Barbie is Not That Bad

by Ashley K
(Ontario, Canada)

I've noticed time and time again, people bashing Barbie and "what she stands for". Especially her figure. In my experience with reading, playing and owning Barbie's, she has had nothing but a fun and positive impact on my life.

As a child, playing with Barbie, I could make believe anything, Barbie could become whomever I wanted and I could achieve adult situations that I as a child could not. Never did I look at the plastic body and think "I want to look just like that when I grow up!"

My real role models in life where the *real* people around me. In my opinion, if I child looks at a Barbie and thinks to herself that she wants to look like this inanimate object, I believe that she would need her head checked (yes, just like Cindy Jackson).

Obviously the child would have to have psychological issues, probably from family life, and other influences. Barbie in all her silent plastic smile allowing you to let your imagination soar and be whatever you want to be for a moment, can honestly do nothing in what you make of her.

Also, in regards to her new body, I am quite frankly shocked at the positive reviews it has gotten. Yes she looks more realistic, but realistic in a MODEL way (speaking of there is now a Model Barbie).

Now Barbie's body DOES look attainable, you can see it all over TV, just flip through to those runway shows.

The old body was ridiculously proportioned, and in no way attainable, and I believe as her being a TOY that is a good thing. I hardly see anyone bashing boys superheros for giving boys wrong ideas that they too can be amazingly buff and strong.

Don't forget before all the body bashing, Barbie had a lot of good messages to send out to young girls, showing you can be anything you want and still be feminine. Barbie did show strength and promoted imagination. I see nothing wrong with that.

But now, with the new world Barbie, after all the body bashing, Barbie has turned into the worst. Just as bad as any anorexic model, and the morals and jobs to go with it. "Which is look pretty and let the men do it."

I think it's time we went back to the positive messages Barbie sends out, leave her toy plastic body alone and get on with it.

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by: Anonymous With an A

You rock! I totally agree with what you said. Barbie needs to return to her roots, which is what made her special and unique. Now she is almost as bad as the dolls/toys Bratz.

I'm with you!
by: A.J.

I TOTALLY agree with you!

Have you watched any of the new Barbie movies? The messages in her movies, while some might be a tad cliche, are all positive. It's not what Barbie "stands for" that makes her "bad" (although the thing on here about the slumber party Barbie, I could see was a HUGE mistake!) But it wasn't all about looking perfect before that, and it certainly isn't now. The Barbie movies all give positive messages about things like friendship, fitting in, and numerous other things. Like I said, some of them are a little cliche, but they're still good.



by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

Finally someone with some common sense !!!!!

It Depends
by: Victoria

I think Barbie has positive and negative effects. Her many career choices are a good thing. Her body proportions are not. But in the end, it's the parent's/guardian's responability to tell girls, "you don't have to look like her to be an amazing person."

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