barbie and the marketing system and kids

barbie is just a lone doll that parents are buying for their kids to play with. But the more the that kid gets attached to that doll they more accessories and toys and the more barbie dolls they'll want and parents are stuck with no other choice but to buy the stuff or the child goes crazy.

kids from wealthier families get more accessories and stuff, while kids from the less fortunate family start to feel left out. i really don't like how barbie is supposed to be the set image for how all women should look. and more than that how women actually think they should look more like a barbie doll. with her incredibly small waist unrealistically long legs and wide hips, small feet and perfect amount of makeup. its the unspoken truth that barbies are the role model for kids teens and even most adults.

i find it disturbing the fact that people spend so much money on plastic surgery to look more like an actual barbie doll. another unspoken truth is that barbie is claimed to be perfect while in fact we have to remind those dreamers that she is in fact plastic and therefore not real.

FAKE!!!!!barbie is infact fake.

i know that you may be thinking that they are harmless dolls that can't do that much harm since i just explained the fact that they're fake. but in fact they are much more than harmful they can cause kids and women to starve and waste a shamful amount of money on plastic surgery to look more like barbie. most people would actually blame barbie for most eating disorders.

As barbie goes more multicultural she sells more and more products to more parts of the world to more races and groups. what was once a harmless doll has in fact grown to take over the body image of young women kids and even old grown women.

the ken doll and barbie doll have taken over the word "doll" now when you hear the word doll you immediately think of barbie and when you hear the word "action figure" instead of thinkin of a muscled doll that caries weapons and what nots you think of ken barbie's "perfect" boyfriend.
cindy jackson is not the only women who strived to look like barbie there was also many mor women who wish to look like her.

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