The devil is a Liar

by Sheena
(New London, CT)

I just have to spread my testimony, to tell the world just how good God is. Two months ago I made an appointment to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Specialist due to my chronic Sinus Infections. The ENT sent me to get a CT scan, and the results showed that my sinuses were fine, but that the CT scanned showed an abnormal spot in the right frontal portion of my brain. They tried to assure me, that usually its nothing, but they set up an appointment with a Neurologist, to make sure its really nothing. Of course all these thoughts began to run through my mind: What if I have a brain tumor? What if I have some rare disease? What if im going to die, and leave my Mother out here by herself, and etc.. just negative thoughts filled my head. I immediately began to pray, I confessed that by his stripes I am healed and put in a prayer request with the prayer warriors at my church, so that they could pray for me also. On the day of my appointment to the Neurologist, My mother came along and the doctor told both of us that the CT scan showed damage to my brain, and that it could be Multiple Sclerosis, a mini stroke I had, or it could be nothing, he told me I would need to get an MRI with Contrast(dye) for a better look. I could see the worry in my Mothers face, and even though I had faith God would see me through whatever I have, the negative thoughts would continue to pop up, and I began to get depressed. I went to the hospital to get my MRI, and I had to wait two weeks before I got the results, due to the nuerologist being on vacation. During that time all I could think about is if I were to Die tomorrow, what have I done useful with my life? All the things in the Bible that the lord has asked us to do: Love ur neighbor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and etc..I honestly can't stand my neighbors, I cuss, I have a hard time turning the other cheek in fact I think evil thoughts of whoopin peoples behinds when they mess with me. I just felt depressed, because I could not think of anything useful I have done with my life to fulfill the lords will for me. I know my sins are nothing compared to a majority of people, especially these promiscuous girls and boys, who are sleeping with anything, doing drugs, and all the non believers and evil people out there. But I decided from that point forward regardless of what the results say, I will try my best to do things Gods Way, and to put my life to use for him. My final step before finding out my results was to have my Pastor put oil on me and pray for me, once that was done I put the situation in God's hands, and I continued to believe that I am healed. Well I went to the Neurologist today to get my results from the MRI, and let me say THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! My results came back negative, and the neurologist said the CT scan was wrong, and whatever it showed was just an artifact. To God be all the Glory! The lord has shed is Grace and Mercy on me, and I am so thankful. So whenever the doctor gives you a negative report, or your going through something stressful, please keep your faith, and now the devil is a liar, and just tell yourself, greater is he that is in me, than who is in the world :) Oh, and take time out of your schedule to do something useful with your life, like God has asked us in the Bible. Give help to those who need it.

God Bless,

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God is our healer
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your testimony, keep our eyes focused on jesus is the way forward

by: cassandra


by: Anonymous

That is an awesome testimony! I know that in my life I am sometimes very quick to believe the devils lies...but this is proof that he does not hold our lives in his hands...God does!

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