Self Injury Poems

by Melisa Steele


I have cried for help for months, maybe even years,
Dreaming of the day when I could wipe away the tears

Feeling dazed lost and confused,
Left here wandering my soul empty and abused

Treading in another world but I don’t know where,
Perhaps waiting for the Grimm Reaper to pay him his fare?

Sensing feelings I can’t explain with dark shadows lurking in the night,
Desperately searching for hope, is there any light?

Looking to make my escape but I don’t know how,
I don’t know what’s wrong, what do I do now?

I wish somebody would help me but they can’t hear my call,
Maybe I’m just destined to fall victim after all

It’s eating me from the inside, feeding on the sorrow,
Being prey to an emptiness that will bring no tomorrow

Searching for an answer, spiraling out of control,
Waiting to defeat the sadness that has taken on its toll

Where is the joy I used to know,
The happiness, the pride, where did it all go?

I want out of here! But I’m feeling really weak,
The possibilities of being saved are looking pretty meek

The more I seem to struggle the chains begin to bind,
It’s so disappointing that my freedom I may never find

Wanting a window with the sunlight shining through,
Peering out the glass to a panoramic view

Waiting for that warm breeze to gently kiss my face,
I hope I can gather the courage to finally leave this place.

Read more about self injury and teenage cutting.

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Comments for Self Injury Poems

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not alone
by: Anonymous

you are not alone im in a simalar place and im strugling but just hold on to the lord and he will help you get though
good luck!

its difficult
by: stephanie

i know how how you feel. i feel the same. still i cut myself from day to night but i've seen the lord. you will see the light. before i go to bed at night, i'll pray for u all so you wont have to fight

we'll stand up together and call on his name. you'll never walk alone he's there carrying us to the light.

i go to church and though i feel alone i know i'm not. he's siting with me. even still give him a try he helps in times of weakness and even though i still sin i can feel him now deep within x

by: Tana

I know how u feel.. i thought id never be forgiven.. but Gods showed me His grace... ♥ Ive cut to many times tocount.. AFter i said i wouldnt I slipped again.. thought HOW COULD I JUST DONE THAT?!?! felt guilty, depressed and had anxiety attacks.. Resulted in me cutting more.. more bad thoughts.. Yep.. Slipped again.. Im not worthy of Gods great love.. Yet He holds open arms to me.. ♥ For that im greatful...

(Psalms 139:14 NIV) I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful. I know thta full well..♥

Self harm cutting.
by: Katie


I'm Katie I'm a cutter. And i have been cutting for about 5 years now and it's real hard to stop.
I want help. I need help.

why ?
by: Lee

My world is in bits and has been for years now and thats where the self-harming entered my life. I think it was already there within me and just waiting for a reason to come out. I have had people say to me after seeing the scars on my arms it must be some attention thing, but i am alone when i do it and then i don't go shouting from the rooftops about it. I have noticed that people treat me different after seeing the scars. I dont judge them so why judge me? its the way of the world i guess, with ignorance thrown in there too! My pain is in my head which people dont see..

by: Anonymous

The only thing I can think of wen I get upset is that nobody cares even though I somebody out there has to care. When I cut it makes me feel free but yet I'm still facing all of these problems I know I shouldn't cut myself but it's my only coping skill that will make me feel better my doctor said I belong in a hospital but I told her I'm not crazy and I don't belong in a hospital. My worst nightmares are beginning to look real

by: Alexis

I Know how you feel i am going thro the same thing, i have been cutting for 5 yeats and i am 14 years old. i have tried to stop cutting many times but i just cant stop.

by: Anonymous

ive been cutting since i was 10 im now 14 and it is more addicting then ever. i need to stop and i need to move on but idk how. how can i just stop. is it possible. can anyonehelp me. does anyone care about me. im afraid if i keep it itwill turn into a suicide attempt not tht i care. ending my lifesounds ok to me.

God will heal the broken hearted -
by: Anonymous

I pray for the sweet and mericful Lord Jesus to embrace you in His arms and draw you in and show you how much you are loved, to reveal your worth and value to you and to give you the strength to step out of the darkness. I pray for Him to let you feel Him holding your hand as He leads you and I pray for Him to give you great courage to do this. I ask that He will allow you to feel His presence move into you and that He will heal you in a mighty way. I pray for Him to put somebody in your path and into your life that can help you overcome this painful trial and that you are blessed with the guidance that you need <3

by: Sarah

I dont think their is a cure to stop cutting. i've done it for two years everyday, had to go into hospital twice. but still never stopped me from cutting. I've cut my legs, arms, stomach and arms. have to keep covered up, cause everyone just stares at me and talks behind my back. i feel like a have to cut again tonight but just want to hit a vein and end all of this nightmare.

God Will Give You Strength
by: Darby

Hey, look, you are going to get through this. However, not if you try to do it on your own. Yes, you do have do make effort and want to get out, but it really helps to have supportive people. Also, with God all things are possible. You said in your poem that you were feeling weak.
He will give you strength. (look at Isah. 40:28-31) He will heal the broken-hearted, and he will heal your broken heart (Psalm 147:3). Know that nothing can ever separate you from God's love (Romans 8:38-39). Pray unto the Lord and give him your burdens. Even when you do not have the words to pray, He knows (Romans 8:26). Take courage( Our Father will restore it) and when you are tempted, remember God will never tempt you beyond what you can bear (1 Cor. 10-39)... I pray you may look to truth and leave the lies behind.. I pray, also, that the love of God will be made known to you in a much deeper level than before. Hang in there; you are never really alone. Peace be with your soul.

its not that easy
by: kelly

I am twenty seven i have been cutting since i was seventeen when i got pregnant woth my first child i now have three i wish i knew how to cope with the stress i feel the need to cut everytime i feel stressed or even to tired when people find out what i do they just say that's crazy and ask me why don't i just stop i need to stop wish i could stop my youngest asked me what the lines were all i could say was i don't know i don't want to lie to my children but don't know how to stop from doing this

by: Anonymous

I'm a cutter, and I want help. But I cant bear to talk to the people I know and love, who could I go to?

hjælp mig
by: Caroline

jeg er selv cutter og har været det i 3 år. jeg er blevet syet nogle gange. jeg skærer ikke bare i mig selv jeg brænder mig og slår mine hænder ind i noget så jeg hele tiden brækker dem. jeg er indlagt på en psykiatrisk ungdoms afdeling og har været det i et år. de hjælper mig ikke, eller de ved ikke hvordan de skal hjælpe med at stoppe det. jeg har prøvet meget, men det er bare som om der er intet som hjælper :( jeg har brug for hjælp!

Beyond broken
by: JenniferGrayy

im 16 & i myself was a cutter.You may feel alone like no1 understands the pain you feel or why you cut.. I Still struggle with it everyday.. Just know theres people who wont accept it & will judge. You just have to find the right people to reach out to..

God loves the broken hearted
by: Anonymous

You're all broken. I know the feelings and the stories...don't give up...there ARE answers and there IS hope. God don't give you anything you can't handle....he believes in you and I KNOW YOU have it in you. Press on...don't ever give into pain...hope is there.

self harm
by: Anonymous

i have so many problems at the time i scars all of my body and i wasnt strong i lost my dad justv b4 ending year 11 so i never did my gcses which i regret i also self harmed when my best m8 pass away but now all people see r my scars and not how i feel they call me names and i just left im now in a place where no ones me but i i cant c my dads grave

by: Anonymous

i cut myself theres a voice in my head sayin go furthe harde but i dont go farther one time a bout a month go i had cut the word hate in my arm its a scar now then a few days ago i took a shard of glass the same one i used to put hate in my arm i just took it an on my right arm i scracthed all around that i dont feel it at all

by: lauren

im a cutter and im 14 ive been cutting for 2 years now i cut everyday at school and everyone knows that i cut cause i have to were short sleves in games so everyon bullies me i dont know who i can talk to to trust and help me with this i have cut the word help in my arm and the word suicide i just dont know what to do.

its strange
by: Anonymous

It's a bit strange, I used to cut myself very superficially so as to not do any real damage and to not leave obvious scars. One day I was feeling really close to God. Something happened that day that made me want to cut so I did, and I swear because I was doing it out of rage I could feel Satan in me. So I apologized to God asked for forgiveness and immediately the evil feeling was gone. So I threw my main razor away (I have a few) thinking that because of this all cutting was evil. But I reflected then on another time when I was slightly emotionally hurt and cut superficially, never letting God out of my sight. So truthfully I believe different people have different ways of dealing with things. And as long as you aren't doing it out of evil or rage, trying to commit suicide or letting go of God, a cutter is just someone who has a different approach, not a problem.

by: Anonymous

Addicted to the pain
Addicted to the blade
Addicted to the scars that will never fade

Addicted to the cuts
Addicted to the blood
Addicted tot he one thing that gets all of my love

Taste my pain
feel my tears
become addicted
and taste my fears

Taste what I taste
feel what I feel
become addicted
and you'll know that's its real

Addicted to the pain
Addicted to the blade
Addicted to the scars that will never fade

Addicted to the cuts
Addicted to the blood
Addicted to the one thing that gets all of my love

by: Anonymous

I am 18 years old and i have been cutting since i was 11. I have no friends and i have isolated myself from everything and everyone around me. I have been trying to stop and it iss the hardest thing in the world. I kno i need help but when the blade seems to call ur name what are u meant to do

self harm
by: jamilla

hi my name is jamilla i self harm whe n i am anger or a it stressed out about things at times but i cut when i really need to cut myself.just get a rube band and put it on ur wrist my u feel like u are going to cut urslef just put the rube band

ive seen this before
by: Anonymous

HEY! ive seen this poem before! Didnt Renee yohee from To Write Love on Her Arms write this! cause this poem has always bin my fav.

by: Anonymous

no, I am the original author :-)

have hope
by: emogirl<3

I know what all this is like. I have been selfharming for nearly a year. Have hope, know that someday you will get through it and it will just be a memory. I'm going through depression and anorexia at the moment and I'm finding it hard. I have attempted suicide several times. I also know that there is a way out for everyone so don't give up. Stay strong.

by: Sophie

I'm 13. I don't know how long i've self harmed. I have an extremely disfuntual family and more than one mentel problem. I can't remember i time i havn't hated life. I have no friends, they all hate me, people at school, teachers, and my family. I want help, i want someone to listen to me. They don't. I want them to care, i want them to save me. I hope that one day, some one will try, and that some one will think that i DESERVE saving. For some people, maybe the butterfly project will help, you should try it. I'll pray for you, and i can only hope that you will pray for me too.

ive been helped. so can u.
by: lainee

Hi, I've been a cutter for almost a year... It'll be a year in November.. I remember my first cuts because of my first and second boyfriend. My first ex cheated and my second just plain made me feel like I'm not good enough to be his. But I met an amazing boyfriend who I love to the moon and back. He knows I have cut, and he is the reason I stopped. Hes the only one who's been in my life through everything good and bad and even if he's not my bf he will still be my best friend and he will always be yhere for me. I just wanted to say: look at the people around you. The people you love. Each and every single one of them is a reason to stop. They will never leave you alone I promise you that. They will help you. They are the light and they are your saviors.

by: kam

im 13 ive self harmed since i was 8 when i found out that my mum and dad had drug and alcohol adictions and they where both in jail for dealuing heroin and crack and my mom was up on an aditional charge of attempted murder everybody hated me because of it because of them and i isolated myself for 2 years and it took me that long to realize when you have issues with self harm isolation is one of the worst things you can do have someone who will stop you with you if you feel the urge and i know it isnt easy and for the people who call you names at school ignore them dont give them the satisfaction what will really get to them is if you just get better and give them nothing to hurt you with if you get into fights with them it makes it worse trust me on that i lose control when i was 12 and i beat a boy up so bad he is currently in a weelchair and was sent to juvinal hall for 5 months dont let it happen to you if you really want to get better you can and the butterfly project is a very good thing to start with and as for having mental problems too i managed to get over it with skizophrenia and im bipolar im one of the youngest people to have skizophrenia and peiople think im dangerouse because of it but its just words they are intitled to their opinions sicken them by getting better

by: lacy

i cut for 3 yrs, stopped now for almost 4, i think about it every other day. this is even more addicting than alcohol, but believe if U want to stop u can. its your choice. i believe in myself and i believe in u.

why xx
by: Anonymous

i sit in my bathroom trying so hard not you pick up the razor i fight so hard but it always seems to win

i dont know why im hurting so much i just want it to stop i wanna find the reason so i can try and deal with it there just so much in my head i dont know where to start,,,,,, can you help me


Early on a Sunday morning
I have the urges deep in my soul
On my mind I have only one goal

I look at my arms there is nothing to say….
They scars are there to stay
I see the blade out the corner of my eye
But I cannot understand why

The old feelings have come flooding back
To rip and pull and tare and hack
For the mind to ease and the blood to flow
Can’t understand I don’t even feel low

I want to blood to run from deep in my wrist
To hit a vein and know I’ve not missed
Unfortunately, I know no other way.
I must cut. I must burn. I must bleed today.

All the scars on my body show,
The pain and the torture I well know.
I want to be strong. I want to be free
Of the haunting feelings inside of me.

Could it be possible? Is there a hope?
Might I find another way to cope!


i feel weak today
by: w.fuller

It’s just before the day is dawning
Early on a Sunday morning
I have the urges deep in my soul
On my mind I have only one goal

I look at my arms there is nothing to say….
They scars are there to stay
I see the blade out the corner of my eye
But I cannot understand why

The old feelings have come flooding back
To rip and pull and tare and hack
For the mind to ease and the blood to flow
Can’t understand I don’t even feel low

I want to blood to run from deep in my wrist
To hit a vein and know I’ve not missed
Unfortunately, I know no other way.
I must cut. I must burn. I must bleed today.

All the scars on my body show,
The pain and the torture I well know.
I want to be strong. I want to be free
Of the haunting feelings inside of me.

Could it be possible? Is there a hope?
Might I find another way to cope!

Theres always someone out there
by: Anonymous

I want to hit a vein and
end this hellish nightmare
I want to discard the pain
but you see it’s just not fair
I want to know someone cares,
someone will listen to me
i want someone to look me in the eyes and
not see a freak

I feel like tearing out my hair,
I feel like letting go
I feel like hitting someone hard,
I’ve never felt this low
It feels like no one’s here for me,
it just feels like pain
It feels like everyone’s out to hurt and get me,
to put me to shame

But to all those out there who feel
alone, angry and upset too
Remember that outside your door
there’s someone who feels like you
There’s someone who cares and will wipe your tears,
share your pain with you
You have to go out and find that person,
because they’re waiting for you

Don’t sit back and wait for luck
to come drifting upon your lap
Life is a very strange thing indeed,
something where you can’t slack
Make the most of it, make others happy,
make someone around you smile
Stop with the hurting, stop with the crying
and come and chat for a while

GYM class
by: Kara

I've been getting help (from a friend)things have been going better although it is hard. The hardest problem is gym class. since I go to a private school we also have a gym uniform allong with a general everyday uniform. The gym uniform is shorts and a t-shirt. I do gym class once or twice a month just so my grade does not end up being an F. I would use one of those 'creams' or whatever they are called to get rid of the scars or make them less visable but... they tell a story, A story, no matter how painful, i wish to never ever froget...EVER

My Poem
by: Anonymous

This is a poem I wrote about myself;

This poem is about my anger, my pain,
Wrapping round my heart from chain to chain.
Just slit my wrist's and it's all okay,
But it doesn't change, just get's longer everyday.
I don't know what to do so I turn to cutting,
The world closes around me, shutting and shutting.
I soon back away from the crowd,
I feel horrible with myself, I'm never proud.
I don't reckon I'm depressed, just a bit sad,
But at the end of the day I still feel bad.
People want attention but I'd hate the fame,
My world is only full of blood and shame.
I first started cutting when I was ten,
I said it was nothing but that was back then.
It's just one pick up of my blade,
Soon the scar's will eventually fade.
Then the blood start's falling down,
On my face there's only a frown.
I hide my cut's under my clothes,
The thought of cutting never goes.
People don't understand what's going round my head,
So they just neglect me for it instead.
People think I can quit this addiction on my own,
And to be honest I like their tone.
Sometimes I wish I could be heard,
But then other times I don't want to be cured.
Cutting releases some of my stress,
Living with myself is just a mess.
Sometimes I just want one simple question,
That is how are you today, no huge presentation.
No one see's it but inside I'm actually dying,
Every single night I fall asleep crying.

by: Anonymous

This poem is very much how I feel. I love how everything was worded to an exact T of what is going on with me.

Mercy Ministries
by: Meagan O

Hey girls I want to tell you that there is hope and you can break off the addiction to self harm. I was a cutter for 10 years I heard about Mercy Ministries and I applied and got accepted into the program. After being there for 6 months my life has been changed. God loves you girls so much!! There is hope!!! WWW.MERCYMINISTRIES.ORG

New temptations
by: Alyssa

I stopped cutting about a year and a half ago. It was so difficult and it really does not help when you don't have people understanding and supporting you. My mom thought I was crazy and it wasn't an addiction, but it is. And recently I have been having temptations to cut. Just for the feeling. But I cant risk getting caught. I need help. I know it. And I know people are out there just like me, you can make it through, you're strong enough <3

Tempted to start again
by: Alyssa

Someone please help. My mom says cutting is a choice and for attention. It's not. It's so addicting. And if it was for attention then why would I try to hide it?? I quit cutting about a year ago and recently I have had horrible temptations to cut again. I don't want to kill myself, but it's the feeling of the pain that makes me feel better when I'm upset. I really don't want to start again but it's difficult not to...

by: Anonymous

Please, don't go back to that dark place you were in. Your mum is so wrong saying that its for attention. It's not, it's a way for you to escape, a way to go away from the pain. I know it is. BUT, You shouldn't be doing that. You should be happy with your life, smile and have fun.
Be you sweetie, and be strong and you'll come back out on the plus side if you do.

by: Diana

At night I dream
of wonderland
A place where
no cuts will scar my skin
I dream of a place
where no tears
will stain my face
I throw all my razors
right off the side of the tallest glacier
Wonderland is a place
where no one will die
And inside
I sigh.

So lonely
by: Lauren

I hate how since I started self harming about a year and a half ago, I feel broken inside. And the only peace I get is through hurting myself. The worst part is that I can no longer be with people. It tears at something inside of me, I see how they're smiles fade when I come into the room, or how their happy moods instantly turn to ones of anger when I appear. The only other time I feel at peace now if I'm not cutting is when I absolutely alone and just sitting in my house, listening for something to disrupt the beautiful silence that will have settled over the everything. Please, I'm messed up and I've made so many mistakes, but I refuse to just give up, I know God has a plan for me but I feel so lost and alone right now...prayer would be greatly appreciated if maybe by any random chance you see this and it touches your heart. Please I need help.

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