sammy's story

by sammy

a girl in my class thinks that i have anorexia she talks behind my back with a girl that used to be my best friend but not anymore. every day in school i have people tease me about different things it seems like i cant make any friends. I only have a few true friends that i know i can trust what should i do to make this girl stop talking about me like this and i have been to a doctor many times and i dont have anorexia

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underneath her words, lies a different story
by: Natalie

I know it hurts for people to talk about u like this, but you know what? it's how you take the comments from other people that really makes you who you are. your actions speak more than their words, and even though, right now, you might feel a little helpless, you are not.

First, before you do something back to this girl, imagine you're in her spot right now. In your mind, she stole your best friend. What's in her mind? maybe you stole her friend, maybe she thinks that you have too many friends, and losing one wouldn't matter much. whatever the case is, chances are, she isn't as mean, and strong as you might think. Now, another thing. why would she be saying cruel things to you? In your mind, she's plain out mean, and you don't want to see her, and why can't she just give it up already, right?
Now, in her mind, ; She might be trying to convince your old friend, that she shouldn't be hanging out w/ u, 'cause u look different, or maybe she's jealous. the problem being, you're her victim, and you will never get to know that girl in any other way than a meanie, until you walk right up to her, the next time she says ur anorexic and tell her that you forgive her for saying that, and that you guys should be friends. I know it's easier said than done, but just try saying something, even if it is not in words. maybe a smile, a wave, which mentions to her, that no matter how hard she trys, she isn't going to break u down, or ur self-confidence. Also, u might be tempted to gossip about this situation, with friends. don't. belive me, it won't get u anywhere. if u decide to open-up about this issue to one of ur friends, make sure that this is strictly just asking ur friend 4 advice, not gossiping. I hope this helps!! =-]
natty =]

A few words to think about
by: Julie

I'm praying for you now. I have gone through what you are talking about in school in becoming heavy hearted due to comments from others that do not seem to promote anything good. I encourage you to stand firm in what you know to be true about yourself as well as what God says about you. His opinion of you does not change or waver like girls' minds do depending on their mood. Many times attacks that look like they are directly at us are often caused by the hurt we have inside. I encourage you also to pray for this girl, even if it is difficult. She is probably feeling defeated for many reasons herself, and perhaps she also has issues with body or eating. A lot of times the things we stick out in others are ones we don't want to admit ourselves. As for the anorexia, I pray that you are true to your body and do not deprive it of what it needs. Some girls are just naturally slim, so don't worry if that's the case. I have struggled in the area of body weight before and I only pray as you go through the difficulties of school that you do not use that as a way to deal with it all. Two verses come to mind if you try to rest and meditate on them sometime.

Colossians 3:2: Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

John 16:33 Jesus says..
In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Hang in there!

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