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I get asked every so often about devotionals for younger girls. Our devotionals cover some pretty heavy topics. Topics that today’s teen girls are faced with every day in high schools around the country, but that wouldn’t really be appropriate for pre-teens/tweens.

As the mother of twin daughters that turned nine earlier this month, I know it is important to have resources you can trust, and just how hard it can be to find them. So today, I wanted to share my recommendations for devotional books for pre-teens/tweens.

The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo
by Dannah Gresh

When I ordered devotional books for my daughters, this was my first choice. Dannah Gresh is a name I trust, and I loved the idea of reading it right along with my 9-year-old. One of my girls is especially interested in sharing my quiet time with me in the mornings, so I thought this would be a great resource for us.

Reality: I have four kids, and finding time to sit down and read this with her every day isn’t always easy. We usually read it before school, but on the days that don’t go according to plan, it is nearly impossible to find another time that works for both of us. When we do get to it though, my daughter loves the one-on-one time (and so do I).

There are definitely some devotionals in here that were too advanced for my 9-year-old daughter. She is not into dating yet, obviously. So talking about not becoming obsessed with boys wasn't really something she was interested in. I know some girls her age that are in to boys, so it probably just depends on the girl. And that is just one example. Just like any devotional book, some days were powerful, others fell flat.

I will also add that while this book is very well written and organized, I was a bit frustrated with the reading level. It uses some pretty big words and stopping to talk about what they say, how to pronounce them, and what they mean, really takes away from the devotional experience. If your daughter is a really strong reader with a large vocabulary, it probably won’t be an issue, but not every tween is, and I think it’s important to note.

All that said, I do recommend this devotional book. It would be a fabulous resource for the right mother-daughter duo. I am just not sure that is us, or maybe it will be in a couple of years, but not yet.

You can find The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo by Dannah Gresh on Amazon by clicking here.

Might God Girls
by Mandy Fender

This is one of the best tween devotional books I have come across. There are so many features that set this devotional book apart. Journaling pages. Coloring pages. Larger font. Pronunciation tips for key words. I love the clean, but fun design.

Mandy writes in a way that any tween would appreciate and does so with age appropriate terminology that even my struggling reader doesn’t have issues with. The topics are about who girls are created to be, so there are no worries about topics that don’t apply to them. It is an all-around great book, and my 9-year-old loves it.

It’s designed for girls 7-11, and I really thing it wouldn’t matter which end of the spectrum you are at, this devotional book is phenomenal. I could not recommend it more highly.

You can find Might God Girls by Mandy Fender on Amazon by clicking here.

You're God's Girl!
by Wynter Pitts

You're God's Girl an outstanding devotional book that isn’t just something you read, but teaches young girls about the value of daily quiet time. This isn’t something you read and walk away from, but the author encourages you to get out your Bible, answer questions, and really work through the days reading. When my daughter gets all her stuff out and settles in, her quiet time looks amazingly like mine, but it’s not because she is imitating me, but because she’s doing it on her own.

This is an amazing devotional book for younger pre-teens. I love that it drives them to God’s Word, and that it does it in such an age appropriate way. Some older, more mature pre-teens, might find the tone a bit childish, but it was perfect for my girl, and I will definitely be ordering the Wynter’s other devotional book.

You can find You're God's Girl by Wynter Pitts on Amazon by clicking here.


While our devotional books aren't appropriate for younger girls, there are still some great options out there. 

Now that you know which ones I approve of, what about you?

Have you read any great devotionals for pre-teen / tween girls?

Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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