Rape for seven years...

by Ruby
(South Carolina)

When I was five Mom wanted me to meet her boyfriend's family: Paul, Myriah, and Adam. I liked Paul just a bit. That feeling for him stopped when he started to mess around with me. For about two years, momma and I stopped going over there, but when we went back to the apartments, Paul was still there and he was fifteen. The sick thing was that mom married George when I was nine. Paul was eight years older than me and I realized there was something wrong... One night, Paul told me if I told someone OR if I wasn't there the next nite, he'd make it hurt five times worse. So I freaked and told my cuzin the night when I was supposed to spend the nite there. A week or so later momma asked me if Paul and I were having sex and I said no. He finally "stuck" me when I was about eleven. I'm a christian so I realized Paul was only lustful. It took all my courage to finally tell Myriah who told George who told momma who (w/ George's help) kick Paul out.... I'm twelve so it's a bit hard to tell someone you love you've been molested for seven years. Momma said I had to be eleven cuz I didnt know them when I was five but I did. I'm in therapy classes so Im getting better I just needed to get my story out there.

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Healing the scars
by: Joy

Ruby (:
It is such a blessing that you have been set free. I am sure that going through that is far beyond what I can imagine but God is so powerful that he can heal scars even as deep as what you have. Living in south Florida (the Capital for sex trafficking and prostitution) I live in the shadow of sexual molesters. An just that is enough to drive a girl insane. I will be praying for you (: God healed my scars, I know He'll heal yours!

Ruby, You Are A Precious Jewel
by: Anonymous

Hello precious; read your testimony Ruby and was moved by your story. What a beautiful testament you are to the power of God. I was saddened to learn about what was done to you but so blessed by what faith in Christ has done for you.
Ruby, our God is so faithful. And He is able to do the exceedingly, abundantly to empower us to become more than conquerors. He promises Ruby to remove what we've been through from off of us so much so that not even the smell of smoke would be left from our fiery experiences. The only "thing" left is a faith purified by fire, and hope like an anchor that steadies a heart torn apart by pain. He promises restoration. He promises new life - being made new so that you can start all over again. He promises that no weapon formed shall ever win for you who are begotten of Him are empowered to be victorious - to be more than EVERYthing that came against you.
You are more precious than diamonds, "rubies" or pearls, you are a masterpiece - God's wonderful virtuous daughter. So that season of your life, as tragic as it was, is the past- but praise God it shall stop the wonderful, blessed things God has planned for your future. That's His promise to you Ruby and He shall bring it to pass.
Continue to stay before His presence and learn of Him and His ways. Go to a bible study that teaches you how to "hear" His Voice as you read His Word, ask questions, study so that you can know how to make practical application to the decisions for your life. God's continual blessings be yours precious is our heart felt prayer and confident expectation! Keep us posted - take care.

happy for you!
by: Anonymous

I'm glad that you finally have gotten out of that situation. Good for you!

Strong in Gods Arms !
by: Keza

So many times we go through things in our lives and we ask God "why did this happen" or" why is this happening to me." As I get older and as I am having a more intimate relationship with God I am understanding ,God sends us through allot of things that are not experiences we'd wish on anyone but in order for Him to get us were he needs us to be to use us we have to go through so many situations that are hurtful and very bold experiences. You said you need to get your story out so people will know and that is wonderful you feel this way. This is exactly what GOD wants from you, to use what Satan meant to keep you down and use it to build yourself and others up. The more this issues is bought to the light maybe the less it will happen but we have to be willing to speak up on it. I do not know you but I am so proud of you it brings tears to my eyes. I wish you the best and much prosperity !!! Stay strong in Gods Arms !!!

6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Inspiration to all
by: Ruby-Jasmyne

God bless you for telling your story. It has inspired me in away that I can't explain. I would just like to remind you that you are perfect because God Your Father made you and he doesn't make mistakes ever. Love Ruby

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