Tired of it all

by Melissa

Recently I lost a lot of weight and was skinny, but stil not happy with myself. Before that I was overweight and disgusted by myself, Now I gained all the weight back once again! I hate myself so much for it, I hate my body my fat, I dont even wanna go out anymore or have any contact with anybody, I cant stop eating and with every bite i hate myself even more, before i literally starves myself to lose weight but now I cant even eat healthy to lose weight because I just end up eating more and more and just gaining more weight, Ive really lost all hope. I even ask god at night for me not to wake up & just die in my sleep its that bad. I dont have no interest in things I once did, Its like why try if we are going to die anyways. I just cant take it much longer

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God has a plan! a marvelous plan! :)
by: Anonymous

Dont say that. Why try? Gosh, you will be amazed. God is amazing and will help you thru anything. get someone who is a Christ-follower and tell them. you dont want to keep things like this to yourself. tell someone you trust. tell your parents. There are people that love you and will help you. read your bible and ask God to help you. God will help you. Cry out to Him. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. :) Ill be prayin for ya :)

A big hug for you!!!!
by: Anonymous

Believe me, I know how you feel!! Don't give up...ever. It's a hard rode...but you CAN get that wieght off!! If the diet thing isn't working for you, try exercise. Do something you love, or something that hurts that you could COME to love. And have a goal. As you exercise you will find yourself realizing that the extra treat isn't worth it - you have worked way to hard to blow it all for a cookie. Be determined, take all your hopelessness on that and mostly on God.

Skinny to Fat
by: Penny

I hear you! In my adult life, I have weighed anywhere from 117 to 200 pounds and have been at every spot in between. I diet, loose weight, and then gain it all back plus extra. About a year ago with a heavy and depressed heart, I asked God to take this burden from me. I immediately felt a sense of peace in knowing that God was at the wheel. I then patiently waited for God to reveal his plan all the while having pictures of a skinner me in my head. I am a youth leader and about 2 to 3 months ago, I had a lock in for my 7th grade girls and the theme was "Your Body . . . The Temple". I felt conflicted about that theme because I know that I do not treat my body like a temple. At the same time I had been struggling with fear. My youth group is scheduled to go on a mission trip and I was worried about my ability to physically keep up with the group. It may be silly but I have never flown in a plane and I was also worried about not fitting comfortably in a plane seat and I was concerned about being embarrassed like so many other people I have read about who could not fit into their assigned seat. At some point, these two issues came together and I realized that my heart and head had to be in the right place before God would or could impact on my life. I realized that my desire to be "skinny" was not for the right reasons. I decided that I want to be an example for my girls. I decided that I want to be healthy to live a long life and to be able to enjoy that life but I also want to be able to serve God and I don't want my weight or health to get in the way. I was allowing my health and weight to keep me from serving the Lord and that is unacceptable! About 2 months ago, a friend introduced me to a program and while not easy, I am doing well. Listen, let's get real! You sound very obsessed about food and your weight and while yes your weight and health is important it is not the end to all! Do this, ask God to take this burden from you and trust that it will happen, be patient, and then get focused. Get your head in the right place. Ask yourself, "why do I want to be thin". If you just want to be "sexy" or to be able to wear "sexy clothes" or to be noticed by the boys then I would say that you need some time to really think about what is important. I know that my weight and food choices will always be a challenge for me but I also know that God's got my back and through him I have the strength and power to overcome anything. Keep your knees down and your head up!!!! Your are in my prayers.

The Love of God
by: Anonymous

Do you feel unloved, unnoticed, lonely and insignificant? Because with me I felt so empty and discouraged that I started to use food and see it sometimes as a friend and then other times as enemy. I had to understand that the Love that God has for me will never change. I have to be honest with you because it was hard for me to accept myself, but then I had to realize that God Loved me yesterday, Loves me today and will Love me tomorrow and forever. I recognized that the Lord Jesus Christ accepted me when I was not a Christian and then saved me. That is why I want you to know that God accepts you for who He made you to be, and He did not make a mistake. Pray and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to encourage you give you Hope and help you accept the Truth about yourself, becuase this is critical. Do you think you can find a person you can trust to support you? Can you tell your pastor? and do you think you need medical attention. My heart goes out to you.

God bless you

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