The real reason models and actresses are thin

by George
(SF Bay Area)

I'm a former stage manager who is trying to get back into the media industry after many years. The real reason so many models and actresses are so thin is because of optics.

The single lens of a camera sees the work differently than a living warm blooded animal with binocular vision. All animals, humans included, interpret visuals from two optic sources. Your mind marries the two images that both your eyes are receiving. Unlike your brain the single lens of a camera does not interpret imagery for you. It merely relays the photons to a strip of film, camera tube or chip. This data is then presented on a screen with altered ratios because you're not seeing the image from your natural parallax.

It's why normal sized people with acceptable weight "look fat" on TV, and why very thin people look "normal" on TV and film.

Fashion models are instructed to take this a step further, and are told to become emaciated in order that their bodies not visually defray attention from the clothes they're supposed to be selling.

I've worked around many models and television actresses, and in person I've rarely found any of them desirable. In fact they're kind of scary looking when you meet them in person. Particularly the ones who've had some kind of plastic surgery.

Go to any fashion magazine website and look at the models. Then compare those photos with women of the 40s and 50s. Note the body differences, and the standard of beauty.

Contemporary fashion models are not beautiful. They are sold as desirable, but the real message is to sell clothes and other products.

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