Relationship with Jesus.........

by Katie
(United States)

I used to be very very close to God. At least I thought that i was. But then, I feel like things got in between us. My friends, cell phone, etc. Everything started pulling me away. Plus, I am not involved in a youth group at my church. So that doesn't help much. I don't like the youth group at my church, so i just don't go. But recently, I started wanting to read the Bible again. I try to read and pray, etc. but i just can't concentrate. How can i study the Bible effectively? Also, how can i feel closer to God and trust Him with everything about me?

Please help me.



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me too
by: Anonymous

i think that you should just pray that god would help you to find a good ministry too get involved in
i also have this problem
what my church dos is fast
and that is when you temporarily get away from things that could cause you to distance yourslef form god, such as the television, ur phone, the cmputer, music, FOOD =( haha and other things that area distraction to your
during this time of fasting you should do your best to pray to god about the things that deep on your heart and reading your word/bible
thi not onyl helps your relationship with Christ, but if youa nd your family or whoever lives with you gets involved in this fast the it could also bring you guys together which is what God wants,, which is not only astronger bond with HIM but a positve bond with your family as well
alright sweety!!!
well God bless and have a great day=)

I Understand
by: EMMMeRs

I've had that problem a lot. I'm kinda in that right now. I need to read my Bible a lot more often! But I'm working on doing more now. I''m having a walkathon sometime this month for little kids in China who need surgery. My mom said I need to do more to get back on track - readin my B, serving, singing, and a bunch of good stuff. I've been praying more throughout the day, whenever I need to talk to Him. I'[ll be praying for you! try to get involved with a group of God Lovers! Start your own if you have to! Pray pray pray!


You're In A Good Place Katie
by: Anonymous

Katie, believe it or not, the awareness of your "dry bones" is a blessing from God. It's a sign that you need to to lay aside your "water pots" (things you've been using - activities you've been doing to satisfy - but they don't because they cannot) and drink from the "Well of Life".

Simply put, it's in Him we live, move and have our bieng. Our hearts are moistened - our eyes become clear - our ears are sharpened by the knowledge of Jesus Christ. In Him is fullness of joy, and an abundance of soul peace - it's real Katie and steadies our hearts, like an anchor even in bad times.

You may want to start with the Book of Psalms especially at night - sing them as songs to Him Who loved you enough to die for you. You may want to read a Proverbs in the morning at the start of the day, as you pray to Him for guidance.

At first as with anything, it's going to seem mechanical, a little forced and dry - BUT - little by little, you'll start to feel sparks of joy lighting your heart, things are just going to seem different - better, more hopeful and you'll find yourself "moist" with His Presence - dwelling in His love.

Seek Him Katie; it is a worthwhile pursuit. Apologize that things have gotten a little dry for you but thank Him for showing you how to get out.

Blessings katie, be encouraged you're in a good place to start to know Christ better and more deeply!

Keep us posted!!!

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