what i thought was "Life"

by Tiffany
(Irvine, Ky.)

Me now, age 15

Me now, age 15

my mother got pregnant with me when she was 16... i'm 15 now. as i grew up i faced death.. my mom and dad fought and drunk all they time. the was both involved with marijuana and meth. that was a big thing in their life. One night after my dad got drunk He and my mother got into a fight. he pulled the knife out. i was only like 8 months old and in my mothers arms... well my mother was drunk too. My dad went to slice my moms throat and she held me in front of it as like a protection so that i would get hurt before she would.. well in the next three years my dad was in and out of jail.. my mom got pregnant with 2 of my siblings.. 2 other kids one girl and boy. i was molested and raped by my father on countless times.. i remember still today screaming in agony. Well as time goes on we get moved from the home. i had never known anything about jesus or God... the only person i thought saved me was my granmaw.. she was the light in my life. well she had some medical conditions and the state wouldn't let her take us kids in by this time my lil bro. was born. so we was put in foster care.. i went thru 6 homes of abuse and thought i wanted to die.. it felt like i was living in an earthly hell. well the state got ahold of the abuse my siblings and i got in the last home and was moved... my adopted mother tells me today it looked like i had infantigo when she first seen me. and i dont doubt it. we wasn't allowed to come in the house during the day... it was outdoors for us from sun up to sun down. we used the bathroom outside we ate berries and went to the neighbors for water and drinks to cool down with so we wouldn't get dehydrated. Well when we moved to where we are now. God had a plan for our lives... we are in a christian home and go to church every sunday.. i have a call on my life and am sooo close to grabbing it.. i now play piano and guitar.. my oldest brother (i'm the oldest of them all but he's the oldest brother of them all) now plays guitar and drums.. the middle sister sings for the lord.. and the little brother just tries to do his best for whatever he can. after we got adopted we got another sister.. they had her.. and she makes up for the 5 of us.. shes the youngest and i thank God for them every day. he took Nothing and made it into something.. my life once was an empty vessel is now full and overflowing with a love for homeless kids and orphans from foreign countries.. i'm wanting to make my first missionary trip when i turn 17 i'm 15 now. I believe God put me through all this to someday reach out to the world maybe i could lead some soul to him just from telling my textimony.. who knows? well thats about all there is... reply if you want :)

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by: Anonymous

What an enspiring story! I'm so glad to hear that even though you went through some really hard times, you didn't turn away from God and make an unwise decision, but instead you seeked for him! Keep up the adittude, and remember to always thank God for everthing he has done for you! God bless you!

Tiffany, You Are God's Pearl
by: Anonymous

My precious Tiffany, what a beautiful witness you are for the LORD. Like a pearl, you represent
"beauty wrought by pain." I praise God for His great grace and calling over your life. You are so wise to find purpose in your horrific experience - and my dear what plans our faithful God has for your future! Continue in your pursuit to know Him that brought you out. Continue to grow in your knowledge of His great love for you. Eat His Word; Jeremiah 1, Jeremiah 20:11, Psalm 139, the life of Joseph, Isaiah 9 and 53, I Corinthians 5, Philippians 3 just to name a few. "For this cause" rings out so clear, and according to Romans 8:28 Tiffany all of it shall be turned around and worked together for your good and for His glory. God bless you dear Tiffany, it was indeed a great blessing to "meet" you! You are the definition of "new life in Jesus". By the way, an oyster makes pearls out of the "irritants - those things that caused him pain"....God bless you Tiffany!

Re:| what i thought was "life"
by: Tiffany Sparks

thanks all! yeah i have been thru alot and etc. but as the bible says all things work together for good to those who are called according to his purpose!!! thats my "theme" verse in the bible! thats the only thing that kept me going! and still keeps me going! i appreciate the comments... :)) thank you and God Bless!

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