Why not?

by Kate

I think it's okay for the media to do that. They obviously had that woman's permission. If women feel insecure about it, well, bummer for them. The media should be allowed to advertise what they want and how they want unless it's explicitly wrong and they're breaking advertising laws. It's not their job to make sure every female in America feels good about themselves.

Comments for Why not?

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I kindof agree with you... but not completely. :)
by: Mary

I've felt that it's okay for advertisers to do these things to an extent. It fuels the freemarket and boosts our economy. However, is it right for the media to create depression/eating disorders/lack of self confidence in girls? The advertisers have seen the statistics. They KNOW that what they are doing hurt people. That's not right. However, it is their right to legally edit those pictures. It's the diffrence between what you CAN do and what you SHOULD do. Legally, advertisers CAN and should be able to make that desicion, but MORALLY, they shouldn't. Do you understand what I'm saying?
When you view it from a purely economical viewpoint, it makes sense to edit pictures. Or at least, when you look at it from a one-sided economical viewpoint. Don't forget about all those hospital bills for girls who have cut themselves and developed eating disorders. Don't forget about all those shattered lives. When advertisers edit photos, they are looking out only for themselves, and care only about themselves, not about the thousands of girls they crush everyday. Obviously this is not right.
I understand your viewpoint, in the sense that the whole business is perfectly legal and logical, but it certainly is corrupt.
Mar :D

I disagree
by: Rosie

I don't want to be rude but I couldn't think of it that way. The commercial is a lie. It doesn't matter if the girl wanted to be edited or not it's not real so its a scam. A lousy scam. if something isn't real do you want to waste your money on it? They put this edited girl on the bilboard, advertising for makeup making the appearance that you could look like that if you put on their product. But everyone knows you don't look like that so their product is a scam. The makeup may do something to you but did it really make you look like a super model? This is just my opinion i'm throwing out to you. I just don't think it's right for commercials to show that stuff. it isn't real. It's not fair to us and their buyers. Did you know that even food commercials can't be trusted. if you take a look at the menu in a restaurant usually when you get that item it doesn't look the same. I've heard food even gets makeup and editing in some cases.Maybe not all but thats just wrong. So in my opinion the whole world has its mind on perfection like if its not perfect no one will buy it. So what we all watched is wrong and a lie. It's really sad that media is like this now. So that's just what i think. obviously you may have another opinion like you said and i'm not trying to shove my opinion in your face, i just wanted to let you know what i thought.
Rosie-God bless

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