self worth, image and feeling loved

i have a few.

I know its common but how am i meant to feel self worth? i have messed up so much, i was selfish and turned my back on God. I feel like i am not worthy of Gods love, which is true of course, i am a sinner.

i also feel like i don't have people that love me. My boyfriend and i broke up after a year. it was for the best, it ended on good terms until now where he seems to be out of his faith, flirting with girls, etc. i feel worthless. Boys don't like me, and when they do they are boys that are strange (i don't know how else to put it sorry) strange like one asked me out a begged then stopped talking to me than wants to be best friends, one led me on then when i started to show him i liked him he backed off completely.. i am a nice girl, i don't see what i have done to be so rejected.. i don't have many friends and now I'm at a new school and have no one. i try but its hard. i don't feel beautiful, i have been told i am too loud, I'm annoying, etc, but i really don't know what i have done :( it is hard to feel loved and worth something when there is no proof around me :(

i don't deal with stress well and cut myself to deal with it. what u wrote about teenage cutting is how i feel. it was a way to calm down. when i told someone they said 'oh why, why would u do that?' like i was stupid and silly. i haven't in a long time and i don't think i will again, i have learned it is not a good habit. i just need help :'(

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by: Anonymous

First of all there are always people who love you whether you know it or not. God will always love you. No matter what. This is why you have to have a good relationship with him. PRAY, go to church, read spiritual books. All these things can help with building a better relationship with God. Praying is like talking to him. Ask for his help, his guidance, his love. It's there. I promise. Going to church also helps. And as much as reading probably doesn't sound too appealing, it will broaden your knowledge on your faith. 
Secondly, there are your parents they will always love you. As well as your family. 
Also, it's never to late to start over, EVER. ask god for his forgiveness.
Remember, god made you the way you are for a reason. So by saying people don't like you is wrong, someone will or already does like you. I promise, god wouldnt make you the way you are for no one to like you. This goes for cutting as well. That is a huge insult to god. He took time to make you perfect in his eyes and doing that is a slap in the face to him. It's great to know you stopped! :)

God Loves You !
by: Keza S

We are all sinners but there is Someone who thinks so much of you He sent His only son to get on a cross and die for our sins.Now that right there is enough to give us chills alone. Someone loves us that much to die for us and yet we still think we are not worth anything and no one loves us. Do you love yourself is the 1st question a self love is much more then anything a person can give you. Because when we have days that we feel like we are not loved or lovable then WE have ourselves to love and that self esteem to deal with it and know no matter how we feel we really are loved. You always have GOD who loves you more then you love yourself, but if you loose your confidence then GOD can not help you, You have to love yourself and then others will love you. You seem to think your nice but at the same time you have allot of thought that deal with what others think of you, and this is where the problem is. You need to know your beautiful regardless of what anyone says , you need to feel loved no matter who says they don't ,you need to hold on to who you are and not what others say about you, Do you think your loud and annoying if so you need to think about how to work on yourself in these areas. God loves you but your job is to love yourself . God is doing His part are you ?

Hold Close to your heart
Hebrews 10:35-36

35 Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. 36 For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive [a]what was promised.

Will keep you in my prayers
Love Keza ~

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