whats wrong with me?

by Samanthya

my name is samanthya and im a normal averge teenager. i never really thought being a teenager was this hard, i mean with boys and school and friends especially boys, but they never like me... im the only one out of all my friends who has never had a boyfriend/kissed a boy..well my friend janei hasnt either but she doesnt care about that kind of stuff. ive tried to have that attitude about boys but it never really worked out lol. but its just like im like an alien to boys and im soo confused about why they dont like me and it makes me believe that im ugly,fat, and basicly just a huge loser.ive also tried changing my style and my personalty but that just made things worst.like for example i used to like this boy named michael ever since the end of 5th grade and i during that time we would flirt with each other and stuff and i thought he liked me til the end of 6th when i told him that i liked him...well when i asked one of my friends to tell him that i liked him and he just shook his head and rolled his eyes thats when i started to realize that i was a fat ugly loser and so throughout the 7th and 8th grade i would do lots of things to change how i look and if he would ever walk in the same hallway as him to find another route because he thought i was stalking him even though he knows that i have the same class as him and basically just to shorten this story i think he was one of the reasons why i have a really low self esteem. i guess my kindness is part of the reason why no one likes me cause im overly nice to people its really hard for me to be mean to someone [unless they like bother me or something...but i usually start crying, im kinda sensitive). Just to shorten up this whole story i just wanna ask if theres anything i can do to be much more liked by boys?


do u think theres anything wrong with me?

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i dont have a title
by: Anonymous

He shook his head and rolled his eyes?
That's rude.
You confessed your feelings and he " rolled his eyes and shook his head?!"
You keep going.
He'll realize what he's missing.

kindness is a gift not a problem
by: Anonymous

There is nothing wrong with you!!! Your knindness is not what is wrong with you,it is a gift from God, your just using it wrong, try to get involved in some church activities. Get to know God, and when the time is right he will lead you to that special person but you have to know love and understand yourself, and knowing why God created you will help you do this. remember this always, YOU are a precious gift, once you understand and believe this, you might realize most of the boys you wish liked you are not worthy to have someone as special as you!!!

Nothing at all hun!
by: Viki

Hey. You remind me of me and that is why i am writing to you. I am sooo sensitive. Yeah it kind of gets in the way of some things but hey, at least we are letting it out right? When i was younger and in grade school i didnt have many boyfriends. Not that i didnt want one, but yes i felt like you. Very down and like boys liked every other girl but you. I was always the friend that they guys could talk to ..ya know!?! Well anyways Your a great person and whoever doesnt see that has something terribly wrong with them. Guys aren't everything hun! Trust me. You need your space to have fun and find the right guy for you. You are a great hearted person and there is absolutely nothing wronge with that! your great for that! Anyways i just thought that id throw ya that bit of info. From one heart person to another!
*just like the song----You are beautiful no matter what they say!

Absolutely nothing wrong with you!
by: Sarah

Dear Samanthya,

I may not know you, but I believe that there's absolutely nothing wrong with you!

Every girl longs to be loved, to be paid attention to. It's how we were created by God, so don't think there's anything wrong with you. But do know this, that your identity will not be found in boys. Even if the boy you like likes you back, it doesn't make you "more" of a person. You are who you are, just the way God created you to be. You just have to find out your identity in Christ, that is the most important. Why are we here on earth? Why did God create us? What does God think of you? These are important questions for you to ask.

We were created by God for God, to have a meaningful relationship with Him. And when we have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, all else fades away. Things in the world (boyfriends, nice looking clothes and bags etc) all just fade away when we realize who God is and how much He loves us. And your whole perspective on life will change. Because you will then seek God and seek to do His will. We were made to know Him, to love Him as a response to His love to us, and then to share this love with those around you. God loves you very much. And when you really find God, you will realize that God alone is enough for you.

It doesn't mean that if all your friends have boyfriends, that you should have one too or there's something wrong with you. God made us all different and unique. And you know what? God has already a special guy for you. But I'm sure He's preparing you both and making sure you are both mature enough in God before He brings you both together. God's timing is always perfect. So there's no need to worry or fret. God has everything in control. He is God!

Reject the lies that tell you that you are ugly or fat or anything like that. You are the beloved of God. And people who love you will tell you that you are beautiful.

God will bring the right guy to you when it is time. For now, just pray, continue to hope, trust in God. Boys really aren't everything. There's much more to life than that. Learn more about yourself, find your interests and passions and pursue these. When you grow to love God and love yourself, you will grow in self-confidence and naturally that will attract boys. But when you have many boys who like you, then you will face another problem, and you will have to ask God for wisdom to see which is the one He has chosen for you.

All the best girl!


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