what should i do if i really like a boy and im confused and the same time?

by jill

okay i like a boy right and we just started talking like last week and we just started talking on my space and i know this boy he goes to my school and he has girlfriend but he told me on my space he really liked me as a girlfriend and then after when we 1st started talking on the phone around 11:00 two 3:00 at night and then after that we started talking about this boy drake and he ask me which boy is the hottest and i said drake too and yes i like drake but just as a friend i do and every since i told him about drake he never called me it was just so weird because he never called me again but i still talk to him on my space but the thing is i really like him and i told him how i really felt about him and i really dont know what to do because he on my mind all the time and like my moma say i should give him a break from myspace from talking to him but idk if i do he want write me back so idk what to do he never wants to talk to me on my space he never dose or on the phone he like never calls me and like he thinks how i feel is practically a jk but its not a jk he thinks all im doin is a jk and thats how i really feel i ask him one day do u really think i loved him and he said idk and then like i replied to him back and i wrote like a whole page letter no jk i did..lol and i hate it when he never replies me back most of the time he does not all the time but im just thinking about giving up on him but n my heart i cant because its so hard not to and i just wish i could change him but i cant change the way he acts around me

he told me he changed his mind about me but i think he still like me idk really i ask him but he said he dont wanna be nothing more i told him what about a freind he said no i dont so idk i just feel like giving up but idk if i can or not because its hard because i truly love him and i dont know what to do if u really love that person but i tried just about everything but it still want work nothing seem to work for him sometimes he cuss me out and i let it roll off sometimes but yes he only get mad when i say something stupid and i try not to say anything stupid at the point but yes idk what to do anymore

what should i do if u really love that person and he dont want to talk to u no more or speak to u no more idk what to do i told him how i reaLLY felt and if i could tell him to his face i would but idk what would be the best thing 4 me to do right now what ur ? what should i do because i tryed everything it seem not to work

hopefully ur answer would work if i try on him..lol idk though

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by: cassandra

well, if he cusses you out, then you don't need him. the Bible says to not be unequally yoked, which means that we're not supposed to be in a relationship with those who aren't Christians..this doesn't mean that you can't be his friend, but it does mean that you do need to be careful who you choose as friends as well, b/c who you hang out with can define who you are..if he's already in a relationship anyway, then you shouldn't be dating him because its not right..he shouldn't be trying to get with you while he's still dating this other girl. i know thats not what you wanna hear, but its the only answer i have for your predicament.

i lke a boy
by: alex

i like the boy at my school and i thank im going to ask him out

by: star

I really like this boy in my school but everytime i go near him he hides his face (only around friends) thought when we do the news in the morning in our school he talks to me and dose not act wierd i really like him i know he might like me but wat should i do to impress him to go out with him
HELP!!!!!!!!! THANX

i like this boy
by: breanna

all riqht i like this boy at my skool and i want to know if he likes me...his name is angel and its such a pretty name and well a little while back he came to my house with my cousin and we were in the room...we were talking and stuff than it just hit me like a spark set off while i wuz talkin to him...i knew i would like him 4ever!!! what i like about him is: his voice, his eyes, and just him how he is!!!!<3 well we aren't in the same class but i see him almost everyday and all i do is smile wishing he could come and talk to me...! but yes thats me and if he's reading this i just want to say I LIKE U [ANGEL!!!]

by: cassandra

ok, so none of you are going to like my comment, but get over it! so what if a boy you like doesn't like you back? thats life..i'm 21 now, and i've learned that lesson many times..seriously, don't push it with the guy you like who doesn't like you back, b/c you'll end up getting hurt, i've learned that lesson several times..what i'm learning now is that its FUN just to be friends with guys..there's a guy i like at my church and have for almost 2yrs now, but he doesn't know it, and i don't push myself on him..we're great friends and we're both happy with that..but honestly, if we ever got into a relationship,BEFORE it was God's timing, if we're ever supposed to get into a relationship together, then it could ruin our friendship if we broke up..there's a guy at the community college i go to that i kinda like, and i think he likes me back, but i'm not sure..we eat lunch together and enjoy eachother's company, but we're nothing more than friends, and i can already tell you that even though i like him, and he's what i'm looking for in a guy(Christian and good-looking, good personality, among some other things), there are also some things about him i just can't stand and it would ruin our friendship if we got together and then broke up, so please don't give your heart away before you know its the right guy..just be friends with guys..i wish that's what i'd done with my last boyfriend..i know this post is harsh, but i feel it needed to be posted..if it hurts anyone i'm really sorry. that's not my intention at all. i'm just trying to speak from personal experience. you girls are all young, give yourselves a break at the "dating game"...coming from a person herself who's young, if you're dating, as in actually going out on dates with a guy alone before you're 16, you're too young!Go on group dates--those are fun!but please don't spend your entire middle school or high school careers or however old you are obsessing over trying to make one guy like you..that guys not worth it if he doesn't notice you.

i've fallen deeply in love
by: Duvetprincess

i have this friend and we we're friends since yr7 and i rly fancied him and a couple of times we would hold hands and hug but then one of his friends took him away from me and after that he woulde'nt talk to me no more.

In november we went to a friends party and i told him that i used to rly love him and then he said me too i was soo surprised.

Now we're i yr9 talked every now and then and people started to tell me that he fancied me and i believed it so i went on facebook that night and told him i fancied him but he said he diden't and i was soo confused coz i rly thought he fancied me

i rly rly rly love him and i rly want to go out wiv him but he doesnt like me back wat do i do

by: cassandra

you asked what to do..read what i posted above..at least the part about the guy not liking you back

I like a boy
by: Hannah

If I liked a boy and i was Confused to do the thing I did I took his email id and then send him what I wanted to say him and then he loved me too so we lived happily ever after.

Dnt Care
by: Anonymous

If he doesn't like you back be a strong person and just get over it ! And if you can't like I couldn't once, tell him and ask for his answer. If its a no - cry be sad a little then get over it , if yes - go out live life and enjoy it ! hope you get my advice
love, anonymous

i'm confused
by: grace

i like this boy in my school very much and people say we make such a good couple because we have a lot in common but we don't talk to each another because we like each other. He likes sitting next to the table i'm sitting. the other he tried to make us hit each another but we didn't.He kepps on starring at me. I don't know if it is rigth for me to ask him if he likes me or tell him i like him or write it on a sheet of paper. I don't just have the guts.Thank you.

one i don't like; one i like
by: blerrina.H

the one don't like is in my classroom his name is Enis he's pretty but he's mean. i kissed him a million times but i can't stand him and i don't know why i kissed him. i don't like him really. The one who i like it's called Euron he's cute and lovely but he liked me first and then me too he asked me if i could give him a kiss and i said yes but i haven't kissed him yet. today i kissed the one i don't like, and when i think about that i wanna throw up. what's your opinion about me?

Help me
by: Tyler lover

Okay Well i really like a boy but i feal like i am hertbroken allready i dont know what to do ?

by: INGE

I realy like this boy Reinhard. he is 15 years old an I am 13 we are best friends ive known him since i was born my nice likes his brother Divan who is 13 and she is 11 but I dont know what to do i dont want to make our friendship weard PLEASE HELP!

dont know what to do
by: sally

i like this guy at my school and he calls me nicknames and stuff cuz we like to hang out and have fun. then when we have alot of fun he starts acting all mean. and i dont know what to do. hes just so cute and talented and he does this face that makes me feel not mad at him anymore. HELP ME!

i love you
by: chelsea

i lik this boy at school but he dont wanna go out with me hes got a girlfriend and ive got a boyfriend but ive never felt something about someone before i just want him to lovee me

Get over it!!
by: Anonymous

ok guys most of u r saying stuff about u liking boys and them not liking you back but the truth is you have to just get over it or you will spend all your time trying to make him like you and not noticing all the other cute boys!!

your answer
by: molly

well ui had that same problem because this boy said he liked me but then the next day i said to him since u like me why don't we go see a movie then he said he didn't like me so then all i did was ignore the guy and then he liked me again somehow then we started dating now we love talking kissing and making out

My bestfriend
by: Anonymous

is having that same prob so idk what to tell you

too young
by: cassandra

ok, so it sounds to me like the oldest of you are at most 13-14yrs old. that's way too young to even be thinking about dating, and to even be thinking about what to do in this situation. just have fun being friends with guys. you'll have plenty of time to date. that's my advice to all of you. please take it and run with it

by: Tetra

ok a lot of you are saying you dont know how to ask them out or you dont know if they like you or not, well i was in the same situation 4 years ago(when i was 10 now im 14) and i really liked this guy named Lucus and we were great friends, and we had been scene we were both 3 and my friend Kayla was going out with his best friend, Marcus so i asked Kayla to ask Marcus, to ask Lucas if he liked me back and Marcus asked him but Lucas said no, and so i was pretty sad cause i had liked him for a long time but i decided to suck it up go to him and say Corben(a guy that was in our class) had dared me to ask him out and so i said that and then asked him, and he said yes! i was so happy but i had to play it cool by just saying "cool, so you wanna see a movie tonight cause Kayla and Marcus are going to a movie tonight, so we could go on a double date." and he said "yea, that sounds fun." so that night we went on a double date and me and him have been boyfriend/girlfriend ever sence, and we still go on double dates with Kayla and Marcus all the time! so just do what i did and hopefully you'll get the same results!! Good luck!!

i dont know wat to do.....
by: Kylie <3

Um, well there is this boy that i really like and he likes me, i want to go out with him, it's just that i'm not ready to kiss him. Cuz usually when he goes out with a girl they kiss, you know the normal stuff. I'm fine with hugs and holding hands, but i just dont know wat to do if he wants to kiss me. At least on the lips. i dont want him to break-up with me over a kiss... plz give me some advice...

i love this boy
by: stephie

i like this boy i'm in fourth-grade his name is Caleo my bff Deja started liking him i asked him out he said no im too Stephanie i dont know what to ask him now im TOO SHY :(


i like him
by: what should i do

I like this boy at my school but i just cant tell him that i like him its so hard and i get nervous cuz he might say no what should i do after christmas where havin i school prom and i dont have anyone to go wit so should i say i like him

by: Anonymous

Well if he is being rude to you then you should not even hang out with him. Trust me, here's a story of mine that is very embarrassing. : so I was just talking to every body who I like at school then there's this boy that sits next to me and he is rally the only one I trust in the school, so I told him who I liked and then when I went out to lunch my friends were telling me that my friend Kristen told the boy I liked that I liked him so she was on the football field trying to run away from us when she stopes she said that my friend boy told the boy I liked l liked him so I went to theboy I trusted and he said he didn't do it so I just forgot about every thing and went to the class where I sit by him math class

by: Anonymous

Well if he is being rude to you then you should not even hang out with him. Trust me, here's a story of mine that is very embarrassing. : so I was just talking to every body who I like at school then there's this boy that sits next to me and he is rally the only one I trust in the school, so I told him who I liked and then when I went out to lunch my friends were telling me that my friend Kristen told the boy I liked that I liked him so she was on the football field trying to run away from us when she stopes she said that my friend boy told the boy I liked l liked him so I went to theboy I trusted and he said he didn't do it so I just forgot about every thing and went to the class where I sit by him math class

by: Kayla

So there is this one boy I like who is two years older than me and he asked my dad if I had a boyfriend and of course my dad said no cuz I don't but he never ever talks to me and I like him my dad even asked me if I did and he said yes but this guy still won't talk to me and I've known him for 1 year what should I do ps I'm 12 he is 14

I like a boy I think I'll ask him out
by: Keira (:

Ok I'm 12 years of age and I like a boy called Anthony and he is funny and I'm funny we both like to laugh and we have a lot of things in high school it's confusing and difficult to do in this situation but maybe tomorrow I will start a conversation over something like that or make a joke or I'll say can I ask you a qeustion on facebook or just plain ask him out pls help thanks love Keira

by: Adri

Well i just started 7 th grade and ive licked this guy for 7 months now ive know him for 10 years already im best friends with his sis. Well im in love with him........ I think bur anyways, i texted him i liked him iand he called me a liar not in a bad way he just thought i was playing a joke on him. Well he hasnt talked to me since and when we talk he stares and me intently and ... Im just confused help!!

I dont know what to do

i like this boy he goes to my horse riding. i told him i loved him and he said he loved me to. so i asked him out and he said its a yes for now but he will tell me the next day. he never did tell me.this was like 2months ago now and last month he asked me to ask my bestmate out for him and she said no never ever. and i told him she said never ever and he doesnt talk to me as much any more. on facebook he puts all these status's like who should i go out with and i say i dont know. he says this girl jemma who is in year 9 ( but me and him are in year 8 we dont go same school though) and i say but the other day you said you liked my best mate. he says he still does but he says he loves jemma too.
And i really really like him. i tried forgetting about him and moving on but i just cant!
but he still puts x's on the end of things and if i say i still love you he says what you mean by i love u and i say i mean what it says. he smiles at me when i am riding to and i smile back at him cos he watches the last 10mins of my lesson.
Please help.
i dont know if i should ask him out or not?

What do im do????????
by: Anonymous

I really like this guy in band but idk if he likes me back im so confused. I mean hes nice and and sometimes looks at me but idk what to do. HELP!!!

i love u n miss u so
by: rocio

ok i have a best best friend (it a guy )and we would always bee together. but when the last day of skool arrived we were sad we were in diffent classes and this year i relized that i love him and i miss him so much and i dont got the nerve 2 tell him im scared i need help n we bin together scens 2grade(if u are readin this jose i love u)

I like this boy but hes older and dosen't know I exsist!!!!
by: Claire

I'm fourteen and hes nineteen or eighteen and i like love him we have so many things in commen but he moved to l.a. but we r still friends on facebook and i dont know what to do.HELP!!!!!!

by: mills

right where do i begin i have loved this guy since y7 im in y8 now ur thinking one year but i have been in total agony and pain. i will begin in y7 it just clicked he started to find excuses to talk to me and he would constantly stare at me and i liked him too so, i asked him out and no i just dont understand y he done that and now he flirts with me. HELP

I like a boy
by: Halie

I like a boy and im 10 im also big in the stomch area and nobody like likes me but this boy I love him and whant just to go up to him and kiss him

josh scott
by: Anonymous

well theres this really fit cute guy in my italian, science and history class and oh my gosh he is so totally perfect for me! I'd give anything for him to like me back but I'm so scared that he never will. what can I do for him to reaise?

I really love him
by: Madison

I really love a boy and I think he likes me back because I see him smile at me and I just feel like running up to him and kiss him.His name is Ashton and he and me go to the same school.I just cant stop giving him gifts and staring at him and I invite him to my house EVERY Friday.He is soooo cute, he has a good sense of humor and he is very kind. I just can talk about him all day and night, oh do I wish he was mine.... all mine, dont say im weird but I put chocolate in his backback and he was all surprised and me and him were giving it to each other but I just kept it Im trying to give it back but I get really shy aroud him. bye p.s I loooooooooooooooooooooove Justin Bieber too

In love but desprate to go out
by: Sarah

Ok so I met this guy and I think he likes me because when I pass him he just stares at me so i really want to meet up and date him HELP

by: kristina

girls i know how yall feel but if the guys dnt like u back then justlet it go ...thts his loss tht he couldnt have someone like u...and ull find tht right guy out there...u may think tht ull nvr find him but hes out there plz dnt stress ur self over guys there not worth it...and if u have friends thts all u need to be happy(and family of course lol) but yea dnt go crazy over guys he will come along and make u the happiest girl...

by: Anonymous

i really like this boy in my class and im only nine.i think he likes me but idk.he is my friend and sometimes he comes up and tickles me. i love him and i really wanna be his gf and he is single.how do i tell him i love him?

what should i DO??
by: umm

Hi... I'm a girl (well, of course!) in year six, and this boy likes me... but I'm not ment to know... wait, let me start again. A boy in my class talked to my best friend, and she came back to me and i asked her what he said, and she said she couldnt tell. the next day se told me that he liked me and that i shouldnt tell him she told me... But its really hard coz every time he walks past i hae to petend i dont know anything but it do. We are good friends but i dont want him to be my boyfriend. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? HELP!!!!

i want edward to ask me out
by: sara

theres this boy called edward and i think his hot but i dont know how to get his atenchion his sooooooooooooooooo hot but i think he likes my best friend that i've nowen since birth so HELP ME PLS i need ur help i ownly hav i little amount of time i want him 2 ask me out what do i do.........................?????

by: x.katie.x

OK this is it. I really love this boy in year 6 (same as me but not in same class). But I dont think he loves me back. The only time he talked to me was when, I was walking down the corridors for lunch and my bff was infront of me and I was trying to be weird(IDK?)and get his attention by saying to her: move move move in a funny way. He said to me: she can't move anymore. And I just shrugged my shoulders and kinda giggled. But then he just walked on. He is going to the same school as me(only person from my school). I wish he would be in at least 1 of my classes! And also everyone is saying that I should go out with him coz were goin 2 same school. Like any girl(most of the time) they will be like: OMG!! EWWWW GROSS why would I go out with him? Kinda thing but I actually love em like crazy! Plzz give me some advice Katie x

Help me!!!
by: Sally

Okay I'm asian so there's this boy call chue yee.he dated my best friend in 3rd grade...but in 5th grade he asked me out...he told my friend that he liked me in fourth grade...it was really annoying at that time!he kept bugging me and u know playing around with me!but what I dont understand is wham I rejected him he went out with my friend again!the a few months later he and my friend broke up and he wnt out with a different girl!in six grade he was asked out by four girl!one of them was my cusion but we're not really close...she went out with thus girl she was mexican!and kinda pretty!but at the same time he still liked me and was still firting with me!in 7th grade he went to a different school and then a few weeks later came back and dated my cousin!that's what pissed me off the most!!!!!I started to like him and I felt happy that that he came back! I guess u could say that I was jealous because of how they were acting and always kissing in front of people!!!near the end if the year they broke up my cousin was crying alot!!!a few month later he asked me out and I said no...but I wanted to say yes!!!he's funny cute and special!!! I wanted to play hard to get with him and I did!!!he even told me "your playing hard to get"!but there was lots of reasons why I reject him!
1)he dated my bst friend
2)he dated my cousin
3)he went out with many girls
4)he firts with any girls
5)he would go with out with any pretty girls without thinking and the last reason was that I didn't felt it was right to date him...
There's only one thing that I regret now and that not telling him I love him!
so today's lesson is; to hold on tightto the one that u love or else you'll lose him to someone or anything else!!

comment on this artical
by: blanca

i am goin through somethin like that except he likes me but people tell me not to go out with him.

i looooooooooove! him
by: America

theres this boy in my class and when im sitting down in class he cant hel but looking at me. but heres the problem, i cant stop looking at him. hes hot funny cute hes really athletic too. he asked me out once and i said yes. but then,i saw him kissing another girl!!!!!!!!! now i cant belive hes still trying to ask me out again. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

by: America

theres this kid in my class, Chris, who has asked out 2 of my best friends and 5 pf the girls in my class. today he asked me out. that leaves a total of 8 girls in the whole school year. and school just started. when we were talking, he actually leaned in and tried to kiss me and played it off like he fell. What an IDIOT!!!!!! My friends keep on telling me that hes playing me just like he did them and im not listening to them. so, when i get really hurt by him, its not going to be their falt, it will be mine. If Anna is reading, you are AMESOME!!!!

by: Anonymous

Look girls boys are all different, they don't all have the same genetics. If you want to know if a boy likes you, don't think he fancies you if he stares at you in class for a split second, you might look at someone in the class for a second, that don't mean you fancied them. If a boy asked you out, don't just say yes for the sake of it. Make sure you like them as well. Never say you love a boy. Not if you have only been going out for a couple of days. This is focused on 11-14 year olds. At this age you won't know what love is. At this age you will have crushes.

I don't know what to do
by: Autumn

I like this boy and he is really cute I went out with him on 5th grade and then I dumped him for another boy and then now In 6th grade and I still like him and today I got my friend to see if he liked me he said " I guess Idk " what do I do I dreamed about him twice and firing my dream i was trying to ask him out but I never got to finish it so plz help me try to figure out what to do.

I loved him!!!!!!
by: Amy

So, in my school I liked this boy named Nick. Hes in my tow calses,band and spanish.i dont really know what should i do. the thing is that he kept looking at me in the class.so i got embarresed.
i really like him. my friends said that i should write him some love notes!!!

How to impress a boy
by: Been There

Don't be so focused on any boy that he knows he has control of you. Flirt, but be hard to get. Act like a lady if you want to be treated nicely and respected. Concentrate more on school work - learn to spell and write intelligently.

what should I do
by: laura

I really like this boy but can't have a boyfriend so what should I do I'm going so crazy just thinking about it

To Laura
by: Heather

Hey Laura,

I actually read an awesome article this morning about dating. You can find it here: http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/how-to-know-if-youre-ready-to-date-or-court/

The first thing I always go to when it comes to dating is if your parents say no, then it's not okay. The article I mentioned above addresses this as well. But, the bottom line is, you need to respect your parents wishes. They've been where you are, and they have reasons for their rules.

The woman who wrote the article, mentioned how grateful she was for those rules in hindsight. She hated them growing up, but looking back, she was glad. Everyone's experience will be different, but you have to remember that God wants us to honor our father and mother. There will be time for dating later, and it might just save you a ton of heartache along the way.

To Laura
by: Heather

I read an awesome article today about dating that you might find helpful: http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/how-to-know-if-youre-ready-to-date-or-court/

One of the first things the author addresses is that if your parents say no, the answer about whether or not you should date is no. She shared how she hated her parents no dating rule in high school, but looking back, she was really thankful they stood their ground and kept her best interests at heart.

It can be really hard to trust our parents, but they really have been there. And they have reasons for their rules. Furthermore, the Bible calls us to respect and honor our parents and their wishes for us.

I know it's hard. But there will be plenty of time for dating later on in life. And waiting might just save you a ton of heartache.

I think a boy in my class has a crush on me
by: Anonymous

One day a boy in my class didn't have a page so I gave him a page and then he smiled and said thanks.The next day in class he came and sit behind me and was looking at me when I was not looking at him. So every time. Then he started following me at school and was there everywhere I go.Then in class he would look at me and smile.He does not do that to other girls.AnDC then one day he gave his pencil to a friend and came to my row and smiled at me. I knew h wanted a pencil so I gave him He smiled and said thanks.His friend tease him with me.When am waiting for the bus he come outside and tries to show off and fight with his friend.Then when he pass me hrec looks behind every time and smile. When I go write math on the board he cheers for me and then smiles and go after me.Please help me am confused.I would appreciate it very much. THANKS.

RE: I think a boy in my class has a crush on me
by: Heather

Dear Anonymous,

Did you check out that link I shared with Laura about how to know if you're ready to date? Here it is again: http://www.liesyoungwomenbelieve.com/how-to-know-if-youre-ready-to-date-or-court/

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