tori burgio

by Tori
(United states)

I am 13 years old and i go to a public school. your taste and thoughts on the matter of swim ware i have to say are kind of well i don't really understand. for the past 8 years of bathing suit shopping has been a personal hell for me and my mom. And the hassle is just soo much i can hardly bare it. I really want to ware a bikini but my mom likes the tankinis and its sooo humiliating to be the only one at the party wearing a tankini.

And your idea is cute and all but i don't think that its all that necessary to cover up everything i mean do u really think that God is going to like u any less on what u wear?

I wish that the world was as simple as the way you state it on this page. If I wore a shirt and shorts to the pool is that really swimming? How do you get any speed?

I have been looking around for a modest bikini for most of my life and im just so confused. I wish i was as care free as you.

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God sees your heart
by: Sarah

Dear Tori,

Modest and bikini don't go together. If it's a bikini, how can it be modest? It shows off so much of your body.

The function of a bikini is more to show the body of the wearer than swimming. And hence it's function as a swimsuit is taken away. If you are saying how can you get swimming done when you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I challenge you, how can you get proper swimming done when you are wearing a bikini?

Firstly, you will be, and grow increasingly, in self-consciousness, wondering how you look, whether you look better than the girl next to you, whether that boy notices you, whether your tummy is trim enough for the bikini, whether the straps of the bikini is loose, whether the cups are still on your busts etc.

Secondly, if you see the competitive swimmers (just search for 'competitive swimwear' on the internet), none of them wear bikinis. Why? Because it is not designed to give them speed. In fact, they are all one-piece swimsuits, half of them extend to the thighs.

The reason why there are bikinis now is because it is fashionable. Sadly, sex sells. It really does. Girls feel that they are sexy in bikinis, they feel more confident when wearing it, and there is a feel-good feeling when people look at you, especially guys. I know the feeling well.

So Tori, just because your friends wear bikinis or do something doesn't qualify that you should do it too. I pray that you gain maturity and wisdom in your decisions.

I don't mean to be critical Tori, but you are right that God will not love you less because of what you wear. But God sees your heart, others may only look at you on the outside, but God sees right through your heart and your deepest thoughts. I hope that in everything you do and every decision you make, you attempt to please God and not man.

In Christ,

Swimsuit problems
by: Miranda -14

Dear Tori,
I know that it seems hard to fit in wearing modest swimwear. I don't want to stand out because I'm wearing a one piece with shorts, but you need to think 'Is it more important what they think of me or God'? I am not saying that I always do what pleases God or that I always want to do what pleases God. Of course I want the short shorts and the mini skirts but I know that God doesn't want me to have those things. If you truly believe that God is fine with you wearing a bikini then try telling your mom why. And of course keep praying! I added a link of a website that has really cute yet modest swimsuits. You get to design your own swimsuit. You pick the top, color, design, bottoms, skirt or no skirt and everything. I think you should be able to compramise with your mom and still please God. Good luck!

~Miranda Age:14

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