Your my best friend ana

by Aubrey
(provo utah )

It all started when i was 13. At first i was just a normal girl. I played volleyball i hung out with friends and i ate normally. Then my coach gave me a comment about my weight, it made me feel very self conscious.

I thought about dieting but never did till the next fall when i was in 8th grade. I got dropped from the volleyball team. So i ran cross country. I was good. I was one of the fastest girls. But every one was so skinny but me. I was 14 5'5 and 130. It was pretty normal. Then i felt the urge to stop eating. The results were amazing! I was 120 in less than a month. But then i was forced to eat. until track i started again.

Now i am 15 and cross country started and i am 5'8 and 100pounds. 95 is my goal. people tell me to eat. They tell me i am too thin. I don't believe them, when i look at my reflection all i see is a fatty

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ur hurting urself more than u think
by: shaniece

first of all being 130 was a very normal weight for you at that time

what shocks me is that u are about 15 or 20 pounds underweight than what u shuld be
if u dont eat then u could end up having heart or kidney problems

if u keep carrying on with this lifestyle then ull obviously become too weak to even play sports and ur bones wuld probably break real easily because you arent getting enough protein

u really do need help before you get seriously start getting sick to the point of having to be hospitalized

God loves you cuz he made you
by: Anonymous

Holy smokes!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your're 100 pounds and 5'8''????
I can't believe that and on top of it you want to be 95 pounds? Honey, what are you doing to yourself? I'm tellin ya, God created you in His image. Sweetie, He loves you just the way you are! I know the world is now a horrible place, with all the stuff in media, you're mind is inclined to believe that what looks like skin and bones to normal eyes is actually fat! Man, I'm tellin you girl, take people's advise and eat. Don't hurt your heavenly daddy! Right now, He's looking at you and saying, "My darling child, if only you know how much pleasure and joy I took in creating you. If only you realize that I love you the way you are. Nothing you do will make me love you more and nothing you do will make me love you less". This is real love girl, don't look at the world to define you and to give you meanin and worth. It might feel like love and acceptance today, but then tomorrow it's gonna feel the same. Some practical advice is go to an online tool that helps you check of your're underweight (i betcha u are) and then also look up what happens with anorexic. Some of the side effects are scary and trust me you don't wanna go through that. Love you, will be praying that GOd gives you strength to accept yourself.

by: Allison

I am five six and 12....I way almost a hundred pounds and gaining weight but I am still an excellent weight. I look fine. I havent stoped eating or anything. I just eat as healthy as i can. (although it is really hard) I try. But treat yourself every once and a while

You're beautiful!
by: Anonymous

I'm not the skiniest person around, but I'm dffenitly not fat. I'm about '5"4 and weigh around 121, and like to think of myself in good shape. You are not fat by any means! I googeled weight charts for teens, and it comes out you are way under wait! Don't lose anymore, anymore weight loss could seriously damage your body! You could weigh up to 150 and still be a healthy weight. God loves you no matter what! And He wants you to be healthy and strong, yes God cares, and I care! I will be praying for you. God bless you, and may you find self exceptince.
Someone who cares


Im 15 and anorexic. It all started with sports---I'm a sports fanatic. Nobody's noticed anything until recently.... I recently had a heart attack. But I'm not skinny, so nobody noticed my eating disorder (im 120 pounds 5'5"). But please stop, cuz u know what? sports have always been my life and now my life is completely down the drain--no more track, soccer, basketball, volleyball because of my health. so if you don't get help, the sports won't be there anymore =C

not fat
by: Anonymous

u want to 95 pounds?! i'm 95-100 and i'm 11. stop! eat heathly! u r not fat. if ur dr. thinks 130 is fine then it is!!!!

I struggle to!
by: "Ana"bell lee

omg wow ur so lucky! i'm like 5'2'' and i'm 127 ugh!!! i hate it and i'm trying to get to 112 wich isn't as good as u but a start =]
we shud be ana buddies!

by: Anonymous

I'm 14 and im 95 pounds but i actually eat a lot but im still skinny. Well you should eat right and be healthy and you'll turn out right :)


I know your Pain
by: Lexi

I'm 15 and am 6 foot and I weigh 120 pounods. I hate how much I weigh I look around and feel fat. I dropped basketball because they said I was too skinny to play. I just want to be pretty. My boyfriend is always worried about me, he tells me i am beautiful and was beautiful, and God made me this way for a reason I just don't always believe him.

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