by r-b-g-c

when i was born my mom and dad werent married, my mom was 17. she kept me . i hardly see my dad i have 4+ siblings i dont even know... i've moved 6 far. when i moved to where i am now i was in grade 3 it was normal until grade 4 then i started to realize i was ugly.. In grade 7 i went to the high school, there my friends started to change, some would be clingy, some mean, some rejectful, and some i lost.i started to think of myself as fat, so now i dont eat breakfast, lunch, snacks, only a little bit of supper, and exercise like crazy. I started liking tons of guys thinking i would not be able to get rejected by one of them... being wrong everytime. i find myself thinking of suicide, depression, and crying often. even in class i almost burst out crying every day....

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You're beautiful! :D
by: Anonymous

Reading this,

It really reminds me of how I was, and sometimes I feel. You are beautiful, you are breath taking to God. I understand how it feels to want guys to notice you and to want you.

That only feels good for a moment. I encourage you to let go of that, leave it at the door and open the right door. Open the door to Jesus Christ! I promise you; If you seek the true beauty, which is inside and is the beauty gives you, you won't feel that way.

It's hard to accept that the way people see you, really doesn't matter. It only matters what God thinks about you.

Satan will try to throw thoughts at your head telling you lies. They are not true.






made <333333333

Mirror, Mirror
by: Anonymous

This is a song that I think will help

Verse 1
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Have I got it?
Cause mirror you've always told me
Who I am

You won't define me...

Who are you to tell me that I'm less than what I should be?
Who are you?
Who are you?
I don't need to listen to the list of things I should do
I won't try
I won't try

Verse 2
Mirror I am seeing
A new reflection
Of the one who made me
And to him
I have beauty beyond compare
I know
Who defines me


You won't define me
You won't define me

Repeat multiple times

Chorus 2x

i can relate
by: shaniece

i can relate to you in some ways
i started forming wierd eating patterns and making myself sick just so that i could be skinnier
i just came to realize that it didnt help my self esteem much
because once i realized that i was losing weight, i just kept finding other things that i didnt like about myself

it can be really difficult when it comes to how much females weigh or how "skinny" they are because this world has a screwed up version of what a woman should look like.
some people just arent meant to be skinny
if people dont like the way you look then thyell get over it
but just remmber that trying to impress others with hte way you look isnt going to help you at all
you are just wasting your time. basically all im trying to get across to you is that you need to learn how to be confident and happy with the way god made you because he thinks you are absolutely gorgeous...just ask Him=)
if you are a child of God then your physical appearance should not become your number one priority in every situation

God bless,

by: Prayer

I know how it is to want attention. You feel like a nobody and you think you know what's best for you, but you really don't! You've heard the phrase: "Dress to Impress" and a lot of girls listen. But there's the right guy out there for every girl. He'll notice you no matter what you wear. It's the inside that counts.

Hope I Help,

Keep writing

I can tottaly relate
by: Anonymous

I have pretty much the same story i dont eat breakfest i only drink water and eat like a apple at lunch and at dinner maybe like half a piece of bread i get sick at school all the time and today i had to go down to the office i still struggle with it but i am getting better at eating i actualle eat like a whole sandwhich at supper now so i gueess thats better

Read my two stories- Becoming Me and I'm not you- you're not me
by: Gigi

I've struggled with an eating disorder as well.
Its hard to over-come them, and the memory still traces you whereever you go, but you will overcome it. I promise.

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