The Place I Keep Returning to...The Place of Pain Poem

by Kayla

I keep returning to that place.

That place of hopelessness,
Of dying, lying, and not trying.
I try to appear happy
Even when I'm far from it.
That place is what I like,
Not because of the comfort,
But because of the pain.
The pain that accompanies
Every word, every scar
Lasts a lifetime.

Why do I keep going back
If all I get is hurt?
That's my familiar spot,
The place I visit most.

Comments for The Place I Keep Returning to...The Place of Pain Poem

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by: Christina

ik its hard to go in i have the same problem but moving on or teying not to go back to the same thing hurts more and more and u begin to think ur at it alon trust me i have been there and i still am

Peace be with you
by: Croi Bris

That place of loneliness, my dear
Is something horrid drenched with fear
The fear is pain, and the woes that with it come
And I say to thee, with these words few summed
That if you do not wish to return to that place
The first thing to try is to run and turn face

But I shall speak it now, so my warning heed
By yourself you cannot succeed
For only with the Lord may you thrive
Escape this lure and survive
So I ask you now, to pray for assistance
I know God can take you a far distance
Away from the pain, the lying, and even the dying
Promise you life everlasting and painless sighing

Peace be with you, sister in Christ
I know that it didn’t, but I hope my little poem did suffice
I pray for your heart, mind, and soul
And pray that your back be lifted from that heavy burden toll
Go now, without fear, and avoid your familiar spot
Remember your freedom with Jesus’ blood bought
Change is good, a new place you will find
Look towards friends and loved ones whose lives with yours are fore’er entwined
Walk without fear, pain, and rejoice
Make that outer mask of happiness your emotion of choice

Psalms 23:4—
“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”

by: Kayla

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has commented. I really appreciate your care and concern. It means a lot to me.
I will admit I have really been struggling with my relationship with God, and I am so very far away from him right now. I am currently being abused. I am also very suicidal. I do not want to live anymore. What's the point? Any ideas?

you are so very much loved.....
by: Carolyn

John 16:27 For the Father himself loves you....
God loves YOU,He has a plan for your life.Say this prayer outloud.. My heavenly Father loves me. He loves me not because of what I do for Him or against Him. He loves me because God is love. I will live today knowing that if I experience rejection or disappointment from people, my Father will never reject or disappoint me. My father is for me and,therefore, no one can stand successully against me. I'm an overcomer because I am loved by my Father.
Please tell someone about your abuse.It HAS to stop.I was raped as a child & didn't tell anyone. Satan wants to kill, steal & destroy every person that will let him. God has a plan for your life & you giving Satan a foothold on you, you will miss God's plan. I have learned that speaking the Scriptures outloud of your mouth, when we do this these words have power in them & satan will flee from you. God's word will keep him away from you. Please don't let satan have the victory by taking your life. You are worthy & very special. This book "Biblical Foundations of Freedom" Destroying Satan's Lies with God's Truth by Art Mathias is a book that helped me alot. I highly recommend you read it. I am prayng for you.

the place of pain poem
by: Anonymous

Dearest Kayla
In the Name of Jesus, we speak life to you. Please try to go talk to someone and get help.
Don't allow the enemy to win. I don't know your age, but precious, you got a whole life to live.
Get the help you need in order to get out of harm's way. An abuse survivor, I promise you, there is no place so deep where the LOVE of God cannot pull you OUT. His Son's Blood was shed to purchase for you a good and blessed life. Know this, He is there giving you the grace to "believe to see" His manifest goodness and make you become "more than a conqueror" over that circumstance.

Like the other readers Kayla, I am also standing in agreement for your "suddenly" moment by the hand of God!

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