Pregnant at 18


ive always been the good girl

never done drugs, never partied, never had sex or lowered myself at all

i had very high morals and still do

i am pregnant right now (almost 2 months or a little over)to the guy ive first made love to (only guy in fact and been with him over 14 months)

no one knows about this baby except for my boyfriend

my boyfriend is sweet and caring and 20
he says we cant afford the baby
besides his family (very traditional) would hate him
i am turning 19 soon

i cant have this baby but i would never choose abortion
i would love to have it
but i cant

reason #1 :
i grew up in a very abusive home. mom is abusive and bipolar and my house is sexist (girls are scum and do all the work ---guys are gods). im still in high school about to graduate. my mom threatens to kill me if i ever dropped out and if i ever got pregnant.

if i told her i was pregnant she wouldnt allow me to see my bf
would abuse me emotionally and physically
my life would be hell

i ran away for a week so my mom would change. she did for a month then went back to herself. she was getting way too bad on choking me and pushing me/hitting me/ everything. i feared for my life so i had to leave.

...... i just dont know what to do. someone please help me... eventually she will know im pregnant... and my life will be at risk as well as the babys..

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A prayer for a friend
by: Liberty

Hi I'm Liberty here. I can't really relate to your situation because I'm all of forteen, but I can sort of relate to some of it. As a young child I was sexually abused by my own father. I want you to know that you are in my families thoughts and prayers! And I'm not just saying that either. Just remember God loves you, and I love you. And hey, if God can create this earth he can always work out this problem. Try to look into adoption if you havn't already, but first get out of your moms house. Look into Light House Ministries for homeless pregnant woman in Ohio. I just did a search for resorces for pregnant 18 year old woman that are homeless and got a ton of info and phone numbers.Find a place to go stay right away. You need to be safe. Protect your baby and yourself. God is with you now more than ever! I wish I could be more of help.

Everthing will work out
by: Courtney

I know this situation (right now) may feel like it is impossible to deal with and you may just want to hide under a rock but it will get better. God has a plan for you and this baby. This baby was given to you for a reason because with God on your side nothing happens by "mistake". Your family may not be good to turn to but friends and support groups can help. Maybe you should consider adoption but before I think you do need to get out of that home and environment. If you do decide to keep the baby that would not be a place to raise one. The vicious cyle of abuse would only continue and now you need to break that cylce. I agree with the last girls post that its probably best to looking into shelters and such in your area. Believe it or not there are people in this world that DO care. I will be praying for you. And remember look to God for guidance. He will give you all the answers, believe me He does!!! Best of luck!'

You are Loved
by: Anonymous

okay hun. Get out. You can't be there. This is not about you anymore, this is about your baby. Find a strong christian church in your community. Call the church and set up a meeting with the pastor right away. He or she WILL help you with everything. I know you don't want to go to a shelter or homeless center, so go to a church. Pour out everything to them, they love you because you are a child of god and will take care of everything. All you have to do is get there. Until you get there, go stay with a friend. Don't tell your mom where you are, just leave and leave a note telling her you are safe. If this doesn't help, look to your school. Look at your teachers. Which of them is a strong christian? Go to them. Talk to them. Everthing will be okay.

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