Wanting to Change

I am fifteen and a girl and i'm sure you know how appearance is so important these days. If you change something about yourself naturally is that bad? For example I want to be a B cup since i'm fifteen, go to an all girls school and it's weird seeing twelve year olds with bigger breasts than me. Anyway I want to be a B cup and massage and eating foods like brocoli, apples,eggs (all healthy stuff BTW) can help my boobs grow (this is a proven fact cause it's work for lots of ppl before); is it wrong for me to try to make my boobs grow through these natural methods? I know i should accept myself fully but i'm shy and my self-esteem isn't as high as it ought to be (it's not rly low either, somewhere in the middle).

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True Beauty
by: Heather

If God made you with a small chest, why do you think that's a bad thing? I can honestly tell you that I have been there before. I am still not quite a B cup and I am in my 20's. But my view on this has changed. For one thing, I am very thankful for the fact that when guys talk to me, they speak to my face. A lot of my friends, don't get that respect. Self-esteem shouldn't be based on your exterior appearance, because we will always find a flaw in ourselves. Instead, our self-esteem should come from knowing that God made us just the way He wanted us. And if he wants us to have small boobs then no amount of broccoli will change that. But what we feel we lack on the outside, God is building up much more important things inside of us, where our true beauty really is.

Made in Perfect Design
by: Anonymous

Like Heather was saying our self esteem and self worth should come from God alone, and then when things change and situations come our way we will have a strong foothold as long as we look to him.
(I'm speaking to myself now too.)

But whether or not you want this or that we should still eat our greens, veggies, fruit, carbohydrates and water... basically a good balanced diet (I'm sure you've heard this a hundred times) and also to treat to a nice slice of cake and things like that occasionally. But I also reckon you should save that more for people and friends, it's better to eat with someone and enjoy something together.

My first kind of advice for this thing... self esteem and bodily issues was... "NO! Just eat eat eat chocolate!" or something like this, and she was one of my friends in church. xD This held me back from changing the way I eat.

Then I also talked to someone more older then her and me, one of my youth leaders that me and all the girls and friends with and she was like "Wow Jess, thats not good."

It's also really good to talk to older wiser girls in your youth group if you have one. I think yea it's okay to change something like hair, skin... I'm not totally alright for boobs and face structure though.

If you are going for a change, look or something. It's fun but the challenge that comes along with it is don't put your security in it. Whatever we do to our bodies we should take care of them for they are the temple of the Holy Spirit, but along with taking care of our bodies we also need to recognize God created us in his design. He made you for a purpose and in that design comes your beauty. When I was about 12 I wanted to be one of those girls that were flat chested, short and skinny that could wear those cute dresses but I threw puberty I became a pear instead.

What we like and want to look like twists, shifts and changes. But there is always something breathtaking beautiful in a woman with a quiet peaceful spirit. Sorry, I know this seems long, I'm not a good speaker. But I hope this has helped you in some way.

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