by shreya


I was walking across the road
I didn't hear u boys
I only wanted to go home
bcuz i had said all goodbyes

In my little black dress,
I bade my friends goodbye.
and made into the parking lot,
when I saw you passing by.

I ignored when you gestured me toward
and I headed to the road.
but little did I then know-
I was never getting home.

For,a thing of beauty is no longer joy
You hungry hounds don't let it flower.
You came with this scary crowd
Above,the clouds parted-starting a shower.

My little black dress did no good,
for you came uncomfortably closer.
You knew what you had to do-I went numb,
I lost all my power.

Your evil smile,the devil's laugh
still is fresh in my memory
as you smirked at my helplessness,
began my tragic story.

You held me tight-not lovingly,
and bent in to do the unpleasant,
I shouted my loudest,but got no help-
You tested my sustenance.

You pushed me onto d wall,
and your hands traced my contours.
I scratched u,kicked u with all i had
but,unfortunately, i had to lose

You tore through my little black dress,
staining my eyes with tears.
but the bigger stain was on my dignity
I was engulfed in a boom of fears.

Your accompainants only laughed-
my pain was amusing to them.
they urged you on and raised a toast
as you bent into the task again.

Eternity-I had always wanted-
it just wasn't supposed to be this way.
Your assault never seemed to end-
and the hurt didn't go away

Your hunger went unsatisfied-
as you found your way through my youth,
as I continued to fight back-
You went on with the crude.

When ultimately,ypu were done with me,
you left me cold and half-dead-
only tears flowing from my eyes-
saying the truth unsaid

Shattered,tattered,all in pieces-
no,not my little black dress-ME
I was crying out in agony-
my pain-a measure of infinity.

I couldn't get away-
my mind had stopped working
but there arose a ray of hope
when I saw two shadows lurking

Helping eyes bored into mine
and I started crying hysterically.
Loving hands comforted my mind-
but my heart was wounded-eternally.

White bedsheets,needles and bottles
blent with convalescent aroma,
made me
aware of my surroundings-
and of the prominent stigma

The counselor barged into my nightmare-
i don't know how to thank her.
Bcuz I don't kno if i can speak
let alone be well mannered.

She smiles at me but my mom is crying
so I know what has happened.
Witness to my own degradation-
I need no reminder.

My body does recover,in time
but my heart is all scarred
and people around me-
wound it more with remarks

"Oh!Gone is her future,now!
For,who would love the ruined!?"
they don't know what they say
though,yes,I am ruined.

I make it back to those friends
who now avoid me like they don't know-
what happened in that nightmarish night,
so,they ask me to go

My teachers look at me like
I am a cold,dead body.
but no one tries to peek in-
and see that i am somebody.

Life is not all bad.
He came home today
He told me i was beautiful
and made me smile d whole day.

Today,he brushed my cheeks-
not like that night,this was nice..
he said he'll be here again next week
and i was on cloud nine...

He came soon-before a week
and hugged me this time
but never did he forget to say
"You are beautiful",everytime.

Today he kissed me gently-
not like my nightmare,this was my desire
He looked at me with wistful eyes
My cheeks lit up a fire....

The people around me were astonished
"How could he love her?!"
But little did they know-
life's a wonder..

He made my life a bliss
but not all victims are lucky,
Not everyone gets a kiss
after losing their dignity

Every girls a star-
she's beauty-personified
and it's better if she stays that way.
Not by your hunger undignified

Meanwhile,i continue to smile,
but maybe some girl's screaming.
So don't you turn deaf,give her your hand
it's time for her to dream-
not nightmares...

Go down with nightmares-
Shut assault out of our lives.
We have all the right to live.
We have the right to survive.

We're girls-not statues
men use to exercise their lust upon
our days of depair
are now,for all,gone.

We will smile-
the time is ours.

The black dress was lovely,
but now is nowhere in sight
so,I bade my nightmare
silently goodnight.....


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So sorry.
by: Anonymous

Wow. This is very intense. I'm so sorry you had to go through this, if it's an account you that you personally experienced. I pray that you've found hope and healing in Christ.

not an experience
by: shreya

no,no...i didn't go through any of this...
In here,such things keep happening and I read about them in the newspapers..It angered me one time and I wrote the poem.
It's not a personal experience..God forbid..

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