by Alice
(des moines, iowa)

i am alice and i am 12. i have an average life, i go to school, have friends, and play sports. i guess that my life could pretty much rock. the only problem is i am not happy. i dont know why. i feel like there is no point of me existing. i have thought about suicide a lot, i just cant bring myself to it. some people might call suicide cowardly: "you should have the strength to try to fix your problems." but my problems feel unfixable. my best friends are beautiful and nice and i am SO jealous. my parents dont love me. and i just feel useless. i just feel so sad and dont know what to do.

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Life without Jesus is empty!
by: Anonymous

Dear Alice,
I really can't help you but I can direct you to someone who can. His name is Jesus. I can give you words but He can give you life. He is the Son of God. We were created through Him, by Him and for Him. You were made for God. He created you so that He could have a relationship with you, so that you may also share in the joy of knowing God and His immeasurable love. When man disobeyed God and sinned, there came a separation between the created and the Creator. Ever since then, we have been trying every pleasure in the world to satisfy this deep craving for love and acceptance. It is only when we come back to God and surrender our lives to Him that we find real life and real joy that lasts through the good days and the bad! But our sin prevents that. All sin has to be punished or God wouldn't be fair. The punishment for our sin was eternal separation from God in a place called hell, where all sinners will burn in a fire that never goes out. But God loved us so much that HE made a way not only for us to be saved from hell but also for the relationship between God and man to be restored. That way was through His Son Jesus. God sent Jesus into the world as a man. For thirty three years God lived on earth as a man--He suffered the same things you suffered and He went through the same things you go through. Then at the end of His time on earth , He was crucified by the very people HE had come to save. But it was God's plan that Jesus take the punishment of the sins of the whole world upon Himself. No man could take such an enormous punishment. Only God could. So when Jesus suffered on the cross, He suffered hell for us. He took our sins away and He removed the huge gap between God and mankind. So now, if you believe in Jesus, you too can have your sins forgiven and enter into a new relationship with your Creator. God loved you so much that HE gave up His most precious possession to gain you. The Almighty Son of God came down to earth and suffered a horrible death so you could have eternal life.
God raised Him up and now He lives in heaven. Today, if you hear Him speaking to you in your heart, don’t refuse. He died so you might live for Him. God loves you and longs for you to come back to Him. He wants to give you the very best. Don’t hesitate or it will be too late.
Praying for you!

by: cassandra

hey girl! i know how you feel..i dont know what problems you're talking about, and i dont have to know to know that there is NO PROBLEM that is unfixable when Jesus is in the picture..ive considered suicide before, and like you, have been too scared to..i think i now know why God allows some people to be too scared, b/c He knows that if they are, they won't attempt it and He has better plans for them..why doesn't He allow others to be scared? idk..maybe its b/c they're too stubborn as it is, and nothing would be able to change their minds..all i know is that God has some amazing plans for your do i know? b/c jeremiah 29:11 says "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to GIVE YOU HOPE AND A FUTURE.'"

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