The Broken Heart Bible Study

by Sarah Ladbrook
(Ballutha, New Zealand)

The Broken Hearted

some bible verses about the broken hearted are: "the LORD is close to broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit" psalm34:18, "He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds" psalm 147:3, and "... He has sent me to bind the broken-hearted..."isaiah 61:1

Recently, including now I seem to be hurt all the time and I can not seem to feel God when I pray because my chest has so much hurt that it is over powering my judgment, which I am trying to stop and rely on God again. For I desperately want him but it is my own self that is stopping me, so what is a broken heart? Is it the fact that you have so much hurt? Or the fact you can't feel God?

I have been reading helpful bible verses that has helped me, like "the LORD is close to broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit" psalm 34:18. That is a really powerful message to me, because it is like saying that no matter what you do or go the LORD our God will always be with us. Another bible verse I love and has meaning is "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." proverbs 3:5-6 So to me even if you are really hurt or confused about god then don't worry. Just trust in him, and everything will be alright.

He will heal you of your hurt if you go to him, he loves you no matter what, for he is a gracious God. Do not let a broken heart separate you from God, for it does no good to yourself or to God.

I just would like to pray for all the people who are suffering in some way and just give your heart and your worries and your hurt to God. For he listens and he does answer :) Amen, so be it.

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Thank you
by: carolinascowgirl

Im goin' thru a seperation with my husband and there has been and still is soo much hurt, but its completely like you said, God is there, all the time. He is showin' me that He's gonna take care of me and my children and also my baby boy's daddy. He needs Jesus. I pray that he will find Jesus soon. So God can heal all of his hurt. I love the Bible verses you put on here, and have been searchin' exactly for the same ones.
Thank you.

God Bless Always,
Crystal Jean

Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this inspirational article on a broken heart! I have remained faithful to the Lord despite of my heartaches and he does heal!

Thank YouA
by: Anonymous

Thank you for those Bible verses. I really need it at this time.

by: Anonymous

Thank u so much right now im having major problems im suicidal and im hurting and depressed this really helped thanks.

by: Anonymous

I would like to take a moment and say thank you for posting this. I am going through a bad time in life and feel alot of hurt and pain (I realized I typed THROUGH). I do have faith in God and know that this pain will not last forever but gather more strength to move on through the verses you posted- Thank you

by: Anonymous

I am going through a trying time right now. My boyfriend has had the same issue for some time & I broke up with him Tuesday out of anger, hurt and a broken heart but my prayer is that he does whatever it takes to get our relationship back on track & makes up for the hurt he has caused. I'm praying that God touches his heart & renews his mind so he wants to do right by this relationship. I know that the Bible says Ask and ye shall receive, seek and you will find, knock & the door will be answered. I believe & trust in God 100%. I will not look at what's in the natural because it's temporary & subject to change. I look to what is unseen. Your scriptures gave me faith to endure & have patience while I'm waiting for God to do a mighty work within this relationship. I know it will be restored even better than it was before. Contradictions keep entering my mind telling me the opposite of what I'm believing. I'm fighting them with the Word. It's difficult to be patient in the face of tribulation and not to be depressed & throw a pity party. It's not easy. I'm striving to be joyful in my distress while I'm waiting and I know it's a test. This is the perfect time to excercise my faith. Please pray for me. I'm holding on & I will fight every step of the way with the Word. I pray that anyone else who is reading this will gain strength & endure whatever trial their facing patiently while God is working. We have the victory. If God is for us, who can be against us. And know that LOVE NEVER FAILS. Signed, (Faithful)

by: Anonymous

I am seriously in a lot of trouble with my relationship and where it is headed because my boyfriend is morman and i am not. i feel like i cannot marry a different religion but knowing god will mend my broken heart touches me and gives me the comfort i need. thankyou so much for this verse i had read it before but had forgotten about it until today.

by: Anonymous

Thank you for everyone who shared their story... I have been sooo broken hearted for about a month now.. My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago and gave me no real reason. I believe in my heart is it because he is Persian Jewish and I am Italian Christian.. and his family and prestigious life won't allow him to marry outside his faith.
I was hesitant to get involved and for almost a year he courted me only to break my heart after telling me I was safe to fall in love because religion will never tear us apart. I believe his family and friends had a lot of influence. It was very Romeo and Juliet... reading this helped remind me that Jesus will heal my heart and will protect me and never leave me. It reminds me that the love of Christ is constant and never failing.. that he will never abandon me like a man could. I struggled everyday this past month because I felt like God had left me... but then my dog got very ill and alomst died again and I read healing scriptures over his body and I kept telling myself.. "God will never give me more than I can handle" and I knew deep down that God knew I could not handle losing my boyfriend and my dog around the same time... so miraculously his problem can be solved with antibiotics... It truly is a reminder of the faithfulness of the Lord and that even when you feel like he isn't there, if you just believe and keep giving him praise.. he will give life to your life and hope to your hopelessness... Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life...from one broken heart to the next... God Bless

make the hurting stop
by: Anonymous

I thank you for your words. It seems as if I can hardly go on. My connection with the Lord is clouded and I don't feel him.

heavy hearted
by: Anonymous

i feel the same way. i cnt feel god's presence because my heart, it tore apart. i have so much pain, it hurts so bad. i got my heart broken when i was 14 and now im 19 and it's just gettin worse every year and it hurts everyday

He is faithful!
by: Anonymous

God has made us to live in victory. We all feel the deep pain of rejection or broken relationships at times but God's healing is irrevocable! His love never fails! If we remain open to love, and keep our heart's open, He will mend our wounds and restore the love we lost one hundred fold! Believe it, believe in the victory! God intends us to be strong victorious and live with might! We are the ones who prove to a broken world that love does not fail! We come through our own stories so we can successfully point the way! How awesome! I love it.

thank God!
by: Anonymous

He is really good that He never leaves us specially in times of troubles.. This is a powerful verse! God is really good!

by: Sarah

This guy I really liked just asked me if I would beable to be a pastorswife, I told him no I didn't think I was strong enough.
And he flatly said, Then we have no future, it hurt me so much, to know that I wasn't good enough for him, And it broke my heart.
And this helped alot, Thank you & God Bless


by: Anonymous

Greetings all !!!
i am devistated after a breakup between me and my
fiance here recently . I am at a loss for words, my life seems like it has turned up side down . He won't even coomunicate with me or any family. I have no idea what he's thinking or even how he feels. I thought this would be a great life that we would build together . I am greatly sadden , but I know God is able , God won't leave me nor forsake me . I need all continous prayers to fight this battle.

I am a Survivor
by: Anonymous

For the last three weeks, my husband and I have been separated. It hurts so bad especially when I seen his truck at his child mother's house. The feeling I felt was so undescribable until I can scream. Now I have my two year old daughter asking for her father everyday and every night. I have been praying and asking God to mend my broken heart and heal my family. Do I believe that God is going to do it? Of course because my prayer is lining up with the word of God. Anyone that is going through with their spouses, my advice to you is hold on to God's unchanging hand because help is on the way. God see our tears and he hear our hearts. For he said that he will never leave us nor forsake us. So trust in God and see want God move in your life!!!

multiple ways to break
by: Anonymous

Thank you.
I was in a relationship for 2 years and we were planning a marriage. He is in seminary to be a minister, and a week after sending me a love letter he called and said he wanted to be single and would not speak to me or offer closure. He started dating a girl a week and a half later and proposed to her with my ring after only 6 weeks. He called it an arranged marriage to his family, and as much as I am hurt for myself and the person I was planning on spending my life with, I am hurt for him for falling away from his walk, for anyone that is a Christian (and especially someone in seminary) to say you don't need love in a marriage is clearly not opening their Bible, and is experiencing a great deal of pain.
Its been in the psalms I've found the most comfort.

by: Anonymous

i broke up with my bf 5 months ago. it would not have been so bad if he had not dated another girl 2 weeks after we broke up. Now, we do not even talk and we were so close in the relationship. i am still hurt every single day and i cry myself to sleep. But, I can not describe in words how much closer it has brought me to God. All I know and believe in is God will work the good of those who love him. and that everything that happens in your life, God knows it and he lets it happen, it is in his plan. But, th e pain has been in me for too long. I just pray for strength every day.

by: shannon

i cant seem to sleep. i was looking up verses on the broken heart to put on my signature on my cell phone and this came came up. we need to just take God at HIS WORD AND LET HIM HEAL AND GUIDE US THROUGH THESE TIMES.THERE IS SO MUCH WE DONT UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE TRIALS WE GO THROUGH BUT THRU THEM ALL GOD GIVES US A STRENGHT AND HELP THAT U SOMETIMES CANT REALLY EXAMPLE. WHAT A COMFORT GOD SPIRIT GIVES TO US

thank you
by: Anonymous

I thank you for these words..I needed them!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you soo much.. hurt comes from everyone but healing only by God. Your article here reminded me of that. Thanks again

How awesome is his name
by: Heart broken

My boyfriend broke up with me couple days ago, I've never felt this way b4, someone I was planning to spend the rest of my life with. I had a terrible car accident 1yr ago and I'm still in recovery God saved my life then, I know he will heal me now! Thank you all for your words of encouragement and the Bible verse.
May God continue to keep us under his wings!

Heart that won't feel
by: lady numb

I am 54 and miss my grown boys, was married 23 years and left for another woman. My life was my family and for six years it's been gone. I am religious and prayerful, but can't move, for days at a time, it's like paralysis, waiting for God to come and heal. I need momentum and inspiration to start to move forward in my life or in any direction. My house won't sell (4 years) and my ex lives here too as we can't afford to homes. We are mature and civil, just no emotion at all. It's like walking zombies. I used to be vivacious and fun loving, now I can't even muster a smile sometimes. (Yes on meds) Please God here my pleas for your grace and strength. One more heartbroken wife and mom.

Moving on
by: Krystle

I've been madly in love with this guy for 3 years. WE were together for a month or less 3 years ago, and we broke up. He was a player and he dumped me. I sat there most of my high school life thinking and loving him. This went on for 3 years already. Eventually he came back to me last year. I asked God for him and he gave me him. But i wasn't that happy. He was treating me in a way i shouldn't be treated. God saw the way how he treated me, yet he still gave me him cuz i begged for it. And as time passes, God didn't want to see me in pain again, so i broke up with him. It was really pain for me, but i'm moving on now. Its like no matter how much you want to achieve good results in an exam, & no matter how much hope you've placed on God, and if you don't work and study hard for it, you'll never achieve that result that you desire. All this while, i've been questioning God, why did He left me in this situation? The reason is because I didn't work hard to move on, God was actually helping, but i didn't really want Him in my life. Sigh. No I know

Thank you for the words lord!
by: Hopeless in Pa.

I am so thankful tonight for reading these posts. Sometimes, most all the time, in my life I am alone and being broken hearted doesn't help the situation. I love the lord with all of my heart and might but right now I have no will to live. Bible verses help and knowing there are other more serious problems in the world than mine brings me to reality. I am praying for the people who put posts up and I would so appreciate it if everyone would pray for me. This is the first time to this site and right now I have no faith and I don't know what to do.

by: Anonymous

Thank you for this page. I am dealing with a break up and I am crushed. My boyfriend is moving away (next week) and we realize that there is no future for us. Our bond is so strong, though, that I feel that God is not done working on our relationship. My boyfriend says that this is over and he is getting angry with me for not accepting it. I am keeping the faith. My prayer is that if we never get back together that God helps me to move on and restores my heart, so that I will be able to love again. Pray for me that I can accept the Will of God. I am allowing this situation to bring me closer to God. I talk to him daily and pray all the time. My prayer for all (a variation of the serenity prayer) God, grant us the serenity to accept people for who they are, the courage to change a person, and the wisdom to know that we can only change ourselves. Love and peace to all. Open your hearts to God and he will see you through this horrible time. "Know one under stands rejection as much as Him."

Why is it always the same?
by: Patti

Did you notice in each of the comments that it's a relationship that has caused the broken hearts? I understand each of you because I feel the same after a failed marriage of 12 years and a recently failed relationship of 2 and 1/2 years. I don't know if I am broken-hearted by them or from the choices I have made. Maybe it's a bit of both. I just wish that no matter how things turned out, I didn't feel like a failure as a woman, a wife, or a mother. I always believed that if a man would treat a woman this way, he really never loved you properly to begin with. Of course, that brought me to the conclusion that no man has ever truly loved me the way we all deserve to be loved. Is there something wrong with me? I suppose that would be the choices I have made. Just remember this... If you are supporting him and loving him in every way and he refuses to contribute, to love you, or to respect you, then he is not the love you need or deserve. If you are spending all of your money on bills and necessities and he is spending any money on fun, he is not the love you need or deserve. If we don't respect and love ourselves, how can we ever hope that someone else will? My prayer is for anyone who feels abused or neglected in a relationship. I pray for the ability to learn from our mistakes. I pray for the ability to believe in true and unconditional love. I pray that you all find refuge and peace within yourself. God Bless you all.

I'm Trying, Really
by: Anonymous

I have been playing this same record for so long. When I think I start getting better, I just relapse in my pain. I pray but feel something is wrong with me because I don't seem to feel the presence of God. I know the devil is trying to take over my hurt and make it continue and continue. I believe in the Lord and I know I just really need to trust and I know he will heal my heart. I know he is sad with me. I just sometimes wish an instant prayer could make it all ok, but that probably would make things too easy. I love the Lord and know my faith will make things better; I'm not giving up on myself or belief in the Lord. Thank you Dear Lord for continuing to walk with me and believe in me. I am trying to be a worthy child. I pray I just stop making the same mistakes; mistakes that not only hurt me but also my family and friends who love me so deeply. Please help heal me Lord. Please let me believe in myself. Thank you for forgiving my sins and forgetting them too. Thank you, through Jesus precious name, AMEN.

by: Anonymous

I was recently rejected by someone who pretending to like me and string me along enjoying that I was crushing on him. Reading all the examples of pain and love lost helps me to PRAISE GOD that he protected me from the pain that I might have endured. God never give us more then we can handle and he has a purpose for allowing every negative situation we encounter. I am truly blessed that I am able to move on and stand for the future husband God does have for me. I will pray for every broken heart and everyone that was rejected just know that strong holds are lies from the devil. We have authorities over all since we are sons and daughters of Jesus Christ.

I want my relationship restored
by: Anonymous

Lord heavenly Father, please continue for me to fight on for my desires in my heart. For my exboyfriend's heart to be softened again. You, Lord, can soften the hardest diamond in the rough, and restore and renew people together when we least expect it. We don't have to know when, but we all know that You can do anything, for anything is possible through You. Please continue to give me the faith and the strength to carry on my dream and for me to not give up. Satan, you will NOT win over my dreams and desires. You tried to attack me, and it only made me stronger; for God had me realize that you, Satan, are trying to attack and demean me when it comes to this desire and prayer. God is indeed working on restoring my exboyfriend and I as I have envisioned it and through Faith, I shall prevail and our relationship between myself and my exboyfriend will be restored in Jesus name. Amen.

Blessings to all hearts that are broken
by: Anonymous

If God is for us who can be against us. The word of God never comes back void. It is truth and light to our darkness. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things will be added to you. You are a child of God and never forget that.
I too i'm going through a very difficult time with a man and cannot understand why he does the things that he does to me. I am not a bad person, so I expect to be treated with love and compassion. God said that love is the greatest gift, so all that we can do as children of God is to pray for people, that they too may change their ways from not hurting people just for the sake off. Prayer and fasting is a powerful weapon and satan hates it as it draws us closer to God to breakdown strongholds that satan has tried to destroy us with. Always remember that God is mighty and always pray with faith knowing that whatsoever you ask is done in Jesus name. Always know that when you call the name of JESUS let every knee bow and every tongue confess. That name has so much power. By His stripes we are healed, Jesus did not die on calvery in vain, but to save us from the enemy satan. I pray for all on this site and may the blood of Jesus cover and protect you through all of your trials and tribulations.

God bless you all abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

Broken Relationship
by: Broken

Hi All,

Thank you for all the encouriging words you have posted, is truly blessed with reading this.

Am having problem with my girlfriend of 7 years and she is going to England for studies and wants us to breakup.
Am praying for the LORD and he will restore my relationship.

broken hearted saint
by: Anonymous

just broken with my girl phrend today and i feel like dying. i loved her so much but she sayz i didnt show it. i quit drinking went 4 an absolute fast 4 3dayz and 3nyts no food or anything and tpo day she breaks up with me. i felt mad but in it all i remembered that God is not God coz we want him to be he is God coz he simply is and his word is ever lasting john 15 vrs 7 God says if u remain in me and my words remain in you then you will ask for anything you wish and you shall have it. so am not letting go am trusting God to mend this in tha name of Jesus i speak life into this relationship

broken heart
by: Anonymous

My heart is broken and I dont know what to do. I dated a single pastor off and on for the last ten years. We went to high school together 26years ago he is 43 and I am 44. I really thought he was a gift from God that is why it is so hard. In 2000 I was a makeup artist for Chanel Cosmetics and one of my clients started telling me about how he was an associate pastor at a church New York City. I didnt think about that incident until a year later when a friend told me she had met my husband and she had set up a blind date for us. When I saw him for the first time after 17 years I touched his hand and I felt something pull me into him and it frightened me I ran away. It was a year before I would see him again. We went out again 1 year later and I was already in love with him. He had just gotten his own church all of the responsibilities and women went to his head he is a very good looking man. He told me he did not want to be elusive with me or anyone else. I was heartbroken after that we stop seeing each other. I walked around in so much pain for years crying praying begging God why? In 2008 he called me one day he told me we were getting back together I thought he was ready to get married I took him back only for him to drop me again. I am heart broken we have been going back and forth for the last two years and I cant take it anymore. I am broken and I am so tired this pain is unbearable. I dont know what to do anymore but just pray.

by: Kai

I want to thank everyone that posted on here for it has helped my mental state in time of my heartbreak. My boyfriend has been emotionally hurting me for awhile now, and as of the moment we are broken up. I dont kno what will happen and I dont kno if I'll ever see him again or if its meant to be. All I kno is that I trust God and he will show me the way and lead me down the path he choose for me like he will for all of you on here that are hurt so much. Dont give up hope, kno that God loves you and will always be there caring for you in your time of pain and heartbreak. I feel him with me and all of you on here as I read what others have wrote and it has made me know that our suffering will not continue because God Cares. I'm praying for you all, thank you for sharing your stories and encouragement. Thank you God for being with me and all of us thru this pain, I love you God.

seeking guidance
by: Leslie

I dont know if its alone my problem. I can't hold on for much longer. i can not seem to find worth in my life anymore or if i ever did. I was in a awful relationship for about 8 months we wanted the same things: a relationship centered on God and both of us on the right path pursing God each day. My boyfriend did not like who i was and only appreciated my looks but never my mind. I felt he was right about alot of things so i tried and tried to be the person he wanted me to be. I fell for him really fast when we first met when he would show only just a little kindness. I was in love with him and would of done anything for him. I never complained, remained loyal and honest. I just was never what exactly he wanted. He would yell and hurt me alot but i knew that he felt guilty so i knew there was potential of him changing and felt you never leave the people you love. Well he broke up with me and just wanted someone who had more in common with him. It took more hurt from him to finally cut him out of my life. I know that i can have someone better and i know that i am wrong. However, i can't stop crying its been 6 months after the breakup and 4 months of not talking to him and still i cant stop crying. I try and try to lean on God but this hurt and pain will not go away. I can't get him out of my head. What is wrong with me? I know i am wrong. How can i change? I have begged God for change in my life and me. To trust and hope. But i seemed to be sadder.

Ask God
by: Anonymous

Perhaps the reason why we have so many failed relationships is because we never asked God to begin with. I myself was in a relationship, but had to call it quits as I've seen that we tend to worship the men we date rather than God. The bible is clearly against fornication. We should ask God's will to be done. God will bless you with a good man at the right time to marry you.

Proverbs 3:5 (New International Version)

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

Matthew 7:7 (New International Version)

Ask, Seek, Knock

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Love never fails
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing these wondeful bible passages and for sharing your stories, i too needed this. we should all remember that God is love and that He will never leave us esp. In times like this. Lets not stop praying, lets let God come to our lives. .and we should always keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

Why would a loving God allow His children, whom I hope He loves, to experience to horrific pain of a broken heart? Especially when you prayed about the relationship and sought God's guidance before you entered and during the relationship. I thought He'd never mislead? Can anyone shed some light on these two questions please.

In Response to the Comment Entitled: "WHY?"
by: A Jar of Clay

I once heard someone describe the manner in which a samurai sword is made. I couldn't repeat it word for word to you, but that person mentioned that the sword smith holds the metal in a flame until it glows red hot. The metal is then placed on a flat stone and beaten severely -- sometimes it is beaten by three men instead of just one, each taking their turn to pound the metal flat with massive hammers. Once the metal is made flat, however, the smith heats it up again and starts to bend the metal by hammering it over the edge of the anvil. The smith essentially folds the already formed sword stock back up into yet another lump of molten metal. He basically destroys all the work he has done up to this point and starts over from scratch, reshaping the metal and then folding it back again. This process is repeated over and over and over, until the metal is so dense from being folded over and beaten that it can withstand almost anything.

Samurai swords are among the sturdiest, most beautiful, well-crafted swords in the world.

So why does God let people like you and me suffer heartbreak? Why does He let us experience the pain and torture of being hurt so deeply? My answer: I don't know. But I can tell you this much, I wouldn't be the man I am today if I hadn't gone through that pain. Having my heart broken was the most devastating experience I ever survived, but it caused me to cling tighter to Jesus Christ. Not only can I help comfort those who are going through situations similar to mine, but that experience made me stronger as a human being. I still feel the pain from that heartbreak, but it was worth it. It still is. And someday, when I have a wife, I'm going to be able to love her better because of what I went through -- I'll be able to love her the way I ought because of all this time I'm spending now wondering and learning about what love really is.

"...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ." ~Philipians 1:6

"We're not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be." ~C.S. Lewis

In Response to "Why" by A Jar Named Clay
by: Anonymous

Thanks for typing out that story. Unfortunately, it has been harmful to my relationship with Lord. I feel abandoned and read the Bible and pray to Him and it's nothing. I feel like when I pray and go to church, its just out of respect and routine. I just wish that this broken heart would not have damaged my relationship with the Lord in a negative way :( If I had I known what a relationship could do, I would have NEVER prayed about it or even tried it. It wasn't worth the damage to my fellowship with the Lord and heart. But thanks again for the story. I hope I can share your same view soon.

God will get me through this
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me too as i havent recently made a final break with my boyfriend. My emotions feels as if something has cracked inside of me. There is so much happening in my life right now but right now the pain of losing him is too much to bear. Furthermore he has moved on with his life actually with a girl he has been cheating on me with. I dont even think she knows about me and i pray that God will be close to her. I want him back but i dont want it to be at the expense her heart ache. Only God can sort this out because i cant see any way through. I pray that He will heal my heart in Jesus Name amen.

This has helped
by: Charlotte Rose

having problems with my partner at the moment and this really has helped me its helped me to pray more to God and trust him because he is awesome he is amazing he's almighty and powerful
he can do anything and he will be with you longer than a partner will be
thanks alot for this
God Bless
Xxxxx Charlotte Rose

Great Encouragement
by: Broken man

The scriptures you have provided are comforting and reveal to us God's overwhelming love for us all. Yes even the ones who have broken our hearts. Being a guy, most would probably think that I could just go out clubbing and pick some other chick and all my problems of loneliness and heartache would disappear. However being a Christian, I knew that finding solace in God's love would be the only safe option for me. BTW, I don’t club. I prayed hard for forgiveness of my past deeds and prayed even harder to God to find in my heart to forgive the woman I onced loved...and still do...for having hurt me in the manner she did. I have forgiven and it is easing the pain that I feel however the pain and hurt still is there. Strangely, I feel that I still would like to be with her but am also in a confused state of mind as to whether I should after she proved disloyal to me twice.

What inspired me are Psalms 37:4 (Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart) and Psalms 20:4 (may He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfil all your purpose)

These give hope to me that my heart will once again find companionship in a woman who will be loyal just as I would be loyal to her. But only through seeking God first will these things be made to fruition.

These scriptures are unfolding themselves because I have been encouraging a person who is curious about God to know more about our Father and she has now expressed her feelings for me. However, knowing that God’s will and love is important and delighting him is more important, I am trying to focus first on fulfilling his will of bringing this young lady to God.

Now my prayer is to ask God whether this lady who is curious about God, or my former partner who has expressed regret and showing signs of wanting me, is the right choice for me. It really is a confusing time for me and especially when a wounded heart seeks to have it healed. But I know God will help me through it.

Thank you for the wonderful message and bible scriptures you have shared with us

by: Anonymous

i was in love with someone for 8 years... n he left me... didn't give me a chance... i donno i feel broken...

i feel soo far away from the lord it... n i donno how to stay by him...

God's word will perfom and it will never return void
by: Joel

Praise the Lord, m Joel and I'm from INDIA. At this point in time I'm goin through a very tough time and my heart is very HEAVY as I'm typing this page.

My father and mother have taken Divorce and it's been 14 years. M still hoping god will restore our family. M 23 years old I have a younger sister and a brother too.

I believe God will work wonders. Because we may plan so many things to get our family united but god say in the bible that "FOR YOUR WAYS ARE NOT MY WAYS AND YOUR THOUGHTS ARE NOT MY THOUGHTS" Please pray for my family

Why Cheat on the only One who will NEVER cheat on you?
by: Anonymous

Some of these quotes were so inspiring to hear that what I am going through has been dealt with before. I have faith that God will heal my broken heart. I've never married, I've only dated one person my entire life though. Four years down the drown. Four years that he cheated on me. I pray for help that I can forgive and move on. I made my mistakes too, but we are just not meant to be. He is lost, and I am a believer. It is wrong to be "yoked to nonbelievers" for it is too close to playing with fire. The devil resides in the soul the soul that I fell in love with. The soul that left me battered, torn, alone. Why did I settle? Sin. Sin's false promises of (Temporary) happiness. The only TRUE joy comes from the Father himself. He is the only one who will never forsake us. Your family may; Your friends may. Everyone is human and makes mistakes. Even God's people. But not God. God heal my soul. I need You ONLY YOU. The ONLY 100% genuine love this universe will ever know. I pray that you consume me wholly, I am sick of feeling broken. I am lost but with you there is hope. Lead me to the light.

by: Trudis

i've been going through pain, i found the above so helpful and that i am thankful. continue to inspire other people!

Death and breakup
by: Anonymous

I was in a car accident with my mom. We were hit head on by another driver. My mom was killed and I have several injuries. It was the other drivers fault. He crossed the center line and hit us. My mom was my friend she lived in front of me and we talked 4 to 5 times a day and ate dinner together as well as she lived in front on me. Now I am lost without her. Also I had a boyfriend who ment the world to me I knew him for over 20 years and had always had feelings for him. I broke up with him because I found out he was lieing to me as well as seeing 5 other girls behind my back. I am very heart broken and pray for God to help me. I also have a family member causing issues with mama's estate and other issues concerning my daughter in trouble with the court system. I dont have anyone to turn to except God. Please pray for me. I need his help!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

I'm thankful to have come across this page and read the comments. I have gone through similar feelings about relationships, broken hearts, and the disconnect with God due to it. I wondered if I was incredible weak or unusual to have let a relationship end up hurting my relationship with God. I know no "man" no human being should be above God in life, but when you lose love, not only loose it but really be torn apart by it's ending it is hard to accept God has allowed it to happen. I REALLY was in love, FINALLY found that feeling with someone, and I thought it was everything I had been waiting for (in my late 30's) but many things unraveled and it's been over for more than 2 years. I can't get over it, and I feel nothng when I pray, if i even can muster up a prayer. This kind of sadness is like nothing I've ever known. Reading these comments though has at the least made me feel less alone in this state.

Praise God!
by: Anonymous

Like many of you my heart is hurting very badly. I was with my mormon GF for 2.5 years and we had such an amazing connection. I have had many GF's prior to her and have been broken hearted many times but never like this. Our connection was like that of a soulmate - except for the differing faiths. I never dared dream that a love could be as great as what we have/had. It was like a real life chick flick.
I am comforted (however slightly) by God's word but I have faith that He will cure my broken heart and replace it with more joy than i ever could have imagined! I try to praise Him in this situation but still, my heart aches terribly right now.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for posting this on here it was helpful to hear and know that others are going through the same pain and fear. I have been so depressed but I know that I need to have faith through these hard times and He will heal my wounds. Thank you for your encouragement!

God's Healing Power
by: Becoming Healed

Hey Guys, I Wont Say A Broken Heart Is Easy As I Am Going Through One With A Man That Led Me Back To Jesus. He Cheated On Me. That's God's Way Of Helping Us Miss Bullets That Could Have Been Worse! Not Everyone Is Privileged To Follow Us On The Road God Has Mapped Out For Us! We Need To Pick Ourselves Up & See How Gracious God Is That He Is Protecting Our Hearts From Selfish People! We Are His Spotless Bride. These People Are There To Take Away Our Attention From The One Who Has Called Us Beautiful, Holy And Lovely! God Sings Over Us. He Loves Us! Release These People In Forgiveness, For Our Own Sake! I Dont Know Yall But I Love You, Not As Much As God Does Though. Peace, Be Still In Our Hearts, In Jesus Name! Amen!

God is love....
by: Anonymous

at times we may feel like God doesnt care but he trully does. i lost my boyfriend; the love of my life(soulmate, the man i wanted to spend eternity with)4 months ago and it was so hard to get over him. but time heals all wounds.
i know that there is a reason for everything and everything in its own time. whether we get back or not only He knows. am taking this time apart to re-build myself and do my own projects that will help me become a better person in all aspects.
thanx for the encouraging verses. they trully help ease the pain. God will never leave my side for He loves me and this i will always hold dear in my heart.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

I just had my heart broken a couple days ago and I have been crying ever since. The verses really uplifted my spirits. I really prayed to him and during the midst of my prayer a sudden calm came over me. God does listen and he cares. I know this is probably not the end of my tears but at least I know HE is there to help me through it.

the lord will forgive and deliver
by: Anonymous

i use to like this girl it was the only girl i liked but she move i coundnt talk to her because of fears and i returned back to mire clay again but the the lord will forgive and deliver me in his time in his way he will mould the clay as i wait for him to set me free again

by: Sarah Ladbrook

It has been a long time since i have written this, and everytime I see it it helps me so much! There will always be difficulties in our life and so much PAIN!!! but the thing is God is HERE and sometimes our pain and healing doesn't happen all at once, but it DOES happen in gods grace if you ask for it and committ yourself to God. Prayer is a strong thing we have with God, there is a song I really like it is called The Potters Hand, it talks about God molding us and using us... it makes me just want to cry and run to his arms, yet it is painful doing that with relationships I have had that says whoever loves me leaves me, yet God doesn't leave us, he waits for!!
I am sorry if I am saying the wrong things or wording things wrong, but I really pray that TOGETHER with GOD and US we can help each other! A world wide prayer time to help and heal each other and grow in Christ!!

Broken hearted
by: yolanda

I was a backslider and I came to date this guy who become my boyfriend,so I beleived.i was with him 7yrs,he was on drugs when I meant,he keap his self up,come frm a nice family,he start stealing frm me,my kids just anybody my son had a baby by this girl I let stay with me to help her with the baby whn it was born,11mos after my son baby was born my bf of 7 yrs and my son babk mama was sleeping together in my house bout 4 or5 months b4 it was knew,my son and I are hurt deeply,now they r having a baby together hes 41and she just turned 20and they live together,god has given me pslam 37to meditate on and keep me and my son.i kwn god will perfrom all of his word bcause I can only trust him,he will not leave me r my son n the hands of the enimies or b ashamed who trust

Need understanding and healing
by: Anonymous

I am asking that you all pray for me please because I am hurting right now. I'm hurt but at the same time I am blessed. Sometimes I feel like I dont not have a right to be hurt because of how blessed I am materialistically. I dont like myself and some of my charateristics, the way I move, my challenges, my reality. I feel like I lack substance and I am missing a quality that makes people want to be around me. I often times feel lonely and fing myself always wishing I was someone else. I feel selfish for even feeling like this when there are people in the world going through so much more than me but truth be told this is a reality for me. I guess I wish I was a stronger woman. I feel weak. I need a touch from God maybe some understanding. I just wonder why because I have other friends that are going throught this walk as well but their lives is so much more complex than mine. I want to be content with where I am but at the same time I do not like it. Maybe if I had understanding I feel better about my situation. I dont know. I want to be whole. I dont always want to be going through I feel like if I am a child of the king there should be some more joy that comes not all sorrow. I dont know please just pray for me.

cried for 4 months after broke up
by: virgo

I was with my boyfriend for 5 months and he broke up with me with no reason or explanations. I am a college student, and I literally went 4 months crying everyday. I loved him very much and I thought he was sent from God and there was no one else for me. It's now 8 months since we been apart. He has been in several other relationships after me and have not dated anyone else because it is too painful. Somehow, with me going through this, I felt like I got closer to God. Without him I couldn't make it through. I did not love myself anymore, I felt used and someday wanted to end life. But with God's help I was able to make it through. I'm proud of everyone who had the courage to put their stories up. Please help me pray and I will help you guys pray...

Vs on the broken heart
by: Nicole

This was very helpful.
thank you

by: Anonymous

Thanks for your advice me and my boyfriend of a year and a half have ended our relationship due to me getting mad easily and our constant arguments. I have never been in a long term relationship before neither have I been in love and he was truly my first. But I know God has something great in store for me and basically I have to realize that chapter in my life is closed.

The Brokenhearted
by: Nicole

WoW, thats very close to what happen ed to me, though i am still struggling with letting go my relationship was for 5 years. i loved him dearly, but i realize now he didn't return the feeling.
I have to come to that place like you where i know that God has better in store for me, I know that he does, but it still hurts. I know with time reading Gods promises for me i will get there.

I dont know what to do??
by: Anonymous

Me and my ex were together for about a year & 5 months. I loved him sooo much &still do. We have been broken up for about 7 months but I still can't get over him. Theres times when I think to myself..maybe God doesn't want him in my life he was only there for a season. But then I think theres no one out there like him. I need Jesus and I know he'll get us all through this. But the devils trying to take over and is trying to make me loose faith in God. Pray for me please and ill do the same. God Bless!

To I dont Know what to do.
by: Anonymous

My Darling sister in Christ. I can feel your pain, but, resulting from this journey, i have come to realize the only way out of any period of trouble is to draw closer to God. God has been supporting me on Rhema word, for about one month now, that is because I am earnestly crying out to him and seeking him, You can have success and break through as well in your life if you draw closer to God. In a practical sense, it is like going through a crash course, and being desperate to pass, its like cramming for a test, I read the bible as much as I can, I pray all the time,i highlight the promises in the word and i meditate on them, i mutter them to myself in the day and night, I have been seeing where My feelings of despair and sadness are reducing tremendously, but as paul said in the new testament, we must preserve, we must endure, we must keep on, its not going to be easy, but the race we run on this earth will determine where we reside in the ever after. My sister, My heart goes out to you, because I have felt your pain, and I want you to understand, the only way out of this despair, is to read Gods word, every day. Due to being a bit com placement, and lazy, I started this journey bu looking at TBN's line up, It would start with Joseph Price at around 7 and end with Kenneth Copeland, but it helped, i herd the word, i got inspired, and i started reading the word. Start someone where my love Cry out to him, the internet is an amazing tool for finding God's promises, look up, healed emotions, red Joyce Myers Battlefield of the mind, look for material that will address what you are going through, and most of all, cry out to God, as many times as you like as loud as you want. He will hear you, he will help you. I found that help and strength in him and you can too its only been a month since mine dumped me, but the pain is subsiding, and i it is through GOd. I wish I could tell you more, but space is running out, I will most definitely pray for you. Creflo Dollar is really good as well.
God bless you my darling sister in Christ. I Love you very much in and through Christ Jesus, Though i dont know waht is God's will for you and this young man, right now focus on GOd, i know hat is hard right now because your flesh is crying out for him, but remember, God is a jealous God, use this time to draw closer to GOd, and love him more, Ask God to but in your heart a greater love for him, God is going to help you through this. I promise you that. He did it for me. He will do it for You
God bless you my darling.

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much you really helped me a lot!

Broken heart
by: Anonymous

I met a man on the dating site. I drove 662 miles to see in Atlanta, GA. I was celebate and thought this was the man for me. After arriving and lowing my standards for sex, the next day, he was so cruel to me. I left and stayed in hotel room. He apologize but left the apologies just didn't seem sincere because he just showed me to the highway and checked on me once or twice during my travel back home. Since my return, he has been everything but supported. The final result was "Have a good Life" and "thank you for not contacting me again!" I have never left God, but I am so broken hearted. I trust in the Lord that this too shall pass, but where does people/men like him come from..

To :-"drove 662 miles to see in Atlanta, GA"
by: Nicole

Your mistake was lowering your standards, throwing you pearls to swines. There is no compromise in the kingdom.
Stay focus on God, you made a mistake, pick yourself up and go again, "for now therefore there is no condemnation onto those that live in Christ Jesus".
Ask God for forgiveness, and to heal your broken heart, know that he has through the blood he shed on the cross, we have grace and healing already provided.
God will give you a brand new start. Hold onto your faith, and never compromise your values in Christ for any man. Honor God and he will honor you.

broken hearted
by: Anonymous

i too lost a love one due to unfaithfulness from him and we were engaged to be married very soon the pain hurt deeply because i never imagined him to do what he had done to us and my children which is not his but we have been together over seven years and the pain is undescribable i sought refuge in GOD and he begin to slowly heal my heart i read daily and prayed continuosly throughout the day to keep from crying and when i did cry i poured my heart out to God and repented for my sins and his as well and i forgave him of his transgressions against me i love him dearly and prayed that God will reconcile our relationship because in my heart i feel as if God wants to use me to get him closer with Jesus i want Jesus to make him a better man for me and bring us closer together in marriage and a far better relationship than we had before i pray God gives me trust in him and give him faithfulness and loyalty and commitment to our relationship and that God brings someone into his child's mother life so she could let him go and stop using her own selfish ways to manipulate him and i just want prayer and i send my prayers to all that are broken in spirit and hurt by lies and mistrust of loved ones

Shame on Me Once....but NEVER ever again
by: Anonymous

Broken hearts have no benefit and no purpose. I been praying over a year. Yes the only good thing out of it is my closer relationship with Christ. But I guarantee you that as long as I live I will NEVER go out on a date ever again...the pain was just too tremendous, torturous, and cruel. I feel like my life's ruined. My advice is to PRAY without ceasing and don't ever get into a (romantic) relationship including those that seem like no harm or seems like it will last forever.

thank you
by: Anonymous

im going through a lot these time but God is really amazing because He still provides me with the strength that I needed for my ministry. truly, it is an honor to serve a God like Him. the one who started something in my life and will bring it to completion in His own perfect time.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this. I am going through a very tough time at the moment and I am praying, and at times getting discouraged when my prayer is not being answered, but I have faith that God is going to answer it.

still hurting..

i've just broken up w my boyfriend last month, we had a 5year and 3month rel, in which i consider a very special one. im here in saudi arabia and he was in the philippines when i broke up w him. i just mentioned marriage to him, and we had started fighting since then because of any thing, mainly because we were both confused and pressured. he was 5 years younger then, he was 25 and i am 30.. so i undertsnd if hes not ready. what i dnt understand is he asked for a space, and when i tried reaching basck to him, he just said he just cant bring it back. i dnt know what does he mean w that, but even him, cannot define what he wants. so i totally broke up w him. i want him back but he pulling away from me, and now I AM HURTING. he doesnt seem disturbed or what, buit the way i see it, he never tried to contact me or just even dare to ask if im ok, thats what hurt me the most -- he just let go of me, and to think, he made promises that he'd never leave me or fade away from me.. i dont know what's Gods plan for me, but i want him back. im still longing for him. but at the same time i dont want to expect. maybe he's notfor me, i dont know im confused. but what i want is if he's not really for me, then i pray that God will take him slowly away from my heart because it really killing me.. i cant bear the pain.. before i sleep, i just cry and just cant control it. im still here in saudi arabia and its so difficult here, thats y m suffering of homesikness and pain of failed relationship. i juts pray to God that he will just let me always feel His presence. i dont know if i ever wanna see him agen, but as of now i just wanna be healed. please include me in ur prayer please please....

by: Shelley

I am broken hearted right now and have to just pray that the Lord is in control but I keep trying to take control and it is not good. I am not a teen, I am an older adult and came across your site, believe me broken hearts don't get any better. The prayers are the same for the young and old. God Bless

i love you god
by: Anonymous

God is greattt thank you a lot for this article

letting go is the hardest thing
by: DEE1342

I been questioning God (Jesus) about broken hearts and pain, seems like i cant let go of a sinful relationship due to the fact that i love this person and i am attached, I also seen many christians attached to adulterous, common law, same sex relationships because of the fear of being heart broken, its easier said than done, God showed me David, how David had many wives but God loved David and chastised him for the sins he committed, and solomon with his foreign wives and many concubines that resulted in him going astray and started to build temples of idols for his women, and then lost 11 tribes from his kingdom from his sin, and Samson lost both his eyes (in the bible is also says that God had used his desire for foreign women to bring down the philestines) and I told God one time, show me God when was a time that you had to let go and you felt pain like mine?? when did you have to let go?? so his holy spirit reminded me of the time he was sweating out blood praying for the cup to pass from him because he was soo stressed and in pain due to the pain of going to the cross and being afflicted, abandoned, rejected, abused, spat on, physically and amotionally abused, and he had to let go of his life and happiness to fulfill the will of his father (which was him too) he had to let himself go and his life to fulfill the will of his father, like abraham, he had to sacrifice and believe that God would bring isaac back to life if he let go, the bible says the sacrifice of a broken heart God does not despise, and everyday, i pray for his will to come into my life and to help me find a way to let this relationship go, even though i love this person soo much, the other day this came to me as well== saved!

letting go is not easy
by: DEE1342

john 8:32=36 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." 33 They answered him, "We are Abraham's descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?" 34 Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. 35 Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. 36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" so if we know the truth about being heart broken and about certain things of our relationships and why they may have happened, or getting out of one, none are easy, but we may gain freedom and everything (for those we love him and according to his will) WILL work out for our good! anything!! even the bad things, the breakups, the seperations, if we want to be chosen and to be vessels of mercy than vessels of destruction, to be ordained, chosen, foreknown, predestined, we have to endure harship, hurt, chastisement of God, and if we cannot accept, then we are not his, but he is close to us when we are heart broken, i know if hurts and sometimes, to avoid pain we go to another relationship fast so we dont feel pain at all, (moving on super fast) and then we find ourselves in another failed or hurtful relationship, i am still in this relationship and i pray that God will find a way for me and i pray in the meantime for the other person to be chosen, foreknown, predestined, vessel of mercy even if we can never be, it says never to cease praying, to confess our sins to one another so we can be healed, for it is hard to let go, VERY HARD, so lets pray for one another, dont give up, we can do all things through christs who strengthens us, and NOTHING can seperate us from his love, no angel, no demon, no words of hurt, no relationship, no bad day, and his love covers the multitute of our sins when he looks down on us and has hope in us, nomatter what! he has hope and desires that all the world would come to him, he is love, love is kind, patient,long suffering and slow to anger, and he is love, and he does things out of love when we accept him, he is like parent, and his desires or not of evil but of Good, if we let him in our lives and no matter what state you are in, ha called you, he chose you, for without the father you would not know Jesus, he draws you to himself, even if you were in an adulterous relationship, homosexual relationship, porn addict, suicidal, he called us knowing us, he knew us before we were born, but yet he still called us and wants that relationship, and he will give us the strength to let go, and gain him more and be perfected, doesnt matter who you are, if we call the name of the lord, we shall be saved!

response to DEE-you are coming out in Jesus' name
by: BOH

Be still and know that He is God. You are on the right track. Jesus loves you unconditionally and he is constantly pleased with you. Keep pressing on towards him- slowly but surely. You desire to be set free, the word says ask and ye shall recieve therefore you are coming out of that relationship in Jesus' name. God has a greater plan for your life. It may hurt but God can heal a broken heart. Love you

Weight lifted from my shoulders
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for those verses and your commentary. I was feeling so sad and hurt today and this helped me so much and I feel like a big weight of sadness and anger has been lifted from my shoulders.

by: samsie

I am so amazed!I was simply doing research for my article and look what I found!a barrage of broken hearts..
All I can suggest is this --»bury yourself with God and he will give you the desires of your heart

Thank you
by: R

The pain is hard. But I am not alone because God is with me. I have made so many mistakes. I'm sorry. Thank you for this. First love can be so hard.

Trust HIM with all your heart
by: Anonymous

I am in deep pain right now, but I wont loose faith, because I know that GOD is there, though I'm really hurting, I can feel HIS love and mercy. I believe that everything will be alright. I am so thankful that GOD never stops loving specially when I needed HIM most.

So Much Pain
by: Anonymous

I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me and he's asking for a second chance. I really want him beside me but I can't accept the fact that he has loved another woman. It hurts so much that I almost want to kill myself. GOD please help me be healed, I know YOU won't give this pain if I cannot endure it.

Help please.
by: Anonymous

Hey, I've recently had my heart broken. At the age of 15 i started dating a boy. He was amazing in every way. Seriously. I was not really walking with God as much as I should have been, but I believed in God and Jesus. I'm 17 this year. My boyfriend and I had sex when I was 15. I always thought it was wrong, but I did it anyway. It got to the beginning of the year when I was at church and a man prophesied that a young couple in the room were involved in sexual sin and they needed to stop or God will break us up. I knew it was me. I panicked and later talked to my boyfriend about it. At this he became angry and tried to get me to not believe it. In the end, after threatening to leave me if we stopped, I tried to convince myself that it was okay. For 2 months I had a mental breakdown. I couldn't eat, I couldnt sleep and most of all, I couldn't stop crying. I had ruined myself. God had an incredible plan for my life, and I lost it due to my desires. In the end I put my foot down and told my boyfriend that I was not going to have sex with him anymore and that he should love me for who I was, in the end he appologised and started the relationship again. But it became too hard for him, and he constantly started blaming me and God. We had been through so much together. He has, had demons in his room and we prayed; they left. We wanted to get married, have kids. We had their full names picked out and where we were going to live. In the end, he left me. Blaming it on God. I pray for him often. We were together for a year and five months. I had in my heart that he may change and go back to how we were in the beginning without sex. We were so happy. There wasnt a problem in the world. In the same month he left me, he got with a girl. She was known as a slut and he knew it. I was his first girlfriend. I tried telling him that she was a rebound. He ended up telling me he hates me and I'm a monster. Every promise he ever made was broken. It felt like the world was crashing down on me. It's been 4 months since then and I read the bible everyday, I pray, I go to youth and church, sometimes morning and night. I follow the commandments and all I want to do is know God. I want his plan for my entire life. I want to be his puppet. If he wants me to leave school and govto Africa, I want to do it. My problem is that, even after this, I keep thinking God has forsaken me. Believe me, I know all the scriptures on 'God not forsaking you' as I am a pastors kid. I also am having a hard time beleiving I am forgiven. It feels like ever since I had sex, God doesn't want to use me anymore. Someone please help.

Trust in God
by: Anonymous

I recently broke up with a guy I was with for over four years and he is already with another girl.It was my decision to end the relationship because he was not treating me right and I was tired of living in a sin. Now I am hurting everyday because I miss him and see he has moved on and appears to be doing well with this new girl. I pray to God everyday for strength, peace and healing for my broken heart. I also pray that God will help and save my ex.He is unsaved and despite everything I think deep down he is unhappy. But it has been hard. There are times I feel so low and the only way I receive comfort is to run to God and pray. I am so filled with hurt that I sometimes cannot not feel his presence But I know that all though the world fails us and people fail us and relationships fail us, God will never fail us. I know he loves me and that this experience is to help bring me closer to him and to trust him more. Your words were very inspirational. May God help and heal us all of our broken hearts and pain. And may he allow us to be open to received his love.

by: shann

I like the part of your comment that stated if a broken heart was filled with hurt or the fact that you can't feel God. I can't feel God and I think that I push Him away questioning why He would allow my husband to leave, why he would make me be a single mother, why he allowed my husband to stop loving me, but allow him to now love someone else. I am tired of living this hurt. I question why do I have to put up with this hurt.

Broken hearted for His will.
by: Anonymous

My fiance and I broke up after 3, he left me..for not signing his bail.... he was in and out of jail, an abusive drunk and an anchor to me (as my family says). I feel it was His will to take me out of that relationship before it ruined me and my life goals. I feel I am broken hearted to have my heart re-built by the Lord and for him to be a intimate part of my life this time. The Lord has taken me out of my home town to the job of my dreams! I have taken the quiet time away from friends and distraction to seek Him.... To be filled with prayer and the Holy Spirit.
I pray for all the broken hearts out there, may we all find some peace tonight.

Learning to appreciate
by: Anonymous

Honestly I have been looking for some comfort for along time now.. I know God and he has moved himself wonderfully in my life and in my family.. May all praise and worship be given to his holy name!! Who would I be without him!?? And even though i know this I can't help to have failed God.. I had a 3 yr relationship with this wonderful guy he was always there for me he had the best qualities he was my best friend my companion my rock in times of spiritual battle he knew everything about me he helped my family and I move on from a very difficult situation that haPpened.. And all of this lead to me fornicating with him.. Months after that I had to move and we struggled alot but remained together for one more year.. Until I met this new guy and completely decided to move k. From him and end our relationship. Now I look back and egret making that decision for I know I did wring and hurt him.. Now I receive his rejection.. And I can't help but feel if I hadnt fornicated Maybe we can still be together.. I can't help but miss him and I know I still love him.. My hearts broken and I dont know what to do..I've prayed and prayed and I know Gods heard my prayers and In fact is healing me... I give the Lord all the honor and Glory for he does best with our life's.. I believe and have faith that soon this will be a life lesson and a testimony for me to share.. God bless u all

I've been there :/
by: Tinker

My story goes a little like this.. I met my ex boyfriend when I was 14 [ I am now 19] I had just started attending church and really didn't like it much.. I can proudly say that he was an instrument God used to bring me closer to him.. Since he became my best friend and constantly would preach the word to me I thank god he used him and all glory should be to the lord!! Of course I was in high school and didnt feel he was for me .. Until one valentines day that's when everything changed we started talking more and got to know each other in a different way.. Soon after we started dating.. From the very start our relationship struggled since my mom never fully approved of him but we continued on believing that Gkd had purpose and would help us surpass any struggle.. We held on strong for 2 yrs during the course o this two years my mom and dad went through. Bad divorce my dad had cheated on my mom with a fellow church women and this was very devastating for my mom.. I was fortunate tohave him by my side bringing me up throughout the struggles throughout not understanding why my dad did such a thing him and I promised to love and remain with each other forever but didn't know what was to come.. Soon after I had to move and we were left to spending our last months with him bringing me lunch to school when we had very memorable lunch dates that until this very day I remember.. Knowing I was moving I decided we weregonna overcome it all and we might as well have intercourse.. So one day we did we felt a great bond we were making plans of marriage and as time flew us by I had to move.. It was hard I suffered we both did but we were able to push ourselves and remain on a long distance relationship for another year.. And then it happened we started mssing Out on one another then I met a new guy who was really funny and with time I thought I was crushing on..And it leas to me breaking off Our relationship.. Things with the other guy went bad And i ended uP realizing too latethat I didnt appreciate him enough I'm embarrassed to say that it took me all of that to realize it but it's far too late.. I can't help and feel I love him and he'll forever keep that special piece of me.. I know God has forgiven me and is using me immensely among other youth but how do you tell your heart it's too late and move on?? Can someone helP me.. I hav faith In the Lord but it's hard when you heart always pushesyou to be impatie t..

by: Anonymous

My boyfriend broke up with me four weeks ago (just a few days before our 1 Year Anniversary). It was both of ours first relationship and we prayed a lot before beginning the relationship. We had been friends for a year before we started dating. And to be honest, he was so much better than any ‘dream man’ I could have imagined!
But, he broke up with me because he said he felt like God had been telling him to do it for a while. So, he was finally obedient and spoke with me. I am devastated. I know why God did this, I have a lot of emotional baggage from being sexually abused about 6 years ago and some major ‘mommy issues’ (my mom left my family and was very heavily involved in drugs and alcohol). I saw how these things were affecting my relationship with my boyfriend, but I couldn’t figure out how to stop them from coming out. And I was too afraid to deal with them.
Now, I’m going to counseling, I’ve confronted the man who abused me, and I am reading a chapter from Psalms, Isaiah, and Jeremiah every day. I continue to go to Bible Study (where my boyfriend and I met and where I see him every week), and pray constantly throughout each and every day. I’m also keeping an extensive Prayer Journal to try and see how God is working in all of this. My biggest issue right now is: why would God put such an amazing man in my life, and then take him away? My boyfriend has told me he misses me, and we still talk everyday. We’re very involved in each other’s lives and he is constantly praying for/with me through all of these issues I’m finally trying to deal with.
I miss my boyfriend, and I feel like God doesn’t care. I know in my head what the Bible says, but how I feel is not reconciling. It’s scary because when the whole world is crashing down around you, you should be able to stand firmly on the truth of God and His promises. But I don’t seem to be able to. I’m at a constant war. I know I can trust God and that I need to deal with these issues, but I miss my boyfriend so so so much.

oak can be chipped away too
by: Anonymous

I am 38 years old and have been told some many times how "strong" I am.I am hear to say at this moment I am so far from this each day that passes.Yes,I am a christian.I am so tired mentally and physically i feel like I could go into a coma and leave this world just to remove my mind and body from the details of life.And the pressure i feel is tremendous.I have 5 beautiful kids and one on the way. Everything I have ever done was to please my husband and family. I feel drained and alone for some reason.I reach for the Lord and my arms are empty.I have felt this way for so many years.Afraid I may run away as I can't cope.The intense love for my family makes me stay, but feel trapped and makes me more depressed.My husbands pastored churches and wants to again.Which is a even lonely for me, the reality is my position leaves me lonely.I have a great husband.4 years of struggle has had a toll on me. I'm tired and weary.He make 12. an hour and 550. in insurance a month.I pay things get better soon.No home to call our own.I can't tell him how I feel it will not build him up.I know that being pregnant hormones are increased.Yet I know what I go through and know my hope is in the Lord, and yet I feel so alone and unsure about the future. I am the one to always be a friend and give christian advice and hope to others.But i do not have it for me, and feel i am not allowed ! So I stay quite and keep moving.Yet I am slowing down. I would love some true prayer.My children need more than is being provided.And I have a sense of anger, and feel guilty for having that.Its a cycle, that continues.Thank you for letting me write , it has allowed me to vent some. I love being a mom and wife, yet i have all these other feelings.I know we don't live by "feelings" as the word says, but I am being honest.

broken hearted and weary
by: Brittany

I have recently went though a break up from my fiancé after being a complicated pregnancy and delivery. I have been trying to find myself after the relationship. Asking God to heal my heart my mind soul and spirit im absolutely confused and I dont understand. I've prayed that God removes all of this from me and make me whole again its been 3 longs months and I feel a little bit better but find myself in a slump at times all over again...please anyone that's reading my post pray for me. Pray a prayer that God either works this out between us and use me to speak to other people about his mercy he had for me or remove it and still speak about his grace. I've read a few scriptures about brokenhearts and the relief feels only temporary. Now I dont doubt him I'm just praying that he makes my faith stronger in him so in those times i still believe in him and that's he working just not in my time - amen

My heart is busted
by: Anonymous Mother

I don't evern know how to put this into words. I accidentally found out something so heartbreaking about my daughter and I went off on her like a loaded cannon. I know she is very sad and her self esteem is gone I need to know how I can mend her heart as well as mine. I am at a complete loss and I do not know what to do or how to do anything to make this right. Please help me. I am scared that she will lash out and not think before she does something crazy again. she said she is very lonely and no friends but to do what she did you just do not do that if your lonely. Please advise.

by: Anonymous

I have been loving this man I work with for quite sometime. He is showing special attention to me and he really makes me happy. We both know that we are into a special kind of relationship, because in their culture boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is not annnounced or celebrated. He is married and has told me about it honestl. Well, men like him who is a muslim can marry upto 4 times and they don't force women to convert into their religion. Anyway, I am not smelling a marriage proposal, whatsoever. Recently, we had a lot of ups and downs. I feel like he is ignoring me when all I want in the world is his attention. I think I'm losing him. I tried to talk about it to him but he doesn't tell me. I am hurting so much that he misses our days together and doesn't mind me a lot anymore. Our relationship is dying. I am afraid that if I insist on knowing the problem, the worse it would get. I am afraid that the day would come when he would tell me that he's leaving me. It so much painful now. How much more when I totally lose him?

A butterfly
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all of your posts. My boyfriend and I started dating a few months after his wife died. He was one of my best friends. I should've known that he wasn't ready to date again but he pursued me so strongly and promised me that he would never hurt me because he knew of my past pain. We had a wonderful relationship that lasted 6 months. Out of nowhere he left me. He said that I compared our relationship too much to his previous marriage. It has been 6 months now and this week I found out that he has a new girlfriend and I am devastated. I'm trying to pick up the pieces but it is hard. I've decided that I'm now in a cacoon where I will get closer to God and when I come out and my heart is healed, I will be a beautiful butterfly.

by: Anonymous

I've fallen for my best friend of 10 years. We've both had feelings for each other throughout the years, but our chance to be together has past. He's still my best friend and always will be. We both like each other, but it's just not meant to be. Not because we wouldn't be good together though. We could be so good. (It's complicated.) How do you let go of someone who never let you down? I love him and my heart aches because I'm not allowed to show him that love..

Broken or Stolen?

When you hear "broken heart", it doesn't aways mean a lost or bruised relationship. At least for me a broken heart is that feeling when you look in the mirror and you really wonder your propose in this world and if you've just used up all your "chances" and replaced them with shame, regret, and mistakes that you can never take back. It makes you wonder if you were meant to disappear. It's that feeling in your chest that makes you feel completely invisible in a crowded room.Yet you won't tell a soul, because you don't expect them to understand. It makes you ask questions like, Will anyone ever love me like that? Do i even have a place in this world? What if this feeling is a sign? What if my propose was for me to fall then fade? Will they ever except me for me? of the worst of all, Am i the only one that feels like this? All these thoughts and questions eventually consume your "heart" to the point of a stolen esteem, hope, and life! If you feel like this trust me your not alone in fact your in a battle amount many afraid souls..

by: Frank George IV

this has really helped me with a break up I just had. Frank

by: Anonymous

I have been struggalimg with Simone who keeps lying to. Me and herself. I love her more than and still e en though were not separated after 7 years I still live her she is my soul mate Iiss her old self. But I realized something I forgot once I remembered that everything is gods hands my heart warmed up. Thank you jesus we all love you. And thank you everyone in the world who has struggled and turned to the light for help you can't see the wind but you can eel the affects of it. God bless everyone

please pray with me
by: candice

my parter who claimed he loved me slept with his ex and told her we are not together his with someone else

God is faithful
by: Anonymous

I recently had my heart broken by a guy that was my best friend for almost four years and said he loved me and couldn't live without me and I've been hurting really bad. Without God and my best friend I couldn't have made it. Thank you guys for all your stories, they really made me feel better. Check out the songs "Blessings" by Laura Story, "lovely" by sarah haze, and beautiful by Bethany dillon. They helped me stop crying.

My son
by: Kris

I am a single mom of 3 children, one that died 2 years ago at the age of 23, leaving his 15 year old brother and 13 year old sister. This has been hell on earth. I have had to go on disability due to despression and MS from being an RN. On Father's Day of this year my children's father died. My 15 year old son cant handle it. He has lost his faith, and been hospitolize twice for attempt of suicide. He was just beginning to be able to go to school and function when his dog, his "bestfriend" died today of gunshot wound. This was his only friend, he is a loner and doesnt talk much to anyone anymore except for his beloved dog. Why, why, why? was just a dog...NOTHING to God, but everyting to this little boy that is already questioning his faith. I don understand...he is hurting so bad, I cant get him out of bed. The youth pastor, couseling, pshyc docs...nothing is helping! I am lost...please pray, please help, before I loose another child.

Broken hearted
by: Anonymous

Thank you for these words. I will very much try to use them. I have been divorced for about 5 years. I always thought my ex-husband and I were soul-mates. It was the typical kids next door falling in love. I met him at the age of 9 and now I am 40. We went through so much together. Even after all the heartache and pain he caused me I am very much in love with him. The problem is he just broke out of a bad relationship himself. He still tells me he loves me but does not want to make a commitment to me. I am so hurt b/c deep down inside I think we care deeply for each other. I have never fallen in love b/c I still love him. I pray every day that God will give me the strength to move on and put it all in his hands. I really need some spiritual guidance.

Moving Forward
by: Euphoria

I just learned today Valentine's Day 2012) that Ive been in a relationship with a single man for 4yrs. Ive made so many changes & did so much for this man. Ive always asked God to show me things, which he does, but I ignore them. I break it off w/my ex all the time but today was the last straw. I cant continue to do this to myself. He puts me through so much heartache & I know that I dont deserve it. I needed these words. I just want to be happy. Not one person will love me the way the Lord or myself does. Its time that I follow the Word of God instead of chasing a man. I have faith that I will get through this. I am strong enough to NOT go back to this man again. With God by my side I know its possible.

Much needed
by: Anonymous

My husband of nine months just left me today. We had been having some problems but I never knew how bad it was. He never let me know it was this bad. We had been seeing someone for help but he didn't think it was doing any good. I feel crushed, broken and alone. I know that I can't go on without the Lord. These scriptures were exactly what I needed, thank you.

Flood hearts with peace
by: Anonymous

In my life, there has been numerous heartaches... one after the other... the pain just keeps piling up. I came to such a desperate place that I even despaired of life last year. When I look at my life-- I see that there is a train wreck of broken friendships. It saddens me because I know this is not God's will. When I was young, I never thought my story would end up like this and I am only 24.

But I have reason to hope--even though my heart is grieved and I feel that I can't live my dreams anymore, I know these are lies of Satan. I choose to disagree with hopelessness, because Jesus does not advocate this. He is all about Hope and restoration of the broken hearted.

Up until now, I haven't made the connection but eating Satan's lies and listening to his podcasts have really been messing with my mind and sanity. I have got to stop eating breakfast with this robber! I don't want old quail! I want the manna from heaven!

When all seems lost, I know what I need to do. If you are in a similar space and need some direction- try this out. All the thought patterns in your brain that say, "I am unworthy" or "God can't forgive me" or "I just can't forgive myself"- disagree with these strongholds and replace these lies with the word of God. God will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we ask him, because he is faithful! That is the truth! If I think I am unworthy, I need to read Zeph. 3:17 that "God rejoices over me-- he actually dances over me!"

It is not weird that God is gracious and compassionate, He sent his own son to die for us even when we were still sinners..... He really is that good.

These are some of the tools I know will work-- and God will take the rest as the Holy Spirit fills you up with more and more truth-- Jesus is the truth and he will set us free from all bondage, torment and accusations from the enemy! Torment from evil spirits is not the norm of the Christian life-- spiritual warfare is, but we have our armour, so we just need to stand firm.

If you have trouble at night from evil spirits pestering you, ask the Lord what is the root and have the truth penetrate your mind, soul, body and spirit and take authority over that demon and cast it out! It's nice to have support when you are doing this, like a close friend or your pastor.

There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear-- God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power love and a sounds mind.

The enemy has no ground unless we give it to him, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free!

If you are still troubled.... ask yourself if you have any unforgiveness in your heart towards anyone, THis is where I got dinged. I think that a lot of my torment had to do with my unforgiveness towards a man. I forgive him now in faith every time I get reminded of the pain. I will forgive until the pain goes and the HS floods my heart with his love and perception of this man.

my girlfriend leave me because of someone
by: dave

My girlfriend for almost 5 years she says that she still love me but she has someone in her heart that's why she left me for that guy but she said that she will come back at the right time if she is ready for a family and her future is with me. I love her and it hurt me but i know God has a purpose in everything happening to us. Now my faith to Jesus Christ is getting stronger and the Holy Spirit always lighten my heart and mind. Thank you Lord God for your Love.

Is it always this painful?
by: Anonymous

I was in a relationship with a really great Christian guy for about 9 months, and yesterday he called and said that he wanted to break-up. He said that his ex-girlfriend got with a diffrent guy and he got her into trouble, so she broke-up with the other guy. Turns out that she still liked him, and same with him. A real slap in the face. so he broke-up with me and got with her. That was the day i was going to tell him for the first time that i loved him. Wait i take that back,I still love him. This is the third time this has happened. Is it always going to be this painful?

brocken heart bible study
by: Anonymous

im also brocken hearted,my fiancee of three yrs was also involve with 4 other woman while stying wth me,mind you He is a Pastor,recently told me that he has three kkids with 3 different woman at the same time i found that he is getting married with another woman.I invested financially in this relationship because i knew we going to get married.I can stand the fact that he married sum1 else but the debts he left me with are a really pain.But i console myself by saying everything happens for a reason and everyhting happen during it own time.Every storm that attack us is meant to blow us to ou destiny.God bless.

Hurt and lost
by: Anonymous

Hey I have been hurt so many times that I am numb I find myself drifting going away from god and to other religions. Please help:(

Still In Love With My Ex-Husband
by: Anonymous

I was with my husband from 1989 till 2002, when we seperated, divorced in 2003. He since then had three engagements and did marry one of the woman. He is in the process of divorcing her. I have been broken hearted since 2002 and can't shake this off. I LOVE HIM, he knows how I feel, told him MANY times. I still cry and my heart hurts like there's a hole in it. God knows how I feel, but I have not been able to move on, and don't think I will EVER love another man the way I STILL love him. I am not interested in dateing and have not dated for 5 years. I dont believe I will ever be able to open my heart to anyone else, and I dont want to. I will die with a broken heart and never be happy. I pray that god will mend my heart, it's been too long now. If you read this to the end, PLEASE pray for me. Thank You!!

Lord hear my cry.....
by: Anonymous

At work during staff meetings my supervisor
Belittle me, now colleagues and others do the
Same during meetings. It is not fair the way they hang on me, laugh and portray me as an idiot. I don't wish harm upon no
One but no weapon formed against me shall
Prosper. The Lord is my SALVATION Whom shall
I fear....

by: Anonymous

I'm at the point I can't see anything good on the horizon. My heart has sunk deeper than ever before. I feel all alone and have no one to talk to that I feel would understand. People's words seem empty to me and there is no comfort from them at all. I have never been so down as I am at this point.

But GoD
by: Anonymous

I Praise GOD! I was in a car accident in jan 2012 i was 6 months pregant" i was due in may 28 th I lost my baby he got crushed on impact! I suffered from a broken pelvis,broke leg,broke arm, and 3 tears in my back"(my God)I was in hospital for a while! I was so sad to have lost my baby boy! But God spared my life for a reason and u know what he is still Good! I give him the Glory and the Honor because he has his arms of protection all around me he's a wheel in tje middle of a wheel. He is a shelter in the time of storm! A bridge over trouble waters! Though im all broke up and lost my first baby i serve a God who is a healer and a restoring God! So please hold on dont give up and know God is in control! Trust God his word will not come back void!

why me
by: Anonymous

I never know pain like this, my boyfriend left me right after I give birth to his child, he told me he can't continue this with me because he have somebody that he was seeing before he got with me, but he did not know how to tell me. My god how evil , I'm so weak I don't know what to do help me lord .

I want the pain to stop
by: pain filled

i met a wonderful man, grew to love him and his daughter. After dating him for 10 months i learnt he lived a double life. He told me about his past womanising life but stated he became saved 3 years ago. He was like almost perfect until one of his women called me. He took her side, he insulted me, beat me etc. i feel helpless because deep in my gut i keep hearing this voice saying we will be together. I constantly call and harrass him and he constantly curse me out. he even denied we had a relastionship. i feel like i am going crazy because i still love and want him. how can i love someone who has hurt me so bad and who dont want me.
I dont know how to pray i want to learn to pray because every single day i pray that he says sorry and that he decides to give us a chance because i feel it deep in my soul.lord help me cause i feel like i cant help myself and i miss him soooooo much i could hardly breathe. This is unnatural.. help

thank you:)
by: Jayye

Im 17 years old and cominq from a old broken household. My dad barely ever came around so i never had a true father figure. I hate to admit but when i date, think im looking for someone to fill that emptyness... And once they leave my life, the feeling comes back and im broken yet again... I pray to god this will help me.. And thank you so much for the post. God Bless you:)

High school into adulthood double rejection
by: Anonymous

I met him in high school and we went to bible club, youth groups and I was so head over heels for him. He had a girlfriend and I was rejected into so much depression and I cried and cried and hated that he didn't want me like I wanted him. We lost touch and 12 years later we are back as friends and we both have God again in our life's- I knew our past and even though it caused me so much pain I didn't think I would feel for him again. But I do! We have been hangin out (along with other friends) for the past month and him and I were (i thought) had a connection and I felt a mutual vibe from him. I am pretty straight foward and I wore my heart on my sleeve. I now am getting mixed feelings from him and I think I came on too strong- I Hate myself for this and I felt so depressed last night and cried all night and day today. I felt rejection from him last night over some things he said and how he said them- am I wrong for feeling a little lead on? I don't know how I can ever be friends and only that with him when I feel so much more- I know I should be focusing on my relationship with Jesus and not worry about him. I just feel so hurt and such a fool!' thankyou for this post I felt comfort in my heart. I found this scripture and it also helped me " A Happy Heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit" Proverbs 15:13

Broken relationship
by: Coco

I love My girlfriend so much she left me without any reason we hav been together for 4years i m very hurt but i Pray to God in his presence i feel comfortable. Thanks so much for all the Bible verse that you have give its really help me i will put my trust into the lord that he does answer only the best Amen

Thank You
by: Jt

It seems your posting has blessed so many, thank you for putting this out there. Thank God for his love of us even when it seems others dont. For me it comes down to trusting in God, that his plan is greater, that he has a better way. That helps me. It helps me to know.

He surely takes care of us. If we listen. I was attending a service two days ago where the pastor spoke of faith. In his sermon on faith he took a small side road, saying people react one of two ways when faced with the difficulties. They draw close to God and let Him give you strength or they turn away and blame god.--Then I got home, my ex who I have been wanting to get back together with told me some news that shows she really isnt interested in getting back together. It hurt bad, and as I got home that night I started questioning alot of things in my life. Not questioning God, but I did want to turn back to some old habits. Luckily the words of that pastor resonated in me. I relized I could turn my back on the blessings god has given me, by taking me out of that lifestyle or I could trust in God, continue to rely on His grace and love. To make a long story short I am glad God planted in me the seed of faith I would need to endure and keep my eyes toward Him.

"My Prayer". Thank you God for your blessings, love, and always being faithful. I know I will make it through this heartache. Thank you for revealing yourself to me in these difficult times. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for leading my heart back to you.

Break up.
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this. Me and my boyfriend had to break up because we sinned sexually. He tried to warn us to stop, we didn't listen. I love my ex we just broke up today, it was the hardest thing. But God told us to end it and i'm praying that when i'm on my way getting closer to God and when he's on his way .. that we meet again and God places us together after we heal. I never loved someone so much (other than God) and it was be truly amazing to have him as a husband one day. Either way, God will take care of me. I will keep devoting myself to him because my main goal is getting to heaven and spending eternity with him!!!

by: Anonymous

i just wish the pain would just go heart has been torn out of my chest and i can barely see through my tears!! my life is a mess, and it seems when im at my lowest i turn to my dear heavenly father, I am ashamed that I go running only when im at breaking point!! my partner and i have been together for over 8 years now, it has been rocky from the start, we have four children together, and have always been in love, sooooo complicated because he then got involved with another woman in which he ended up having a child with and then ran off later to marry!! why am I still in love with this man? Why do I continue to believe that he will leave her and come back to me and the children??????? he was deported back to tonga and has been trying through his wife to come back, so he promises that once he is back he will return to me and our children! his wife has moved there to be with him and that has just made me suddenly realise that maybe all this hurt and anguish that i feel is because he is married??? even that doesnt solidify the fact that he was mine to start with??? i am ready to let this go and find my feet again and life!! but why is it that i feel like i pray and pray to give me strength to move on, i just feel stuck, abandoned and alone????? i have been crying for over two weeks now and im exhausted,my kids think im tired i mean i am but im emotionally drained, i have no strength to move on even tho i desperate, i just feel really stuck and cant find anything that will comfort me, please help me

thanks be to God
by: doriane

thanks for your encouragement. The word of God always rebuilds my heart when I feel broken, and that was soo helpful for me.May God bless you

wounded doesnt mean broken

thank you

by: Anonymous


troubled marriage
by: janice

Thanks so much for this post my marriage of 26yrs is being attacked by the devil. A woman called to tell me shes been seeing my husband for three years.WOW what a blow.Thanks again.Pray for me PLEASE.

His wandering ways hurt deeply.
by: Love For Dan

I thank you for this. I am really starting to give up on God and I need special prayers please help me.

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