Valentine Poems

In Dedication to a friend:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Nothing can describe, how much I miss you
If the world ended today,
You’d be the first one I’d save,
But I would go battle for you to be out here again
And this time, I’ll be sure to treat you as a good friend
Distance cannot even suffice the bond between us
The glue that keeps us together, is our infinite trust
Even if my life was on the line to fight for your safety
I’ll still do it, but this time with my shield and the man of Almighty
Your smile and warm loving hugs provide me reassurance
To save me from this world without the insurance
As always, actions speak louder than words
And know that I try to prove that, even though sometimes the emptiness hurts
My appearance by your side will be soon again,
My name is Vivian H.T. Lee, and I’m here to be your real friend.
-The Almighty true One-

In Dedication to a Friend:
Here I am to give you my blessing,
You’re like the salad to my dressing,
Even though we’re getting to know each other
I know deep inside my heart that this friendship will work
My cold and sickness does not matter
As long as our caring for each other never shatter
Like I am red, and you are blue
We dove into this friendship without a clue
Like I am red, and you are blue
Sometimes our opinions may not match too.
But I will never let our arguments get too far
I’ll put our madness behind closed bars.
And as we both look for better days,
There are times when green grass feels like hay,
Things may not always be the way it seems,
Put your worries away, because they are all just dreams
Reality, love, and the past hurts
And I’m sorry that I can’t put your life in reverse
But that’s a great thing, because there is a future out there
For a great guy like you, that is willing to care.
And if you feel that the storm overshadows
I know a strong man that can protect you, David Do, and his inner hero.
-The Almighty True One-

In Dedication to a Friend

How long has it been? Since you’ve heard a poem.
Well, I hope these words hits you like Texas Hold Em’
I remember everything like it was just the first day
I admit I was scared, but still had the courage to go and say ‘hey’
My attitude towards your life may not always be the best
This is just another step that puts our friendship to test
Like you said, words are just words
I promise though, that my words aren’t rehearsed
And if life gets rough, Yes I know it’s kinda tough,
Not even bricks and stones can break a built trust
Time and patience, they go hand in hand
With our compassion and love combined, there is not a thing we can’t withstand
Look at me, yes I know you’re critical
But miracles happen, like summer birds flying in the winter snow
One day I hope
you’ll realize, and if it takes forever, I don’t mind
That I’ll be here and be your true friend, someone more than you can depend
We may still feel and act as if we’re strangers
But the stranger writing you this will protect you from future danger
I cannot judge you from your past, nor can you do the same to me
What we can do, is grow and become the best people we can be
I won’t be the one that always agree with your wrongdoings
A real friend should be one that correct actions that are conflicting
Your life may feel as if it falls into more broken pieces everyday,
However, when you begin to understand and love life, trust me, everything will go your way
I can only imagine at night how you feel, especially how they treat you inside the system
No matter how much it takes, I’ll be willing to change these corrupt laws that are written
It may be hard to believe because I look so young and weak
But looks are deceiving and age is nothing but a number,
I’ll give these rich, white men, something they will always remember,
By that, I hope you get that I mean, the judges of the law
Because Vivian Lee’s reforms will definitely make ‘em fall.
Do me one thing though, never let your hopes go down the drain
Look to the sky, and believe that the rain only washes away your pain.
-The Almighty True One-

Better than Rubies
On this very special day, I have something to share with you
That I am very grateful and blessed to have such a gift as you
Your friendship is what I treasure most
The light within draws us close
Never letting patience, kindness and faith between us fade
This is the deep bond that I will never trade
Don’t be afraid or feel alone,
Because I am the one who will comfort you through lives’ storms
Open your heart and see the light
Learn to trust the inner strength and power inside
Don’t need to question or ask why
My compassion will always flow deeply for you from night to sunrise
Yes, life may hurt and cause scars inside
But my words to you will never die
Brotherly love is lasting and doesn’t perish
Your caring and touching words are what Ill always cherish
People in your life has put you down, and made you feel hurt
There is nothing in the past that you can just reverse
However, waters may be gray
But don’t forget the promise in life I made
Ill be the rainbow and stick by your side
Through lives’ high crashing tides
This friendship we will build, will be that light that will guide you
To safety
People say I wish upon a star, my wish to you is that you will receive the morning star
It will last forever and it is in your heart, It will never look away from you or depart
So smile and treasure those around you,
That on this Valentine Day, I’m glad that my words of friendship can surround you.
-The Almighty True One-

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