Whole, and pure I'll wait for my husband.

by A daughter of the King
((sometimes I live too far from the king's presence))

I'm an average American girl, I want to look beautiful, please those around me, and most of all I want to feel loved and accepted. I'm just fourteen years old; I come from a good Christian family where my dear parents are an active part of my life (praise God)! I decided long ago that I would have no physical interaction with boys (other than my relatives). That includes no hugging, kissing, touching, holding hands, well, anything! Just think how special it will be at my wedding when for the first time I hold a man's hand it will be my husbands (again, other than my relatives), think what a precious thought it will be to my husband that my hands are (and will be), purely and wholly his (well a lot more than just my hands :) ). I have made a commitment to never date, if God wants me to get married than he can arrange it in His own wonderful, and special way. When God sees fit that it is time for me to get married my prince will ask my father if he can court me. Courting (as opposed to dating) concentrates on growing closer to the Lord together, then after the marriage is when give that special part of yourself that you have been saving for him. The man I court will be the man I marry; my whole heart will be his.

I have decided that I will help my brothers in Christ by being modest. My modesty standards are it must come below the knees, come above cleavage, and have sleeves (at least cap sleeves), and not be tight or attract attention to the bust. I am usually found wearing a skirt, unless engaging in an activity that requires pants (although I do wear long shorts for swimming). And yes, it is possible to stay modest, but really fashionable at the same time (though I really like to look classy!)
The years between now and the time I'm married I will strive for a closer relationship with God, He is so good to me! I want you to know that I'm not perfect, I struggle with the same things you do. Praise God that He gives us victory!

All this to say you can stay totally and completely pure for your husband.
Proverbs 31:11-12 says "11The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
12She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life."
A virtuous woman will do her husband good, not just while she's married to him, but all the days of her life! And that's just what I intend to do, I hope some of you girls out there will consider making this commitment too! There is so much more I could say about this, living 14 years has taught me a lot. I just want all you girls out there to know that through the Lord you can do this too! And to my husband, I know you're out there somewhere, though I don't know who you are. I'm waiting for you.
In love with my Savoir,
His handmaiden

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To His Daughter
by: Anonymous

Hello your Highness! God bless you on your commitment to give yourself only to your husband. That is such a blessing.
You are so right to continue to talk with your parents (I love your relationship) and continue to grow in your knowledge of God.
Jeremiah was a youth and Samuel was even younger when they understood that God had a purpose/plan for them. It's the knowledge of His purpose and wanting to fulfill that God-ordained assignment that also strengthens the resolve to wait and gives power to stand against peer pressure.
You will find His strength during those times of weakness;during those times of testings. And when you come through that "but God experience", your heart is filled with wonder as you begin to know firsthand, "if it had not been for the Lord Who was on my side..."
Be blessed precious and keep writing, you can definitely speak to your generation that through Christ, you can definitely wait!

by: Heather

Your dedication to God is such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your faith with us. I think it is wonderful and very pleasing to our Father!

Teenage girls i know
by: Anonymous

Hey, i go to a Christian school, and the weird thing is, like no one seems to be living that Christian. I mean, i hear swearing, the clothing in p.e. is short shorts, tight tshirts some which show the clevage, and while reading your comment about not wearing clothing above the knee,etc. i was thinking about this. Personally, i wear a pretty high neck t shirt (which is a pain because i get really hot in it,) shorts that arent that long, but they arent mini, and i dont even shave my legs, unlike the rest of the girls in my class, so im not to worried about guys looking at me. Plus i think guys would consider me a bit of a nerd so im not worried that they'll find me attractive. What i'm concerned about is the fact that maybe no one at my Christian school really does care about this stuff. i mean i have a friend whos Dad is a pastor. and i'm pretty certain that she is a Christian, but i dont know about the rest. Anyone in a school like this?
Any thoughts on how to well, be the Best Christian I can be in these circumstances, so that i can point my fellow school mates to dressing the way God would want them to?

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