What is modesty????

What is modesty? Is it how you dress? I want to know what it is. Is it wearing loose clothes, and no make-up? Please answer this soon someone. Thanks.

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modesty is...
by: cassandra

modesty is wearing clothes that cover you completely. modesty is not wearing skin-tight clothes to the point you can the outline of underclothes. modesty is not wearing sheer clothing without something under to cover up. modesty is wearing shorts/skirts/dresses that go down to your fingertips with your arms straight..modesty is wearing shirts/dresses that cover your body and don't show much cleavage, and many people would say no cleavage..thats what i think modesty is anyway.

Modesty is beauty
by: Ambreya

In dressing, being modest means to keep your body clothed. It's not showing off parts of your body that shouldn't been seen by the whole world. As the comment before said, no low cut tops and longer shorts/skirts. I feel that make up is okay and not really related to being modest.

by: Anonymous

Excellent responses young ladies but let me just add one more thing. Along with the outside dressing which you explained so well, modesty should also affect you internally. Your speech, actions - the way you carry yourself should also reflect "modesty".
It is often described as being "a lady". I Peter 3 describes "the dress of a modest woman" and Proverbs 31 details her "worth".
The power of having modesty on the inside is that it determines the what, when and how you give expression on the outside; be it speech or apparel.
God bless all of you precious modest young ladies!

by: Anonymous

i believe that all bodies are different so modesty is defined for everyone differently. modesty doesnt mean to wear baggy clothes and no make up. it means to wear clothes that cover you up but dont engulf your body and makeup that isnt so thick that when you look at the person you can totally tell. it's just small touches here and there that define your face and doesnt make you look like a clown. i hope this helped you!!!! :)

by: Anonymous

Hey. I think I can answer your question. Modesty is to me anyway, wearing things that cover you up completly. Something that you would feel good about wearing on national tv. Not too many low-cuts, short shorts/skirts,you know, that sort of stuff. As for makeup, i dont wear makeup yet and I dont have to worry, but makeup is probably fine if your parents agree. Hope i helped!

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