What do i do now

A few months ago i asked for advice. (The title for my question was, Father having affair!) My father was cheating on my mother and she did not know. You told me to tell her the truth. I did, now their marriage is on the brink of collapse because of the affair. Now that i have destroyed our family, what is next??

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It's Not Your Fault
by: S'ambrosia

Hey hon,
I'm really sorry to hear about the negative decisions that your dad made and the way that it is affecting your family now, but I just want you to know that you don't need to blame yourself for what's happening now. Whatever the outcome of his infidelity may be on your family, don't believe the lie that it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't told the truth. Family members may be angry with you, and you may be angry with yourself for revealing what was hidden, but what is done is the dark will ALWAYS be brought to the light, so if you hadn't done it, it would've happened anyway. I know it feels bad right now because you're living it, but imagine if it had been hidden longer and how much more it would hurt, especially if your mom were to find out in a more painful way.

So, don't blame yourself for any of this, okay? It's not your fault. Secondly, speak to a youth pastor or trusted friend at church and make sure that you have some kind of outlet and source of encouragement. This is going to be a hard season, yes, but God does His best work in these kinds of seasons. He shows how truly loving and powerful He is. Find your resting place in Him, in the midst of the storm that's raging in your house, and He will keep you in perfect peace. I'm praying that He will protect your heart and your family as well. Grace and peace to you.

Much love

I'm Sorry
by: Keza S

I can say I feel your pain and I really understand. When I was about 14 I found out my dad was cheating on my mom, and I thought my mom was /is an angel. So this was hard. I found a picture of the woman just laying in my bathroom that I shared with my parents and saw this naked lady. Now this was a shock and hurtful because I knew it was my dads I felt it and to top it off my dad at the time WAS Pastor(head pastor ) of a church. This experience caused so much pain because I never told my mom but she knew it and was going to leave him but she decided to try to work it out and they tried it was just too hard and they divorced. My point to you baby is please speak with people because I kept this in for years and it cause me to have a warped outlook on men, faithfulness and trust.
I have had failed relationship with great men because of this insecurity. I had to open up and once I did I was told serval time. Your dad is a man first before he was a pastor and because we are all human we all fall short and give into temptation. Because he was a pastor did not make him better then anyone that was just my thoughts. Please understand do not let this reflect your outlook on men and love. Talking to people you will be surprised how many people have dealt with this. I will keep you in my prayers .This is not your fault I am pretty sure your mom had some inclination this was going on. God blesses us with this gift called woman's intuition

Love Keza S ~

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