The Ugly Duckling

by James
(Alabama, USA)

i'm an ugly duckling

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You Are God's Masterpiece James!
by: Anonymous

James, that hurts my heart to see you say that about yourself.
First of all it's not true and you really need to talk to somebody about this. I don't know how old you are, perhaps you can talk to your parents, pastor or someone who can be trusted to give you godly counsel.
Try to go to a bible study that teaches you how to understand God's Word and His great love for you. Look up Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8 & 12, Ephesians 1, Philippians 3 and I John 5. Take your time with this study, really meditate on each chapter given, have notebook and pen ready to jot down your thoughts, asking God to heal those areas of weakness and pain. James, God's Word has the awesome ability to change the way you think as it heals your heart thus empowering you to see things - see yourself from another vantage point. There is power when you know - I mean REALLY KNOW that God loves you, has great plans for you, that you're not here by accident but you are here because God knew you, chose you, created you for purpose even before the foundation of the world.
James, God wants to use you - don't allow satan to rob you of what God wants to do in your life. I'm not being religious - just speaking truth. Let the power of Truth heal, bring joy and a fresh vision to you!
Be ever blessed James and please keep us posted!

by: The Girl on the Internet

I dont know you at all, but YOU'RE NOT AN UGLY DUCKLING. I dont care what you look like- I dont care if you have pimples, glasses, are obese, are stick-skinny, short, tall-YOU ARE NOT UGLY. God never creates anything ugly, believe me. I used to look in the mirror & see nothing of worth or value, complete and sheer fatness and ugliness, but, honestly, James, God never makes a mistake. I used to think I was God's biggest mistake, until one day, I was just instantly snapped out of my self-pity.
James, you are loved, by God- AND BY ME!! I love you even though I don't know you. You're beautiful because your Gods, and dont let anyone tell you differently, understand?? What people say and did to me used to have such a bad effect over me I was wrapped into depression, then, one day, I had to just release my thoughts. Though I still think about my bullies and still is angry at them, I can't keep hurting myself by remembering how much I was hated. Everyday, if you have a problem with people or are being sucked into self-hatred, always remember: God loves me.

by: Anonymous

Please don't believe or give into this lie. God does not make ugly ducklings. God made you & what God makes is beautiful. You are a child of God. You are a princess. You are special. You are God's bride. You are worthy. You are very special in God's eyes. This world(satan)is here to steal, kill & destroy. Satan wants people to believe lies about themselves so that you will not recieve blessings from God. God has so much waiting for you. Tell yourself out loud everyday the thruth about yourself. look into the Bible to find out what God says about you & believe it ot be true. God's word is truth. He cannot lie. God's desire is to build you up & lift you.

You are considered beautiful
by: Olivia

Hey there,

I may not know you at all whatsoever, but I will say, when you say those hurtful words, you have to understand, they're not true. No, I haven't seen you before, but I believe all of us girls are gorgeous inside. Even if you don't have a bright side, or if you have a mean personality, there must be a voice inside crying, asking for help. Well, I want to tell you are very, very, very, to the millionth power, beautiful. Don't ever let anyone or yourself say otherwise. God truly sees you as a pretty human being. As God had made you, He wanted to create you to declare His love for you, His love for all of us. When someone loves you for who truly are, then you don't feel like you have to change, that you're great just the way you are and you can truly and authentically be yourself. Please, take all of these words into your heart and make sure you remember that this fallen society's got nothin' on your amazing grace!
Love and Blessings,

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