What is "Perfect"?

by Jax

Media portray's this 'perfect' body image, but what is perfect? Is it anorexic or curvy? Is it skinny or healthy? Every media source has a different version of 'perfect'. Some say that Victoria's Secret "Angels" are perfect little angels. The truth is that they work hard to get that body and the media works harder to emphasize their curves and thin waist. On the flip side, there are skinny runway models. They appear to be waif-like and sometimes anorexic. They exercise to be thin and do not eat a steady amount of food. Sometimes they eat only healthy foods in small portions. They are always on a diet. Is this perfect to you? God made us who we are. If he wants us to be heavy, that is what it has to be. If he made us to be skinny, so be it. God's image of 'perfect' is just how he made us. Sinless, faithful, loving angels. This is how we were born. If we change that, then we will suffer a life in Hell. Pressure to be perfect does not make us beautiful. Being yourself and being religious makes us perfect.

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