You Feel

by Melissa

When you feel the slightest Happiness,

Fate always finds its way to destroy it.
Maybe in your first life you did something horrific and karma bit you back in the butt.
Is there another way for you to redeem your past life?

There has to be way to get past these tormenting feelings and anxiety
When you keep thinking what’s the hope of it
What’s the point of staying here
When you only feel lonely, helpless
Knowing in yourself no one cares
You pretend to be like others so you can feel a little normal
A little accepted in this community
But in the end people will forget about you, not Think twice

On the days you feel decent enough
You hang with people, laugh, gossip, be as mean as you want without feeling down, but if someone says the tiniest thing that you usually wouldn’t care about, it upsets you and you know theres no other way besides keeping it deep down inside your broken soul and wait till it fills up till you explode or let it drip open through your wounds that you created.
it doesn’t get rid of anything but it quiets it down. you cry and beg god take this pain away, help me though this.
The feel of the cut is like a painkiller
It helps block the itchy spot for a little while
But it always finds its way back home.
If you were brave enough you would make it all disappear for good.
Just not ready to be free now
you'll have to suffer a bit longer.

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Someone does care!
by: Barbara


Your poem gives a very appropriate depiction of how it feels to live in a world where everyone cares about themselves. We have expectations of people and when they fail, the disappointment shakes us to the very core. After this happens enough, we become wounded and the scars are innumerable. The significant number of wounds cause a significant amount of pain, each day, sometimes each hour.

Be assured that there is someone that cares. I care. By penning these words, you show me that you care also. At some points in our lives we have to work with what we have. God loves and cares about you. When you hurt, He hurts also because you are His child and no father wants to see his child in pain. Let God lead and guide you through this time. He promised to "never leave you nor forsake you" (Joshua 1:5).
Ask God to give you the strength to keep going until you are able to tell someone about how you really feel, someone who will check on you and encourage each day.

I hear how much you want to give up, but trust me, that is not the answer. God has work for you to do. Once you are feeling whole and strong, look at the number of people you can help because if they should talk to you, will not sympathize with them but emphasize with them because you have been where you are. Look at the number of people you can speak to with your poetry. God gives us talents, not to hide, but to share with others who are in need.

My final thought for you is that when you are feeling better, try to stay away from negative people. As you stated, the negativity brings you down. I realize that it is hard, but in my heart I feel there is a fighter in you. You may want to speak with your minister or your school counselor.

I will be praying you Melissa because there is a lot more for you do in this life.


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