Why To Not Wear Something Provocative

Hi! My name is Cassidy and I am 12 years old. I struggle with deciding to wear a bikini or a tankini. All of my freinds wear bikinis and I wear either a full piece or a tankini. I always feel like I'm never going to be able to grow up and I now realize that God only wants what's best for us and so does my parents, but I still don't see what is wrong with bikini's. I think if you don't make yourself noticeable guys won't think of you in a bad way. Maybe you can help me understand?


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Modesty fist
by: Anonymous

Hey Hon,
I am 16 and I just want to encourage you to continue to wear a tankini/one piece. Paul says somewhere in the NT (sorry, I don't know exactly where), "I want women to be modest in their apperance." When I was prob about your age I stuggled with the same thing, "Why can't I? Everybody else is..." Now I see that was shallow. :( I think what bikinis reveal should be kept special for your husband. <3 Lemme put it this way..... Do you want every guy to see what only your husband should see? And once you find that "perfect someone" he will be so happy you kept yourself modest, just for him!
Sorry, If I sound harsh, love..... :)
Blessings in Christ

by: Anonymous

yeah but saving your body for your husband means saving like your body naked. i think its okay to wear a bikini, everyone else does. but i dont know if my mom will let me. i know my grandma wont let me. im kind of afraid to aproach my mom, because i am afraid she will say no. i also feel insecure about my body if i wear one- like that i have to be perfectly skinny and not eat that much that day.

why not
by: Noelle

I think you should stick with tankinis/one pieces. Even though there are more modest bikinis out there you would still be compromising your belief of modesty if you wore them.

Quesioning views is a part of growing up
by: Anonymous

It is good that you are quesioning what you have learnt about modesty. Part of growing up is decieding for ourselves what we beleive. This quesion can only be answered by you because you know your heart. Take time to think about why you want to wear a bikini and why you believe there is nothing wrong with wearing one. Write your thoughts down in a journal. Also think about how choosing to wear a bikini will affect your faith in God. Then read over what you have written and draw a conclusion on wether or not you will wear bikinis. Every Christian has the right to read and interprete the Bible differently. There have been many views on modesty. I attended a Baptist school for 9th grade and their belief was that women should wear long skirts and dresses that come to thier shins at least. I continued the rest of my high school career at a Catholic school which permited the female students to him the uniform skirt to 2 inches above the knee.

See the difference in modesty views within two different Christian groups. I realized as a teenager that I needed to come to conclusions on my own rather than taking what teachers said to be true. I needed to know what I thought as far as modesty. Pondering things for myself I now know myself and my heart. To have a good relationship with GOd you need to know yourself.

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