Too true, being content with the way God made me

I can identify with a lot of what you've said. I'm a teenage girl and I don't wear makeup. That's mostly because I don't know the first thing about it - what to buy, how to put it on, or anything.

Recently I've been thinking more about trying to buy some and experiment with it. But then I remembered that when I was in a play wearing the stage makeup every night, I liked looking different, but my face started to break out. So I thought, "Well, what about eye makeup? That can't hurt."

Then I saw a girl on my soccer team who wore a lot of eyeliner, etc., and it looked like she had tiny little zits all around her eyes. Another time I saw an older girl from my school at a store and barely recognized her. She wasn't wearing any makeup and she looked completely different.

Someone once made the point that they'd rather have people listen to what they have to say instead of thinking, "Why doesn't she put something on her face?" I don't think it's wrong to wear some makeup to make yourself look nicer, but to get obsessed over it means that something's wrong.

I have to admit, I like being low-maintenance; I don't want to spend an hour every morning caking stuff on my face, then worrying at night if I got it all off. Maybe once I know more about how to use it, I'll start wearing some on special occasions, but probably not every day. After all, I'd rather have people say, "Wow, you look good today" than oversleep and not have time to put on makeup, and then have people think "What happened to her? She looks weird!"

Yet another experience that I vividly remember happened soon after I rededicated my life to God. I was standing in front of the mirror examining myself and I started to think yet again, "I'm so fat and ugly." Then out of nowhere another thought blotted out all the rest: "You're beautiful because GOD MADE YOU." I almost cried.

I still sometimes dislike my appearance, but more and more I've looked in the mirror and thought, "I don't look so bad after all." Thank God, I can now be content with the way I was made (or at least try!). Thank you for helping to set girls free from their own negative self-images.

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