Tonight was my first time

tonight i started cutting, i only have 1 cut and its not very deep but it helped. I feel like no one cares about me or my problems so i decided that i shouldn't care about myself either. So i took elastic bands and pulled them and let them hit my skin which worked for a while, later on i went into my bedroom and a found a paper clip and decided i would try cutting so i did, at first it didn't hurt because i wasn't thinking about it, now it hurts a little but it almost feels good somehow. I will probably eventually tell my best friend if she doesn't find out on her own, but i will probably continue. i did it on the side of my wrist and it bled a little. i think i might try something sharper next time.. but if i could give any advice to someone that is thinking about it, don't try it.. it gives you this feeling and makes you want to do it more and more and i don't know how i will be able to stop.

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stop while you can
by: cassandra

seriously, you need to stop while you can. cutting can quickly become an addiction--an addiction that's hard to get rid of. i first started trying to stop about 3years ago, and i gave up after 1year of constantly failing. i'm trying to stop again, and am being more successful for 2 reasons--i've gotten my youth pastor invovled and most importantly, i've gotten God involved. you say you feel like no one cares, well that's a lie--God cares. He felt that one cut you made tonight. if you make anymore, He'll feel every single one of them. please tell someone and get help. go to a parent(if the situation is right, i know the situation can be kinda difficult with some parents), or go to a teacher or youth pastor, or regular pastor, or even best friend's parent, or another adult family member. most of all, give it all to God. these lyrics have really helped me--when i'm having a particularly stressful time, i try to think of them as much as i can, and i really notice a big difference. this is just the chorus. I'll post a youtube link.
"No Chains on Me" by Chris Tomlin.
"...Shout and the walls are coming down
Yeah, we're running after You
Like a rolling stone,
Like a runaway train
No turning back,
No more yesterdays
My heart is free
No chains on me
God, You raise me up,
Up from the grave
With the cross before,
I'm on my way
My heart is free
No chains on me"

by: sam

most people on here are cutters like myself already or recovering cutters you should never cut again you no its wrong stop while your ahead stick to the rubber band popping you will thank yourself in the long run cause one thing my best friend brought up when i told her id that you are going to have to tell your kids one day and they are more likely to cut because they will think thats what you do when yu feel sad so please take my advice and stop while you are ahead of the addiction it will turn into.

Me to...
by: Brianna

I cut today for the first time. Its on my wrist to. It's barely deep at all, and I used a needle. I don't know how to help you, and I'm looking for help myself. But if you have been helped please let me know how! I know I'm going to do it again. Ive done it twice in one day!

Get in the Bible!!
by: Cassandra

seriously, i'm going on 3months--Christmas weekend will be 3months for me being "cut-free". it feels so good. do i still have the urges at times? yes. do i still have to fight to not cut? yes, almost everyday. but you know what's really helped me? my youth pastor. she's the most amazing woman. what did she do to help so much? she keeps me accountable, and most of all, she got me into the Bible, and spending time with God. now, i can't get enough of the Bible or my "God-time". on the days when i have none or very little are usually my most difficult days. even when i have awesome God-time, my nights at work can be tough, but i'm equipped to handle it. also, if you can practice deep-breathing to get through the urges, it helps a lot. listen to worship music--hillsong united and chris tomlin are favorites of mine. also, what you can try is finding other activities that busy your hands--i like art--i love to scrapbook. or find a good movie--one that's uplifting, and preferably funny. but i can honestly say that NONE of these suggestion will do much good if you don't let God do His work in you, and you don't learn to lean on God, and let Him handle your problems. He WANTS to--they're not too big or too small for Him to handle them. He said to give all your cares(problems, concerns, worries, etc.) to Him, because He cares about you. He doesn't like--He wouldn't say it if He didn't mean it.

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