The Boyfriend Craving

I am a senior in high close to close to running around the bend in the road and seeing what comes next. SO, this is supposed to be the time of my life, right? This is all supposed to leave me breathless. I may be breathless - but not the right kind of breathless. I look around and I see everyone else with a boyfriend. And I think - what's wrong with me?? Am I flawed? Do I look funny...or maybe it's just my personality. I have never been so much as asked out. I wish a nice boy would come along and smile at me - would really look at me. And not just see what's on the outside- but what's on the inside!! Even to just be friends. Good friend that could one day be something more. Crushes makes it much worse. And I am a hardcore crusher. :) I have had the same crush for four years, it all adds up to hopeless it seems. I can't be alone. Does anyone else want a boyfriend so bad it hurts sometimes? Is it wrong? Am I wrong? I pray about a future husband all the time. But what about now. I guess maybe I just need to be patient. I read a quote the other day: "Boys are like parking spots - the good ones are all taken and the only ones left are handicapped". I thought it was funny and made it my facebook status. My friend commented: "Boys are like parking spots - wait long enough and a good one will become available". Here's hoping!!!

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boys... ick
by: Anonymous

Hmm, youre a senior and me? haha, im a freshman. ^_^ ok enough of that :P
ok, i titled it "boys ick" but boys dont have to be ick. aha, sorry im laughing.. but its like 1 30 am and i get laughable late at night :P
well, ive gone thru alot in my life, this year, ALOT. from meeting a senior and dating him. almost killing myself... yeah. all my life ive hid pain and hurt and gave a fake smile. then one day, not too long ago, i decided ENOUGH. i dont want this pain and fake smiles. i told God i dont wanna be a fake. but all along i have been giving fake smiles. fake enough for ya? i dont really believe in cutting. one, im afraid of it, two, its just not... interesting. so i asked God to take my life and make me free. to lead me where i needed to be. and ever since then, i read my Bible more, ive finally lifted my hands in worship, and i feel great. i gave up my boyfriend so i could follow God. (not easy.) but i feel better than ever. i dont care about guys, i find myself beautiful now. i dont care what others say cuz its God's oppinion that counts. boys cause drama and can hurt us even more. and i believe if i am meant to be with someone, God will lead me to him and i will know it when i see it (havent seen it yet.)
just trust God has a plan for you becuz He really does. God makes no one so they can be alone. You will have your prince charming some day. maybe not now. but when God says its time :) follow God for now and see what great things He has for you. boys cant give you what God can. but God will give you a boy - husband - that is meant for you. IN THE TIME WHEN IT IS NEEDED
love ya, and prayin for ya.

Feeling the Same way!
by: Anonymous

Okay, I am just a sophomore, but I am feeling the same way that you do! It seems like everyone else in the world is dating and I just feel so behind everyone else! I've gotten to know a couple of nice boys, but in the end it never works out and I never end up having a relationship with any of them. I keep thinking to myself, is there something wrong with me that once a boy gets to know me, he doesn't want much to do with me anymore? It can hurt sometimes, the feeling that no boy will ever want me. I determined that it was because the timing wasn't right. Last summer I had a bible study with my youth group and it was all about God's timing, not your own. I decided I'd probably find Mr. Right when God knows I am ready and deserving of it. Hang in there girl! I'll be praying for you. (:

dont sweat it ;)
by: Pammy

Girl, we have an amazing and faithful God. God has taught me that he wants me to lean on him... not boys. trust the plan that God has for you!! He is preparing an amazing man for you. In time he will reveal who this man is.. but its in Gods time. Until then like sleeping beauty we have to trust that God is going to do what he has promised us. Allow God to be your number one, then you will not worry so much about boys. Enjoy the time you have now with your girls!! Go to the mall be a teenager, enjoy the life God gave you!! In Gods time the right man will come.
this is a song that I think will be encouraging and fun!! God bless girly!! I am praying for you!!
Remember we are all in Gods time. :)
through the amazing love of Christ,
love your sister, Pammy

Hey I know the feeling
by: ~~

I had a crush on a boy for seven years. Though I'm not as old as you I can understand what your going through. I really liked him but I asked God to help me to get over him and you know what? I did! I was so excited. I looked over at him and i didn't feel much. He totally ignores me anyway. So...I would also like to mention, i don't think wanting a boyfriend is a bad thing. There's this verse in the bible. "Do not wake up love until it is desired"...(something like that) but anyway, if you want to find the one that was meant for you I say that's totally fine! I would be careful to guard your heart though. My thought in having a boyfriend is...well I just want to have ONE. Then you don't get your heart broken. If you only have one relationship it makes things a lot least that's what I've heard. I myself have never been in a relationship. I really don't want one now anyway :) I hope what I said helped. Even though I know hardly ANYTHING about guys! I hope you find that one guy for you!
With love,
Lynny (Just a nickname :P)

check it out
by: Shea

God already has the right one in mind for you, so just wait. I know it can be hard. I was the same way. I went all through high school without a bf. The most important advice I can give you is to remain pure in body and in heart for your future husband. That is the best thing you could ever do for your marriage. Don't bring along any unnecessary baggage, it will only create problems. Don't wait your time and your heart on guys that you don't plan on committing to. Every time you get hurt in a relationship, it hardens your heart and makes you less trusting. Both of these will be very important for you to have in your marriage. So remember to preserve yourself for marriage. You won't regret it.

Also check out this video, it's got some very good info.........

by: The one who wrote it. :)

Thanks so much girls!! Those comments meant a lot. It felt really good to rant, and really good to read your comments. Because, even though I've heard a lot of what you said before, sometimes it's hard to really believe God's got a plan for me...and hopefully a guy if it's His will. :) It hurts sometimes...but it's great to know I'm not alone.

by: ♫lover♫

I have felt the same way, even though im a freshie. It is nice to see other girls helping each other out through their struggles. I had this crush on this guy for almost three years, then I realised that I really truly did not like him as a person to be with beyond friends anyway. My passion for music also keeps me away from some of the creeps who tried stalking me a while back. (for fun, but was not appreciated at all.) I am busy all through the summer with band camp, and during the school year with football games and pep rallies, and parades and the such. I do not really have time for a boyfriend or any form of romance, even though one of the guys crushing on me now is in the band. I told him I would be busy and it would be awkward to date inside the band program, never mind the fact that almost every time we would see each other, it would be at band, and PDA, any form, is strictly forbidden. I have remained boyfriendless because I know God will have the best plan for my life, so I shuld just let Him guide me. I, like many others, also have the boyfriend craving. It just depends on how you deal with yours. Good luck to all you cravers out there, and stay true to God. :)

I understand
by: Anonymous

I am a sophmore...but i have gone through so much boy drama. I am tired of thinking about the same to guys that hurt me so bad. Sometimes I think that my personality is why I don't have a boyfriend because I'm the loud and crazy type of person...and on to of that most of the guys in my class think of me as the weird girl that sits in the front row or the geek. I wish that I could just find a guy that doesn't think of me like that just because I'm smart.

Gossip hurts, but not always... :)
by: ♫lover♫

I know how you feel. I am a "nerd" as well. I take all advanced placement classes, so I know the geek girl feeling pretty well. My "pop" brother always spreads stuff, so everybody "knows me" when I have no clue who the heck they are. These random people I overhear saying" (my name) is such a nerdy, band freak!". It was amusing going up to them and adding my own comment on this girl they were talking about... :) " I know, right?? She is such a mean person, and hates everybody!!!( I dont, really.)" Who are you??? is written all over their faces. " Oh, I'm just the band freak nerd you all seem to know quite personally and love!!!" spoken with a smile on my face. I will always cherish the shock on their rude, hateful, rumor-spreading faces. :)

not your time:)
by: Sharnetta C

You should ask herself why u really want a boyfreind so bad? and whats the hole your trying ot fill with a boyfriend? Im 20 yearss old and I totally understand where your coming from. I wanted a boyfriend so bad in high school I would do things with guys and let them say and do whatever they want to me in hopes of them becoming my boyfriend (nothing to x rated, but stuff I wouldnt be to proud of later). which never worked. I realized I had to look inside myself and figure out why I wanted a boyfriend so bad and just because some of my friends had them wasnt a good enough reason for me. I had to stop looking and counting everyone elses blessing iwth having a boyfriend and look and count my own blessings because just because I didnt have a boyfriend didnt mean I was worthless or ugly it just meant it wasnt my time and god had a diffrent plan planned for me in the future and just because I didnt have a boy love me didnt mean I wasnt loved becuase I know that jesus loves me no matter what and when the time is right he will bless me with some special to share myself with. So dont be yourself up to bad about it, it sucks now but it will get better, you'll meet tons of guys in college, you'll be beating them off with a stick lol. its just not your time yet:)

by: ♫lover♫

Great advice. I just got to check my email, and when i read the comment, it was just what I needed. Rock on! Thank you so much!

by: Anonymous

Hey... I feel the same way. I'm 13. I have had like 8 boyfriends, but all of them have been nothing. It's ok for it to hurt.. that is how I feel now. Today is Valentines Day and everyone got one.. except me. I have SOOOO many friends and boys that are friends. Just no guys that like me. And it hurts . i guess we can all just wait for the right guy to come. good luck in the future ;-)

xoxo <3 ~

Ugghh. same way... ☺♥♫♫♫
by: ♫lover♫

I know how it feels, cuz i was like that yesterday as well. I'm 15 and in high school. It sucks really bad when all your friends are getting mounds of love letters, and chocolates, and balloon boquets, and all of the 4 foot tall teddy bears. I know I will find my guy in time, and I am glad I currently am getting to know a really sweet guy. I've had seven BFs. They were nothing as well. You are thirteen. You can just lean back and relax, for nothing really means anything when you are young. God has a plan for all of us, and I hope you stay on the plan He has for you. All in good time, things will happen. Look up the words to "God Moves in Mysterious Ways". It may inspire you. Also "Praise you in this storm"-Casting Crowns. Maybe this is all part of what God wants you to experience for future reference later in life. Please take this all to heart. I appreciate the above comment, as it helped me reason through some of my "single=lonely 4ever" thoughts. Please respond, as I'd like to have some insight from all the beautiful daughters of God, and my sisters in Christ who read this. Thank You, and God Bless. ☺ ♥ ♫

I Feel the Same Way
by: Anonymous

Ok, so I am a freshman in high school this year and I'd like to say that I'm a part of the "popular crowd." I am a Varsity Cheerleader and I have friends that I know I can count on.

Sometimes that is not enough, I so desperately want a boyfriend; someone to envelope me in a hug after my team hits a perfect routine, someone to tell me that I am special, and someone to love me unconditionally. I've tried, so many times, but all I get is a "thing" and then he leaves me when he gets tired of it.

Please give me tips on how to get a boyfriend, I want one so bad.

RE: I Feel the Same Way
by: Heather

Dear Anonymous,

First of all, I want you to know that I have been where you are. In fact, after I graduated high school I felt totally alone and all I wanted was someone to truly share my life with. Pursuing that led me away from Christ. Instead of seeking Jesus, I was seeking a boyfriend and it led me to a really dark place. I started compromising my standards and I got to the point where I couldn't even go to church without feeling guilty.

The Bible says, "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." (Matthew 6:33)

That's what I would encourage you to do. Seek God and He will bring the perfect man into your life when the timing is right.

by: Anonymous

need help! i only ever seem to like boys who dont like me back! i really want a boyfriend so please help

RE: help
by: Heather

Dear Anonymous,

I know what it's like to want a boyfriend, and I know what it's like to like guys that don't like you back. But over time I have learned that that's sometimes a good thing.

Paula Hendricks Marsteller wrote a post on Lies Young Women Believe last week that you might find helpful. You can find it here.

by: Anonymous

Im almost 13 and I want a boyfriend too. I could probably get any guy I me, ive been asked out Soooooo many time...and i aint lying. The thing is my mom dont want me to. And im a blonde so thats kinda hard. But i have to stay strong too. Im a daughter of god, and im also a mean cowgirl. I love all of you for who you are and, well, i probably dont even know you but hey, your all my sisters and maybe even brothers in Gods eyes. Im also sorry if affended anyone about the God part.

Love, someone

It Hurts!
by: Anonymous

Yes girl me too. I want a boyfriend so bad too it hurts!!! It really does!!! Especially when it's my time of the month and all I want is a boyfriend, someone to just be there and let me know that's gonna be okay. Let me know that he's not going anywhere no matter what. Some one who won't give up on me because I know I'm not perfect. Someone who'll just kiss my cheeks and bring me out on dates and tell me that I'm the best thing that ever happened to him and that he can't live without me. Someone who loves and appreciates me for me. Yes, you said it perfectly! "I want a boyfriend so bad it hurts"

Am I invisible to love?
by: Caeruleus14

Hi, I'm a Junior in college. A lot has happened to me over the last year, I lost my virginity, I had a boyfriend that I loved, and I moved to another place. I'm not going to go into any details but I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel so lonely I can't stand it, I crave companionship but no one I like seems to want it from me. I crave love, but every one seems to love someone else. I look around me and everyone seems so matured in their relationships. I've never had a serious relationship before, the longest one I've had lasted 4 months but we just got distant from each other(I think he liked someone else). I lost my virginity to a stranger because I thought that love didn't exist, that people truly caring for each other didn't exist, at least in my life, that way. Why is it so hard for me? What is it about me that people end up not liking? I wonder if I'll ever find someone again. I hope I can fall I love again as well. Even if it's not returned, the greatest feeling is waking up every morning because of someone that drives you. Of course I'd like to have motivation because of my self, and not dependent on someone else, but who in this world doesn't need people to be happy? It's like cereal without milk or coffee without caffeine. It's a flaw that I need someone, and maybe that will eventually be my downfall

RE: Caeruleus14
by: Heather

I am so sorry to hear how your heart is hurting. I remember being where you are and I know nothing I say will ease the pain. But I wanted to let you know I am praying for you. God has a plan for you, and while I don't know if that plan includes a man or not, I know it will be worth living. Start chasing after Jesus and let Him lead you, you will never regret it.

I understand
by: Anonymous

I understand completely. I'm not even in high school yet. I'm graduating 8th grade soon, but I desperately want romantic and sexual attention. I know full and well that I just have to wait. I know full and well that God has a plan for me. And lastly, I know good and well that His plans are the best plans. But knowing doesn't take away the want. The desire. The hurt. The emptiness. The craving. And, just like you, I don't know what to do about it.

Am I too young for this feeling!?
by: Isabella

I get this feeling A LOT... like I mean a lot. But I'm only 13 years old!! I really really really really want annoy friend. Am I too young for this "craving" or is there something wrong with me innwhy the boys haven't asked me out? Please respond!!

Too young?
by: Anonymous

I get this feeling a lot and I too think I might be a little young for it. Also is it bad that I have not only craved a boyfriend but also sex with this guy? I'm only 12...

Young Love
by: Heather Hart

Hey Girls,

It is so easy to get caught up in our boyfriend cravings, and I think Satan loves that. It takes our eyes of Jesus and puts them on us. On our wants and desires. I've been there. I relate to both of the last two comments, and I want you to know that first and foremost, there is nothing wrong with you. Guys aren't mature enough for real relationships until they are much older. When they do date at this age, it's usually for all the wrong reasons and only sets up both sides for heart ache. Having been where you are, I know that doesn't make you feel any better, but I now know it to be true.

To the 12-year-old who is craving sex, can I just tell you that sex outside of marriage isn't that pretty? God created sex to bond two people on an intimate level. It's the closest bond you can ever have with someone. When we create that bond outside of marriage, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. If you haven't had a chance to read our book, Mirror Mirror... Am I Beautiful? I would highly recommend it. Shelley and I go into more detail about how sex affects us emotionally. You can download it free by signing up in the sidebar.

by: Anonymous

I'm a junior. I've never been kissed. I've never had a boyfriend. The only guy who has ever showed interest in me was a boy named Brian and while he was really nice, I didn't like him back. Turning him down was so hard but it would have been worse to string him along. Other than Brian, I haven't come closer than being friends with a cute guy. Actually, I used to think this boy named Harrison had a crush on me because all of my friends told me that he would stare at me during our apush class together. We talked over Snapchat for a couple months and we were good friends until I found out that he did drugs so that ended that. I was really hurt because we had gotten pretty close and I had told him stuff like my future dreams and my fears etc. We joked around a lot and everything was great and now that's it's over I miss it. I know I didn't technically date him or anything and I certainly don't want to date a boy who smokes pot on his free time but I guess I miss the attention in a really selfish way. But it's hard to go from feeling like someone wants you to feeling like you aren't worth the truth. Maybe I over exaggerated everything and I was an idiot from the first day but I definitely learned something of value from this. I learned that sometimes it's good to feel wanted but I don't need to feel wanted from boys. I am wanted by friends and family. I shouldn't be searching high and low for a guy who will want me for me. I'm young and you're young so we shouldn't waist our times with such things. Instead we should focus on ourselves, our future and the people who want us. Sure, I would still like a guy to hold my hand or text me at 12am about random things but for now, I'm content with what I have.

by: Anonymous

Trust me I know how you are feeling. I'm a senior and we finish in three weeks and I'm just expecting something....more. But it's just stressful filled with crying and late study nights. I've wanted a boyfriend too, thing is I'm not the best looking so no one is willing to get close enough to get to know me. I go to an all girls school and I haven't talked to a guy that isn't family in six years - super strict parents. I'm just holding on until college next year and just hoping that something comes up.

Please help :'(
by: Anonymous

I've been feeling the same lately. I crave a boyfriend so bad that I end up crying thinking about all the time of my teens that has passed by without cute makeouts, or tight hugs, or a really soothinggaze I'm 16, and haven't dated anyone.All I want is a lot of love and a little bit experience.Everyone around me has found their special ones, after going through a whole lot of trial and error crap. I haven't even tired one guy.I really feel low and distressed about it. I know God has a really apt plan for me, a really appropriate soulmate, but I'm tired of waiting. I really want to have fun in the moment. I don't think I can sit back anymore just waiting for the right timing. I might just end up finding myself in the late 20s without and solid relationship experience, WHAT TO DO!?

RE: Anonymous
by: Heather

Hey Anonymous,

I know you are feeling lonely right now, but I know so many women who wish they would have skipped all the heartache of trial and error and waited for the right guy. The truth is, when you go with trial and error, you have to live with memories that you wish you could forget, instead of making memories with your husband, you are haunted by a past of bad choices. Because that's what trial and error usually leads to.

Keep your focus on Jesus, and God's plan will play out in His time. Waiting isn't fun, but we either trust God or we don't. That's the hard truth of it.

feel ya
by: Anonymous

This is the most relatable thing that i have ever read

I feel the same
by: Anonymous

I fell the same way I can’t help but always want a boyfriend there was this one guy I liked for ever and he finally asked me out but that didn’t last for long but I still like him and I see him going out with all of these other girls so are so much prettier and popular than me I really want him I keep remembering they greats times we had but it got worse I don’t care who it is now I just really want a boyfriend and every time I find a nice guy he dosent like me :((

by: Anonymous

Okay so I am just about to go into my freshman year of high school and I want a boyfriend soooo bad. Like you said I'm constantly praying about boys, thinking about them, and even judging wether random guys are hot or not.. I know that I am still young but I understand what you mean by wanting a boyfriend so bad it hurts. I'm afraid I will just have to settle with a boy I don't even like that much.. Oh well!

same :((
by: Anonymous

dude i’m a sophomore in highschool, i’ve never had a boyfriend in my life and i don’t just want one because everyone else has one but because i want someone to hold me, kiss me, love me, text me, cuddle with me, go on dates with :((((((((( like i just want someone want to be with someone so bad

BF craving
by: Anonymous

Well, actually, I have been wanting someone to love, to cuddle, to talk to, I have been having dreams about boys and it seems to be all I think about, I have never been asked out, I've had one bf but it didn't last but a week, idk, he was one of those that didn't want anyone to know about me, it hurt, I see relationship posts, texts, and goals, and that's all I want is to be loved, people tell me getting depressed about it isn't worth it but it seems to be all I can think about, I'm 16, is this just a hormone thing, bc it's actually driving me nuts .

I relate so much to this
by: Georgia

I relate so much to this. I'm also a senior in high school and want a boyfriend, not really because everyone else has one (they don't), but because I want the "special-ness" of a significant other in my life. I feel like no one will ever like me because I don't think I"m pretty enough... but we'll see, I guess.

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