)they WILL DRINK A WHOLE LOT of it but if you allow your children soda on certain occasions or as a reward for certain things, soda isnt such a big deal to them anymore! And this trick works w/ just about anything and as long as you and your family members tell your children EVERYDAY, how beautiful they are or how they look very pretty today and make sure to point out pretty features that your specific child has and be sure to tell them you love them EVERYDAY(about a 100x)and if it happens to come up that another child is picking on them for having 'big ears' for example, tell your child that those ears r bigger than the bullies so your child can HEAR BETTER than them or something to that effect! Plus with all the 'NO BULLYING' Campaigns in alot of schools, i dont think that should be a problem! Kids might say they want plastic surgery when there in middle school and not quite developed as much as the other girls/boys but as they grow older that tends to grow itself out too! But thats all i can say on that subject, I was picked on for quite a few things and i turned out fine and i didnt have any plastic surgery done to this day, its just a part of being a kid, wanting to be something or someone in a magazine, its only natural to wanna be perfect like the girl in that magazine! Most girls just imagine what that would be like while others obsess over it and thats just the difference in how us as parents treat the situation...end of story!

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