Teen Self Esteem

OK, I just lost 15 pounds because I felt so bad about the way that I look compared to the models in magazines, and I STILL don't feel good about myself! I guess it was ingrained into my mind from early on that we're all SUPPOSED to look like the models we see in the media...did you know that if Barbie was a real person, she wouldn't be able to menstruate or have children because of her extreme porportions, she would stand at 7 feet tall weighing 110 pounds, and she wouldn't be able to stand up because of the weight on the top half of her body! Seriously, this is what we're giving our kids to play with? They're gonna want to look just like Barbie!!!!! This is not healthy! WE SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH THE WAY WE LOOK!

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i agree
by: cassandra

i agree with you, and i just want to say thank you for posting it..honestly, i'm getting tired of seeing so many posts on barbie not having an influence on us...honestly, i still "play" with barbie some, but not like i did as a kid..i struggle with cutting but am trying to stop and so if its been a particularly tough day, i go into my room close my door, and just re-inact what happened and honestly, its actually kinda therapeutic and i do feel better, but thats the ONLY positive thing i've seen from barbie..i was given my first barbie when i was around 5, and at the time, i didn't think much of it, but then when i was 7,8,9, right around those year, i started to think about it some, and was wondering why she could look so good the way she did and be so happy too..i was never an overweight child, in fact, most people say i'm at a great weight, those people excluding my family..the most i've ever weighed is 140 and i'm about 5'5", so that would be an ok weight if my knees and ankles didn't bother me from past injuries, but they're really weak and so i have to be careful anyway..but when i'm at a healthy 135-ish there's always someone telling me i need to lose weight and i've listened..sadly i've listened and have suffered the consequences some, and been really scared at times too b/c of it..so yea, barbie definately has an impact on children and teens and even adults.

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