The Secret Weapon of Fashion!

by Shelley Hitz
(Findlay, Ohio)

The Secret Weapon in Dressing Trendy yet not Trashy!

The Secret Weapon in Dressing Trendy yet not Trashy!

What is this secret weapon? You might be surprised! The secret weapon is a simple tank t-shirt!

How can this be used as your secret weapon to transform your trendy clothes?

Well, it's all about layering. You wear it underneath you other shirts.

Here are a couple examples of the way I use it:

1. When my shirt is too low in front
2. When my shirt raises up when I lift my arms (the "raise and praise" position)
3. When my button up shirt gaps and you can see my bra
4. When my pants are lower than my shirt

I tell you what, I have really used this "secret weapon" a lot! I've gotten to the point where I need to buy more because it seems like the one I want to wear is in the laundry.

They come in different colors, but the one I use the most is the white one. It may take a little hunting to find the ones that will work best (not too low in the front, the right colors, etc.) but it's been worth it for me!

If you have any other ideas or tips, make sure to let us know what works best for you!

We don't have to dress in big, ugly, baggy clothes in order to "honor God with our bodies." I Cor 6:19-20

Have fun with this!

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I Praise and Thank God For You!
by: Kathy Benson

Your husband was a blessing to my son, Luke and all of the middle school students at Eagles Nest in Milton, Delaware. I lead a Moms in Touch Prayer group weekly at our school. We pray about these issues regularly and lift our children up to Him. Thank you for sharing your hearts for Jesus! I have signed up for your newsletter. My boys are 25, 22, 13 and a little girl, YES only 8! I never dreamed when I had my first that He would bless me at my is wonderful. Her middle name is Sarah. :) I am going to share your site with the Christian girls that He has led to my older boys AND will be referring frequently for help with my precious daughter! May God continue to bless you, your husband and your ministry! I will be praying for you! Trusting in Him, Kathy

Thank you!
by: Shelley

Thank you for sharing - I'm thankful that God has connected us together! What a powerful ministry you have both to your kids and to the kids you pray for through Moms in Touch prayer group!

Fixing our eyes on Jesus,

clingy shirts
by: Anonymous

I found that if I wear a cami under a clingy shirt, it helps my body shape. Instead of the shirt going in where there's a space in between my bra and belly it flatten's it, creating a more flattering shape.

by: Anonymous

I was wondering, where did you find or what brand are your tanks? I've been looking for high-neck tanks and can't seem to find any.


modest tanks
by: Anonymous
this is a great place to buy modest tanks...

Kurtis and Tunics
by: Shari

I love kurtis and tunics like they wear in India. Great prints that look like a lovely goddess and that cover up well. They are supery trendy and come in so many colors prints and sizes and they look good with jeans, stretch pants and capris! Go to:

Thank you for your swimsuit article
by: Anonymous

In the past I have been so frustrated with the options for swimsuits. But I was just introduced to a new style that I feel like I want to stand on the roof tops and share with everyone girl/female about these suits. Never have I felt so comfortable in a swimsuit before. The name of the company is Panga swimwear ( I honestly feel that these suits have been an answer to my prayers, and I bet they will be for many others as well!

Guy Tanks?
by: Amber

I have a friend who buys guy tank tops because they are higher and longer.
At Wal-Mart there is a brand called SEED (at my Wal-Mart they are in the underclothes section) and they sell t-shirts for $5 that I particularly like to wear under my shirts. I used to just wear girl tank tops backwards and cut the tag off and then they were high enough. Now, they make them tagless so the words show through. I'm in dire need of new t-shirts and tanktops to wear under clothes so I'll most likely go to Wal-Mart this week to pick some up. Since most of the tank tops are tagless, I'll look into buying guy tanktops. I typically like to have my shirts to my collar bone to cover everything up because I'm larger up top, so we'll see if those'll work.

can't wait to share your site!
by: kelly

I just found your site and I am so excited to share it with my 12 year old daughter. She has been struggling to find a bathing suit that she would be comfortable wearing because she too has been convicted about modesty. Until last year she wore a simple one piece bathing suit and didn't seem to mind but last year was a different story. She didn't want to go swimming at all because she didn't want to expose her body. We suggested t shirts over her bathing suit but she didn't like that they would cling once they were wet. :( Once she even went swimming in a full length dress because she just didn't feel comfortable in her bathing suit. This year we are shopping in the boys section for swim trunks and rash guards. When I found your site I was thrilled! She will be so glad to know that she is NOT the only girl who feels this way. So many of her christian/church friends just go right along with the trends. I am so blessed to have her for a daughter! Thank you again for your book and this site!

by: Anonymous

I wear girl tank tops backwards it doesn't matter how low it is in the back. Just cut the tag if there is one and wear it backwards. No one can tell except for you, plus keeps it higher.

Modesty Panels
by: karen

I purchased some 'modesty panels' this year..

Small-ish pieces of triangular shaped material, which can attach round bra straps, creates a 'higher' neckline on t-shirts, dresses etc but without the 'heat' factor of an extra layer of clothing..

I have found them to be very successful.

My 12yo thinks they are great too..

High Tanks?
by: Emily

Someone else asked too, and another answered about Shade for high tanks. I know Shade went out of business, where did you get those super high necked tanks? Awesome!!

Modest tanks
by: Anonymous

You can also try turning tank tops around so that the back is in the front and then it creates a high neck tank top and then the original front becomes the back and it will be hidden under the back of the shirt that you are putting over it. I found that this works really good.

comfortable to wear
by: Jennifer

If we can just make some changes in the way we dress, we can create a new trend. I really like the tips that are shared here. I usually wear loose cloths and that feel comfortable for me.

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