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I need some help. I need to lose weight. i'm 5'8 and 300 pounds. I have a cute face but my weight is bad. Its not that im sick, or cant do things for myself. Every time i go to the doctor i am healthy except for my weight. I want to lose weight, but im finding it hard to get motivated, but its something i have to do, or i will get bigger and bigger. it has to stop. I just could really use some christian advice, and some motivation and maybe someone to relate to. Sometimes i feel so sad. all my life i've been called fat, and chubby, so much that those words dont hurt anymore. I feel like a giant sometimes, im tall and big, i feel left out. I feel alone. I just dont even know where to start. does God help you with weight loss? I just want to be normal. im at 300 and i want to be down to at least 180, how do i get there? help. please.

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Take care of the Temple
by: Jess

I've never really been that big before, just at times chubby and I don't know how much I weigh because we don't have pounds we have a different measuring system. But I am a real foodie, I like bake, cook, talk about textures and all that stuff and eat.

Because I am getting older I've been putting on more, cause my metabolism is not as strong so I have also came to the same question I while ago. How can I change the way I am looking after myself? For it's not always that good.

We need to honor God with our body, and by that we need to take care of them for they are the temple of the holy spirit. I was reading a book last year that said we should give every part of our lives to him. That also means how we treat our bodies; what we eat, how active we are and things like that.

In prayer hand over that part of your life to God, whatever is your burden. Make him Lord over what you eat. This may sound funny but I am serious. You'll start paying attention if what you are eating is nurturing your body or is pilling on something unwanted... or will make you sick.

Also speak with him, ask him if it is good.
Eat what is good and try to go for things that are unprocessed and are authentic. But still enjoy yourself don't just eat for the taste/filling but surround yourself with colours, different aromas and textures.

Also for exercise find something you like doing. Not because you need to or what not. For me I take a long walk to school but it's maybe also a good way to start the day... walking and praying, or singing. It's a good way to clear your heart.

Also remember that you are so valuable in the eyes of God. I would like you to encourage to draw closer to his heart and ask him personally to reveal your beauty. As you learn how God sees you, it will change how you see yourself.

You are a daughter of the King of Kings.
Walk with your head held high.
Lots of Love, Jess.

He is mighty to save!
by: Linda

I am very excited for your journey! I say this because you have recognized that you need to make some changes, and realized that you don't have the strength to do it on your own. We are so fortunate that God doesn't ask us to rely on our own strength!

Isiah 40:29 says He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might He increases strength [causing it to multiply and making it to abound]. He can and will help you overcome your struggles with weight!

I have dealt with weight issues most of my life and I have recently began saying to myself in my head 'the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing.' This has become a quick prayer for me that I say whenever I feel tempted by foods that I know are not good for me. I know that my body is craving these thing. I know that in my mind I truly believe I want and sometimes think I even need these bad foods. More importantly I know that my body is my temple and that my spirit IS willing AND able to overcome any challenges that I face in food or any other hard to deal with areas.

As you learn and fully embrace Gods love for you by taking care of yourself and healing from the hurts that being overweight has caused, you will begin to live in the abundance of life that He has for you. And that includes health, wholeness, and happiness in the body he has given you!

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